Saturday, March 10, 2012

Noah's last ensoku (field trip) with the yochien

February 22nd, was Noah's last field trip for his yochien years. Not last field trip for life obviously. But yes his last one at the yochien. This was a class trip only. Meaning blue badges/Sakura-gumi. Nencho only field trip. The whole school knew this was their "last" one. And 3 mothers from the other grades stood by and watched these kiddos walk out of the school in regular clothes and walk to the city ward office where the bus would be picking the kids up. And of course a handful of us actual nencho mom's also stood there proudly with huge smiles and waving hands. The Yayoi sensei in the blue coat. The Yuka-sensei who is the teacher for the bara class also came to help the Yayoi-sensei. The encho sensei also came along, we didn't know it at the time but it was also a "last' for our encho sensei as well. : )
They quickly took attendance and the nencho kids all grabbed their uniform shoes and put them on.
I erased the name of our yochien on the white placard on the left. All the kids nice and neatly in two rows.
And then the kids started to walk, they walked the 2 short blocks to the city ward office. I drove there and parked my car quickly and waited with camera in hand. I was SO proud of these kids.
And here comes Noah and Ryotaro-kun walking hand in hand. I like that the kids always walk with a buddy. And a teacher at the front and a teacher at the back. And the encho sensei somewhere in the middle. The encho sensei pictured up above with the tan hat.
I like how they wear regular clothes for this last ensoku. It made me see what these kids would all look like wearing regular clothes if they all went to shogakko/elementary school together. I think they'd all look quite cute going to the same school.
And here they all filed into the bus. And I waved and waved until every last child had entered the bus.
Noah about to enter the bus!
This was a time crunch day. Noah was to be back from his field trip at 3:30pm. Branden was to get off at 3pm. Again if their schools were smack dab right next to one another there'd never be a problem. But with Noah going to school in the city and Branden going to school in our town. I wonder how I can get from 1 place to the next in that amount of time. I mean, I can't warp there. @_@ This type of thing exactly, made me happy knowing...a month from now it'll be over. No more time crunch. No more, huge worry that I'm leaving one child stranded someplace (which I haven't). So, what I did was, I had told Branden since a few days before even, to go into the library and I would call his cell. Luckily, what happened was, Noah got our early. I was so happy. I went to the yochien early, around 3:10pm and I saw the kids walking down the street. This releived me so much and I knew we could now get ourselves to the elementary school. Phew, I thought. I parked my car. I was the first mom to get my child. I thanked the Yayoi sensei. And we ran into my tiny red car. We drove directly to the elementary school pick up area. I had Noah use my cell phone and call his brother to say we'd be there in a minute and to be looking out the window for mommy's red car. However by the time the shogakko kids came down the hill and stuff. Branden had barely got himself in the library and started reading a book. He hadn't waited there but 5 minutes. And for what it's worth. Shogakko kids in our town often go to the library and study and that's where a lot of kids wait for their parents. However the yochien kids, if you're late, they're not crazy about that. So, that's why I had to get Noah first. Plus I was just a few minutes late.

How did Noah like his last ensoku? He loved it. They went to a place somewhere in Sakura city. And had lunch and rode a train etc. This was his ticket of his train ride from that day, that I have already saved in Noah's photo book. : )