Monday, April 09, 2012

Costco in Chiba New Town opening next year!

Information share, if you already know or don’t live so close, this won’t matter so much to you. But the new Costco location is opening by the end of next year. Should open by the end of 2013, in the Chiba New Town area/Inzai area.

This to me, would be the closest and most convenient Costco for me! So, I am REALLY looking forward to it. I think I could definitely swing a trip there once a month for sure! No long high way tolls for me either. And could actually zip there and back before the boys would get out of school.

Anyway just thought I’d share this, could be helpful for someone else. I know for most folks it’s easier getting to Makuhari. But for me living on the outskirts between/bordering Chiba and Ibaraki, this would be much closer. So, I’m looking forward to next year. Hope this info helps someone. : )