Friday, March 09, 2012

My last parent-teacher conference with the Yayoi sensei

February 17th, was my last and final parent teacher conference at the yochien. The meeting was set at 3pm. I walked in and sat down.  The Yayoi sensei told me, and I'm going to tell you exactly but I'm translating it, so you will know what she said.

Noah will have absolutely no problems in elementary school. He is completely bilingual. He speaks Japanese like everyone else. I watch him write and read, it's the same as everyone else. I gave like a head nod/ tiny bow and said thank you to her and she continued on. He also speaks English, I often see his classmates ask him what this word is in English and he tells them.  I again gave her like a tiny bow head nod and quietly said thank you again and just listened. She said, Noah's kind, he's thoughtful. He has never started a fight with another child. And she said, I have never had a problem with Noah all the time he's been here. @_@ I was surprised, proud. Happy but again, I just thanked her and listened.

She said, it was a joy being Noah's teacher and I will miss him dearly. 

She said, do you have any questions? I said no I also just wanted to say, "we were so lucky to have you as Noah's teacher. You are an amazing teacher. In our eyes the BEST teacher. And we will miss you very much!" 

We both smiled. I stood up, bowed and I left.