Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First week of school, how it went

This entire post was what happened on, Noah's first week of elementary school. What are these things? The thing on the left is an alarm, you pull a piece of it and it makes a very alarming, very loud sound. The school gives them out to the new ichinensei classes. Branden received a yellow one and Noah's class also received a yellow one. The thing in the middle? A whistle. Again, if someone bad comes to you tries to steal you, you can either sound the alarm at left or blow the whistle which is the thing in the middle. The thing on the right is a safety pin that must be on all first graders clothing here in our town. A lot of schools in Japan, when you are a first grader, you have to wear a yellow hat. Letting the public know, "I'm a first grader". To take extra care. Again they're just learning the ropes. But in our town, no yellow hats are worn. This surprised my yochien mom friends who live in the city nearest us, because they do wear the hats. : )
These are what some of Noah's text books look like.
And this was Noah's first official day of school pic. April 10th, literally the day after he wore his gray suit. Now no more rushing from school to school. I drop both the boys off at the plaza every morning. They have about a 1-2 minute walk up the hill. Most parents do the drop offs here if you choose to get a ride. At our school it's not mandatory to walk. Again each school has their own rules.
Remember they didn't even get their yellow ichinensei backpack covers yet. The police were coming to the elementary school to present them to the kids that very day. So, first day of school two brothers happily walking.
Noah's 2nd day of school. It looked like it might start sprinkling rain that day. So with umbrella in hand.
Yellow backpack cover. Letting everyone know, please drive with caution around this little fella. He is a newbie at elementary school and again he's just learning the ropes. I can't help it, whenever I see the yellow backpack covers I can't help but smile. So young and small.
And both brothers walking side by side. Noah carrying Branden's pianica. And Saya-chan was walking at the right, her mom just dropped her off and so they walked up the hill the 2nd day with Saya-chan also, she's a very nice good girl. And Branden's classmate. Goes to Kumon with the boys. Use to swim with Branden but they both passed swimming so don't go anymore. And Saya also lives in the same housing community as us also.
How do I feel about both Branden and Noah going to the same school now? Honestly? I am so happy, I feel like I should be singing and twirling on a mountain top somewhere..."the hills are alive...with the sound of music...la la la la." I mean seriously, I feel freaking awesome. I wake up at 6am make the boys breakfast, in 1 fell swoop. I drop them off between 7:15-7:20am at the latest. And I get home by 7:30am for sure and after that...from 7:30am on...I'm free! No obento to make, no yochien drop off in the city to make. Nothing. Nada, zip zilch! No stress. No time conflict. I clean the house for 1 full hour each day. And work out, just walking on my treadmill (anywhere from 30minutes to 1 hour tops) and the rest of my time, is my own. I can watch TV. I can surf the net. I can go to movies with friends, go to lunch with friends. I can skype my dad. No more mad rush here or there. It's quite amazing actually. Anyway, one day last week, while I was doing my 1 hour of clean. I totally and completely spring cleaned my living room, this took a whole half day though not 1 hour. I took the time and dusted each and every single blind, both sides! @_@ Oh yeah! Yep I did. I also windexed the huge sliding glass doors that lead out to the patio from the living room.
Not 1 dot of dust behind my TV, no siree Bob!
Vacuumed the heck out of my area rug we got at Target last July.
And since Noah was doing half days all week his first week. I went and picked up Noah, and since he's so small, had him go and get all the nooks and cranny's so make sure not a single dust grain anywhere. And not a one. Noah rocked for helping me.
Checking for any dust bunny's or what have you. Again, spic and span. I gave it a thorough cleaning. Not one spider, not a dust bunny. I really gave it a good cleaning.
Vacuumed under the couch cushions. Not a dust, or sand could survive this. Nothing. And there was some sandy looking particles at the start, but not after I vacuumed the heck out of it. They didn't stand a chance. I also rearranged the book shelf. This book shelf always gets disheveled. It just always does, tall books next to short books. Magazines scrunched in with the books. Where they should be elsewhere. @_@ so it needed it. I had my ipod on, my headphones on and just went to town on that bookshelf. This particular day it took me 2 and a half full hours to do the living room. Anyway, got that done. The entire downstairs has been spring cleaned, done and complete now.
Went to get Noah some extra "inside shirts" from Nishimatsuya. Cherokee brand, they were a good price.
I like these plain basic long tops. And the reason I do is because on Spring days where it gets too hot to wear a sweatshirt but too cold to wear a short sleeve, the boys can wear these plain tees under their polo type tops. So bought this one for Branden. The price you won't believe it.
299 yen on sale. A very good price.
And same for Noah's 1 white plain one and 1 plain orange one.
Again 299 yen, and I know Noah will get so much usage form that orange one. So I felt happy about the Cherokee purchases.
See Branden taking a pic of his brother at swim club? Every Friday, Branden and I take Noah to swim club. Now that Noah is in the C course. Wednesday and Friday's are the main days our yochien/former yochien kids go. We keitaied emailed all of us who attend swim club. Just a short note in March, That for our former yochien, all the kids mainly go Wednesdays and Friday's, so if you still want to meet up and swim together go those days. It was a cool email. And so Noah swims Friday's. Hikaru, Sakura-chan, Kouiki all from our yochien days go on Friday's. And maybe 2 more kids also, I'll have to check. Sera also swims Friday's but he's in the B course still and his mom is deciding if she will change him ore not or switch him into the C course. It works better for H and Sakura chan and me though because we all have older kids also who have a later get out of school time also. While Sera is the oldest so I can understand why she might stay in the B course.
Noah was chewing his finger nail. And waiting his turn. I enjoy seeing my former yochien mom friends on Fridays. And I enjoy Noah getting to see H every Friday also. And H gets super excited seeing Noah every Friday. So that's all pretty good.
How was Noah's first week? Honestly it was perfect. He has made friends with every one in the entire class. The Yuka-sensei, calls Noah....Noah-chan. I think because she knew him since he was a teeny tiny little toddling babe when Branden first started here. And knows him from swim club. And has heard Noboru and Branden and I call Noah....Noah-chan. Since that is what we call him in our home. It just stuck from years ago., Because according to Noah when she takes roll call. She'll go...last name Kaito-kun. Last name Lily-chan. Such and such kun. And when she gets to Noah she switches automatically without even thinking about it and flips it to...last name Noah-chan. @_@ and yes when Branden passes Noah's class or when Genki or the Jinbei boy pass Noah's class they say...hi Noah-chan. @_@ LOL. so, yeah, as far as this school is concerned he will be Noah-chan forever.  And that's okay, I guess. I don't think they do it to be mean, they do it because they feel very close to Noah. The Yuka-sensei really takes such good care of Noah. And now Branden's new teacher is also calling Noah.... Noah-chan...plus with my yochien mom friend who is also a teacher here. Yeah, it's pretty much set and probably won't be changing anytime soon. And the Yuka-sensei did that on the entrance ceremony day also, when she took roll call. I guess when he's in the 5th grade or 6th they might switch it to Noah- kun but for now it's stuck and that's okay we all really don't mind either way.
All grades have recess at the same time at our school. And so when Branden's outside Noah is also. The 5th and 6th graders were playing soccer the first week and Noah joined them. Noah also invited Sera to join. They said the other younger ichinensei's were like wow...look they're playing with the big kids, how cool! And sometimes, Branden and his friends will play kori oni with all of the ichinensei's. All the ichinensei's know Noah has a big brother. A popular big brother, jock type, soccer playing during recess, running all over the school field type brother. And so they think that's cool. And Branden's always really nice to everyone so. Anyway, typical kids stuff you know. The hoikuen kids told everyone the entire first week of school. Let's all be friends!!!! And I think them saying that rocked! They said that also a few months back also and I think this is just a good bunch of kids. Noah had about, 5-7 different boys come to him and tell him his first week, "let's be friends and let's play together!" And Noah said, "yeah sure, let's!" : ) All the ichinensei's are getting adjusted. All the older classes are helping the younger ones.
Branden walked Noah to class every day his first week. In the mornings Branden made sure Noah got situated and such. I have since asked Branden not to walk Noah to class anymore because I want Noah to get used to doing this by himself. But I also understand he just loves and worries about Noah. But they do walk up the hill and into the school together always though and then Branden goes to the 3rd floor and Noah stays on the first floor. But they are always just a 1 minute walk up the stairs away. And Branden still checks up on Noah during the days. They get a couple minute breaks between classes or at the end of the day when they clean the school Branden will run over to where Noah cleans and keep an eye on him. Just because he does worry. Branden is cleaning the gym with his friends this year. And Noah is doing the shoe boxes in the ichinensei area. So they are cleaning on the same floor.

Also, the boys get a ride every morning. But Branden walks home Mondays through Thursdays now. He likes walking with his friends. And so since the start of April, he walks home Mon-Thurs. Now if it rains, he knows I will be at the plaza to pick him up. And more then likely Genki also. I usually bring home Genki also on Fridays, so Branden and Genki. Because they carry a bunch of stuff home on Fridays. And then after dropping off Genki we head to swim club.

Noah walks home only 1 day a week and that's on Thursdays and that's only because Branden and Noah get out at the same time only once a week, on Thursdays. So, they walk home together that day. And last Thursday, I could hear the boys walking home because I could hear them singing from 2 blocks away. :  ) They made up their own song and all I caught was...."and barbecue sauce!!!!!" @_@ I thought to myself ....goodness gracious these two had a blast! Walking home together! Otherwise I park my car at the plaza and flip through a magazine until Noah walks down the hill with fellow classmates and sensei.