Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Old Navy coming to Japan! Also, Cherokee brand stuff (from Target) at Nishimatsuya

A month ago, I was sitting on the couch over the weekend relaxing watching something with the boys on TV. Noboru was on the computer reading all the latest Japanese news and such. Anyway he said, Old Navy's coming to Japan. It will be the first Old Navy overseas!

We chatted about it for a few minutes. And I said to myself. I should mention this on the ol' blog. You know some folks already might know. But I'm sure this info could be helpful to some who may not know. Then with so much going on....shaon kai, child with influenza B. trip planning etc etc. I forgot, I'm human it happens.

Then the lovely Kelsey. Mentioned it to me on my blog in the comments and I thought, oh thank goodness she said it, now I can for surely remember and mention this again. And again this week has been crazy and would you believe I forget again. Sheesh, Gina! : )

Anyway, I'm upstairs just now doing laundry and turning one of Noah's shirts from inside out to right side right. And blammo! It hit me. Old Navy opening in Japan. So this time, I'm posting this right this second. So when meetings etc etc, take over my mind. I won't have forgotten.

Here's the skinny on the Old Navy. It is opening up in Odaiba, this April. A bit farther then Tokyo Disneyland, but you know what I mean, that general area though. The mall is called, hold on let me link it here. It's called DiverCity

I am not sure if the prices will be super affordable how they are for us in the US. Most Americans know this is Gap's sister company, same as Banana Republic. Anyway there's the info. Hope this helps someone. I order mine from the website, so I probably won't be driving all that way. However, I am hoping that Old Navy is a success here in the land of the rising sun, because if it is, they might open all over Japan, just like the Gap. So here's hoping for lots of success.

Also, oh one more thing I almost forgot. So, I bought Branden, a simple house shirt from Nishimatsuya a month ago. Could be 5 weeks ago. You know just for hanging in the house on weekends type. It was super cheap. And anyway, Branden was looking at it and he mentioned looking at the paper tag, on the sleeve still. He said, that brands just like my underwear. What?, I said. He said....that brand is identical to the brand of underwear you bought me and Noah at Target. @_@ It couldn't be, I thought to myself, so I looked. Sure enough it said, Cherokee. There must be some mistake I thought...surely they must be just 2 companies with similar names? So, I really looked at it, and it had the registered trademark with circle around the R. And so I got the address of the Nishimatsuya shirt and found this, go figure.
Branden was totally right. Yes, they were the same brand as his and Noah's undies. Very observant kiddo. In the US, Target. In Japan, you can see if you look real close on the right, the bunny, that's Nishimatsuya. Go figure. Anyway, again, this info may be helpful or not. But either way I'm going to share it. And I'm not saying they have tons of Cherokee brand there, but it is there. If you need it. : )
This was the top in question. Pardon Noah's extra booster seat.
And this was the tag on the tee up above. Anyway, that's my information share for the day. ; )