Friday, April 06, 2012

A practice run

Noah's entrance ceremony doesn't start until this coming Monday, April 9th, like I mentioned before. But with today being Friday, we had a practice run. Reason being, Noah used to start yochien 9:30am. And we'd leave the house around 8:30-8:45am-ish. Time for the drive plus a bit of time for him to play before the bell. We had been wondering, would Noah be able to wake up so much earlier and be able to eat, and be ready to leave the house by 7:20am? So, last night, I said, tomorrow will be a test run. So, at 6:00am, I woke up came downstairs checked emails and had a cup of coffee. At 6:20am, I went upstairs, went to both bedrooms and woke up both Branden and Noah.

I was surprised how quickly Noah got out of bed. He quickly dressed, went to the restroom. Branden usually will watch cartoons for a few minute downstairs, then eat breakfast, then dress and brush his teeth.

It surprised me to see their different styles of getting ready, which either way is fine. Noah got dressed first came down and sat at the kitchen table. I said, you have choice of cinnamon roll oatmeal and toast. Omelet with toast or rice. Noah asked for cold cereal, and toast. Branden asked for cheese omelet and toast. This pic is of them eating together.

All in all the practice run went pretty well. Noah actually asked if he could take his randoseru in the car with us. @_@ I said,'s a practice run but that's a bit too much for just today. : ) So, we took Branden to the plaza. And Noah waved and I said to Noah as we both drove home week, you'll be walking up the hill with Branden. : )

Noah came home, switched back to his comfy clothes. And has been keeping me company all morning so far. Hanging the laundry etc.

Branden is at school now, until 3:45pm. And we'll be taking Noah to swim club as soon as I pick up Branden. All four of us. What's for dinner tonight? We're going out to eat tonight. We haven't decided what yet though. : )