Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our hippity hoppity Easter 2012 and family bbq from that day

Branden and Noah with their Easter baskets for Easter 2012.
Easter baskets filled with many Easter goodies!
Easter egg coloring in the backyard.
Noah coloring 3 at a time. Noboru meanwhile Spring cleaning and giving the shed a thorough declutter (it needed it : ) and also taking the bbq out.
Eggs ready for hiding! : )
Showing me which egg he's going to hide for Noah next (Branden got dye on his shirt so switched). This year we switched it up, and Noah and I hid them for Branden, then we switched and Branden and I hid them for Noah. In this pic Branden and I were hiding them for Noah.
And Noah went on the hunt! And Easter egg hunt that is. : )
Good job finding eggs so far Noah! I hope you can find the egg hiding in the bbq. Bwahaha! : ) : )
You found this one! And yes you even found the one in the bbq! Well done kiddo!
And a slide down the slide with Easter eggs in hand!
And now it was Noah's turn to hide them. Branden said, hide them in hard spots. And we obliged. Noah hid an egg in the telescope. Noah making sure it's in there when I snapped this pic.
A quick check, to make sure Branden wasn't peeking. They sit in the genkan when we are hiding the eggs for them. Nope no one was peeking.
Branden found it! However 2, he had the toughest time finding. Eventually he found the 2 hard hidden eggs. Branden had so much fun, so did Noah. Then they hid them for each other a few times and I sat and just enjoyed it all. Noboru watched also.
Easter eggs 2012!
Around 5pm we started the grill. With the boys playing on the jungle gym and Noboru and I chatting we didn't start the actual yakiniku meats until 5:30pm-ish. We ate around 6pm. And it was pitch black by that time.
About to eat!
And we watched Hop about 3-4 times this week. Hope everyone reading, also had a lovely and eggciting Easter. ; )