Sunday, March 11, 2012

The final olympic ceremony at the yochien

Thursday March 8th marked the last and final ceremony Noah would take part in at the yochien. Not counting the graduation ceremony of course. For the past month the kids at our yochien have to complete a certain number of athletic challenges. How many depends on your class. The nencho had to complete 9 tasks if they wanted the gold medal. If not you would get silver. March 8th is the day we would go and the kids would each be presented with their medals and all of us would clap and cheer for their achievements. Here the blue badge came into the room upstairs. Us mothers were all waiting. Their last walk in!!! Go blue badges go!
They then announced, and said, for the nencho class the gold medal winners will stand first. And they called out each child. Last name first and first name last. They called Noah's name. He went right up. No tears from any of us mom's just total joy! They had given us blue badge mom's the first row because it was our "last' time to take pics and I was grateful for that. Noah's best friend H next to him and their other best bud Ryo-kun who lives quite far away. These 3 friends will be split up this year and will be going to 3 different elementary schools! But never fear we will meet them at swim club still. : )
After the 5th child went, they said, and now here are the silver medal winners. We all clapped and were just as proud of them as if they had won the gold. Doesn't matter at all really! )
The retiring encho sensei presenting Noah with his gold medal. And his friends looking on! : ) All my mom friends clapping and the rest of the school. : )
H waiting his turn. I took this pic of H and clapped and clapped. I was considering giving H an American style...woot woot!!! But decided I better not. : )
H being silly! He is such a funny boy! And I know why Noah likes him so much because he always makes Noah laugh! : )
I love that H claps for the other kids also. He beats to his own drum, you know that and I love it! : )
Standing still.
Besties! Noah and Hikaru! Awww. : )
These 4 who also go to swimming together, Noah, H, Ryo-kun and Sakura-chan. And they are swimming on the same days again.
So then the ceremony was over. Now keep in mind we barely found out on last Monday about the retirement of the encho-sensei. And the olympic ceremony was Thursday. And yes we did get something whipped up! At the end of the ceremony, we said...wait! And a huge bag was opened with individually wrapped flowers, 1 per nencho child. Not the younger classes. Since it's the nencho's year and time.... it was fitting for them to give them. So, each child was handed a flower. Noah was handed a yellow flower, since everyone in the entire yochien knows Noah's fave colors are yellow and orange but he tends to favor yellow more. So.....
And each nencho child stood and walked and presented the encho sensei 1 by 1, a flower. All brightly colored. Her smile was huge as was ours!
Bending down speaking with the children!
And Noah with his yellow flower waiting to present that to her. They told her, basically, thank you for being our principal.
With a big bouquet of flowers, she started to speak. She was definitely feeling the love and realizing just how very important she is to us. All of us. And then it was over. Done. Finished.
And each child stood and carried their own chair back down the stairs. : ) Noah waving at me. "Hi kiddo!" ; )
The Yayoi sensei trying to convince H to carry his chair down. Bless his heart. ; )
Close up of Noah's medal. The apple is gold here. But the apple is silver for the ones who won a silver. I like the way they make the medals almost identical and you can barely tell a difference. To me, that is important. And all kids felt awesome that day! : )
Noah with all his stickers on the back and yep this is already in his yochien box upstairs in the attic. We love you Noah!