Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodies brought back from Honolulu, Hawaii

These are the goodies we brought back from Honolulu with us this time around.
One DS game for Noah, the Transformers. And one for Branden, the same most of his friends have here in Japan, but since his 3DS is an American version, he had to wait until now to get this. A Bumblebee transformer toy again from the Transformers movie for Noah, he picked at Target. And the Optimus Prime toy also from the Transformers movie from a Mc D's happy meal, as his toy. Yep, Noah's in love with anything and everything Transformers, still. : )
I watched Horrible Bosses in the airplane about a year ago? I mentioned when I saw it on the airplane on this blog, anyway, it was funny.... made me laugh. Not an academy award winner or anything but would be perfect for a laugh sometime. It was $10 US at Walmart and at that price, too good to pass up really. Never Been Kissed, love this movie have seen this a bazillion times already, like Drew Barrymore movies a lot anyway and her personality seems nice always. Have never owned this movie but at $5 US, yeah it was a great buy! The first 4 Nightmare on Elm Street movies, all together in 4 different discs for again $10. Noboru and I can watch these after the boys go to bed. The price was again just too good to pass up. And Jack and Jill, with having American TV now, I have been watching the previews to this for a while now and laugh every time the twin sister gets on the pony and the pony collapses, lol! It was a good price and I wanted to see it and we watched it already and laughed our butts off with this one. Very funny.
At Target that first morning we picked these up. Rice a roni, love this and the price was so cheap. And some skillet meals, meal helper type stuff.
Even the one on the right says just add chicken, we also added broccoli to that one. And the Velveeta one we haven't used yet.
Again, I keep seeing the commercials for vanilla cupcake Goldfish on our TV. The boys were really wanting to try these and me too.
Chocolate ones, vanilla cupcakes ones (so good) and pizza and cheese ones. We still have some of these in our food pantry even now.
Fajitas seasoning, and buffalo wing seasoning. From Walmart.
Pink Lemonade frosting this will be perfect when Summer comes. Maybe with a nice lemon cake. And check out Pop N Fresh's hibiscus swimwear lol.
Unfrosted pop tarts.
Easter goodies, ready for Easter now!
Caramel machiatto coffee creamer/flavoring. And 2 gossip magazines. They were really interesting reads especially the one on the right.
Toothpaste, Dove cucumber green tea bar soap. Suave shampoo for the boys, coconut, strawberry and Surf scent this smells so good. And Aveda knock offs for Noboru and I, the Rosemary and Mint ones in those huge bottles, also Suave. Both bottles are shampoo, since we run out of shampoo faster then conditioner.
Basis face wash, have used this since high school. I love this and will always buy this. It works and the scent is so amazingly great. And another Neutrogena Naturals face wash.

We're lucky in that we have an American carpet cleaner here at our home here in Japan (we lugged that over and also an American vacuum). So we get to wash our carpets as much as we want. Anyway, we needed more washer solution for the carpet cleaner.
If you're American you probably know how freaking amazing Gain smells! It smells so absolutely amazing. Seriously. It started off as a dryer sheet. But the scent was just something everyone loved! So it's now a dish soap, for which we brought back 2 of those. The one on the left leaked a bit going to Osaka, but we rinsed the bottle and put it in a new ziplock while at the Hilton Hotel in Osaka and it made it to Chiba just fine. We also bought the Mr Clean Gain version so my kitchen floors smell like Gain now. I swear if they made body products, I'd buy them too. LOL. And I'm sure I'm not alone, this stuff smells THAT good.
April is the start of the new school year for us in Japan. Where as in August/September is starts for us in the states depending which school you go to. So, with us living in Japan, I tend to buy the boys new socks/undies in April, new school year here, and in August, new school year in the US, and it's just a great time to refresh their sock drawer anyway. I also go through their sock drawers also in December. But that has nothing to do with this now. So never mind that. Anyway, Noah now needs regular socks versus 2 packs of yochien socks now, lol! So, this was much easier for me. So, I just went to the boys department at Target the first day, picked this huge bundle/bunch of socks for Branden in his size and also grabbed the identical bundle/bunch of socks for Noah in a smaller size. Sneaker socks which is perfect for when they go to shogakko/elementary.
10 or 12 pairs each boy. So that's a great amount of socks. Socks for the new school year crossed off the list for Branden and also for Noah.
Phineas and Ferb undies for Noah. These are so cool! They're such a popular cartoon right now. And even in Japan, they have this cartoon on the cable/satellite channels on Disney.
These are Noah's undies. The other style is the bigger boy style, he already has some of these in the great orange colors he got at Target this past July in Hawaii too. So, he's got a bunch of undies to start elementary with. Noah's undies all bought and checked off the list.
Branden also got 6 new pair as well. That's a perfect new start. Good designs and colors too.
Size 12/14 for Branden's tees. Because he'll be 11 this coming October. And they just fit him better.
This will be great with khaki cargo shorts going to school, or jean shorts.
Branden liked this shirt as a house shirt, and I thought so too. Nice for a comfy hanging home and playing in the front with friends or having family BBQ out back. $5 US.
This could go either way, house shirt or even wear to school if he wanted. It's a good basic and the color is nice.
This one was a pretty color for Branden. Goes really well with his skin coloring, we both thought. With jean shorts, he could cruise this to school.
Having an elementary school boy already, I know boys love Mario. They're nuts for the stuff! An instant hit. So, Branden wanted this tee. Branden wore this once with a zippy sweatshirt over it.... since he's been back while having friends over and they played in the front yard, Genki-kun and a few other boys came to play and they all said...hey Mario shirt cool! : ) It's perfect for wearing to school or just lazing around at home.
House shorts size 12/14. They were $5 each, I think. when we were there.
Two pair for Branden. That way one pair will always be clean and I can rotate them daily. I also want to get Branden another pair of a different color, but at least 2 so far isn't a bad start.
Tan cargo shorts for cheap, if they had 2 pair we would have bought 2! Because they're so useful and the price so cheap! But sadly they only had the 1 pair in size 12/14. Bummer! Oh well, glass half least we have found the 1 pair. Good start. : )
And now Noah's stuff. Noah's Agent P tee he got at Walmart last year is starting to show signs of wear. And the quality at Target just looks a bit nicer. And so Noah got a new Agent P tee, from the Phinneas and Ferb cartoon as you know from Target. : )
This shirt from Target because Noah has a pair of nice plaid shorts from Old Navy that I wondered if this shirt would match or not. $5 for this tee. A steal really.
$5 for this orange tee also from Target, Noah loves orange obviously. And so he'll wear the absolute heck out of this shirt and definitely will get a lot of wear from this. And Noah also has plaid orange shorts in this color so it'll match perfectly.
And as litle brothers often like whatever their big brothers like, it was obvious Noah woudl also want this Mario tee also. And so whenever Branden puts his on, Noah does the same. : )
Slippers because living in Japan I use slippers entering places a lot. These I'll use at the elementary school when I visit. Black house shorts for me. And a nice perriwinkle blue preppy striped night tee. Perfect for the upcoming warmer weather. These 3 things also from Target.
This wallet is for my grocery money. Noboru gives me a lump some of money for groceries every month, it's up to me to meal plan, and save the money and strecth it the entire month. It doesn't mix with other money. So it always has it's own wallet. My last grocery money wallet was looking a bit haggard. And also it's not like we want to spend huge amounts of cash just for a grocery wallet, lol. This was $5 US or right around there from Target. We were both surprised how cheap it was and it's so soft. So, I've been using this new grocery wallet since I've been back. : )
The Dreamer style jeans from Old Navy for me. These are my favorite pair of jeans right now. And navy blue hibiscus flip flops for Noah for when he starts elementary school swimming this coming Summer. I wanted some for Branden also, but the ON was sold out in the bigger boy sizes. : ( Bummer.
Made a pit stop in Abercrombie Kids. The smallest size was a pinch too big for Noah. So maybe this Summer when Noah grows bigger he can get some.
Branden got this tee. He'll be wearing this to school or wherever it's very cool!
Sephora and my bithrday gift from Noboru from Coach.
I always mention this, but I like how Sephora always wraps the things bought.
The Sephora lipstick pencil is a repurchase, since I have the same one and use it often. And the other lippie is really a beautiful color.

And my birthday present from Noboru. Loved the bow. : )