Thursday, April 05, 2012

The new first grade teacher for this year will be... Branden’s former first grade teacher

So yesterday was a half day for the new 2nd graders to new 6th graders. Like I said yesterday school let out yesterday at 11am.

Here’s an update.

Branden new sensei is a man. Branden’s first male teacher. Last year, when Branden was a 4th grader, his teacher was the older lady with glasses. However the 4th grade teacher for the 2nd class was a young, late 20-ish maybe early 30’s. Newly newly married. He gave all the 4th grade class both classes a book mark with a picture of his and his new bride. So he’s sentimental and loves his wife. He was the guy who made the “half adult day” video for both 4th grade classes 1-2 months ago. He actually accidentally walked in front of my video this male teacher during my video. He seems superly nice. And he’s in the “father’s club” Noboru is in. Because all male teachers need to be in there. So Noboru and he talk a bit during that time.

Anyway, as luck would have it. The former 4th grade #2 teacher is now Branden’s 5th grade teacher. Branden’s happy about this. Because he says he goes out and plays soccer with the kids and stuff.

So, I asked Branden, since yesterday was the day they were announcing which teacher is teaching what class. Keep an ear out for info on Noah’s sensei. Like who is it. So, they were all sitting in the big gymnasium and they all announced who is what teacher. And every teacher went to stand near their new class. So the former 4th grade #2 went and stood next to Branden and his class. And so on. And then there was 1 teacher left standing with no class! @_@ LOL. Who was this sensei? Branden’s 1st and 2nd grade teacher. The Yuka sensei!

Then they announced, the ichinensei, only class sensei would be the Yuka sensei and she stood in front and bowed her head. Had no class of kids to stand next to. Of course since they won’t be there until Monday. And that was that. So everyone left the gym and the ichinensei class and ninensei class is on the 1st floor, and you pass it as you leave the gym. Branden said, he turned his head and along the wall outside the only 1st grade class, all the new ichinensei’s names were all hanging outside the class. It said, our last name....and then Noah! When Branden came home he said...I saw Noah’s name hanging in front of the ichinensei classroom already. With his other classmates names.

So basically in a nutshell. Branden’s former ichinensei and ninensei teacher is going to be Noah’s ichinensei and ninensei teacher. Since they have the same teacher for 2 years in a row at elementary school here, well at least, that's how it's done at our school. : ) And we couldn't be happier! She knows us, and we know her!

The Yuka sensei, she has 2 son’s. If you recall, she has a son exactly same age as Branden. She was an elementary school teacher in the city Noah used to go to yochien in. But the year her son started ichinensei, the first grade she was transferred to our town’s school and that’s how she became Branden's sensei. She also has a son 1 year younger then Noah. And her kids attend the same swim school as us.

So she was Branden’s 1st and 2nd grade teacher and now she’ll be Noah’s 1st and 2nd grade teacher. She’s knows our family quite a bit. So no worries. She was also Kouki’s teacher and will now also be teaching Kouiki’s little brother Kaito-kun. Noah’s future classmate. So, out of all of us next week, Kouki’s mom and us will be relaxed and calm, because we know her already. : ) So no worries for next Monday. : )