Thursday, March 01, 2012

Digging contest at the Narita Yume Bokujo, that was televised on TV Asahi last night

February 5th, Noboru and his friends went to take part in the yearly hole digging contest at the Narita Yume Bokujo. They had planned this months beforehand, signed up and paid the 3,000 yen entrance fee for their team. I wasn't so crazy about waking up at 7am-ish on a weekend when I should be sleeping in. But Noboru asked me and really wanted us there and so, I did. He would have done the same for me, I know. So we went. Here's the thing. This was our first time ever being at the hole dig. Tons of people showed up. I mean seriously people came in droves. I've never seen this bokujo THIS packed before. TV crews were there. When you check in, you pick your spot at random. The men all said, let Noah pick since he was youngest. So he pulled the # and he was lucky in the fact he picked the ticket pretty much right near the well known Japanese TV "talento" go figure. @_@ Luck of the draw....literally.
We were #86, they had 1 buffer on each side that were diggers but they were really from TV Asahi also. So we were in reality the nearest "real" people, meaning not from TV Asahi or anything. Just so you get that, they were in spot 84, then the buffer of 85 was also Tv Asahi folks, but they "looked" like normal folks but were really with them. And then us. So we were right near them.
See the cameras?
Guys in costume. Just a regular group of friends, but half were in costume. And by the way, they were freezing, I could see them shivering as the dig started. But then quickly warmed up as they moved. Look at that little boy just mesmerized by their costumes. He thought they were quite cool. : )
A foreign TV crew was also there. We were the only 2 foreigners there, that man and I, ha ha ha.
Again most digging teams dressed the same, wore costumes. Because they were giving out awards for best costume etc. These little boys were cute.
However these kids were cool too. And so many recognized their costumes. And pointed at them. : )
The girls pink team. They had 3 digging sections.... a mixed/unisex team digging at the same time. In another area, they also had a ladies only dig... and then a kids only dig also. These ladies were cool. But they also had many other all ladies teams go up against them. One group was a group of 30-40 something Japanese mom types and they were so cute, they were all wearing the Japanese soccer team outfits. And had the Japanese flags painted on their cheeks. I loved their outfits. It was like, yochien mama and shogakko mama power! They made me smile!
This is the prize, the golden shovel, you can ohh and ahh if you like. ; )
Noboru's friends ran to his minivan and brought a little seat for both the boys. 2 seats total but Branden didn't want to sit, he was so busy people watching, looking at all the crazy costumes, chatting with dad's friends etc. Noah sat quietly and drank his thermos which I packed for him and Branden to share before we left.
Then a van with tinted windows pulled up. The TV Asahi staff all stood with their arm bands. And wouldn't let anyone close. Good grief who's in there, I wondered. Madonna? Lady Gaga? Seriously who? Konishiki? He rocks by the way. But yeah who? I was busy with my own family and such but yeah it did get me thinking.
TV Asashi.
This lady would be hula hooping as her team dug. @_@ Don't ask...nothing surprises me anymore. : )
And then they came out of the cozy warmth of their heated van. And it was the, Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei TV show folks. Bobby and the rest were there. As you know, I don't watch Japanese TV all too much, so I was pretty much out of the know. : ) But wow people got so excited...some went over and tried to get closer and closer. But the staff (guards?) all told their fans, "stay back!!!"

Noah looking on.
Go Noboru and friends!
Please be careful Branden.

You know, we weren't expecting or planning or had any idea at all that we'd be pretty much right near the talento like we were. Who knew. Lucky Noah picked the number. : )
And look at this....this team made a's a shovel. How cool, right! : )
Anyway, this was televised last night. Noboru asked for me to wait to post this until after it aired on TV. It aired last night. This was the day we BBQ'ed and went into the bokujo then did the weeds next door. It was a very fun filled day for us. Anyway it aired last night. And nope we weren't on TV not even for a split second. Which is fine with all of us. : ) We really just went there to supposrt Noboru and his friends. Interesting experience though, right? : )