Thursday, March 08, 2012

Catching up

Wow, I know I have about 5, (at least) posts to get up.  And I'll probably start with those tomorrow but for now, I better write this one and try and keep it short.
Seven days from now we'll be in Honolulu. Seven days from now Noah will have already graduated yochien. And the shaon kai, that we've been planing and working our butts off for month's for, will be done, finished and the decorations put away.  But for now, I am in the eye of it all. And I'm so busy, you wouldn't believe it.

We had our very last shaon kai meeting this Monday. We will however be setting up next week, March 13th and March 14th. That way by the time the 15th rolls around it's already been decorated and we can just sit and enjoy it! Take in the moment and just enjoy it. You know what I mean.

So, yeah this Monday, during the last and final shaon kai meeting. One mother said, something along the lines..."btw, the encho sensei is retiring this year" So basically when Noah stops going here, so will the encho sensei. Our expressions were like @_@...say what??? Pure and utter shock. Our encho sensei has been the encho sensei here for like....forever. for as long as anyone can remember. The never married, never had children wonderful and smiling encho sensei. Many of us wondered if she used to be a nun, but no she wasn't.  We were just absolutely gobsmacked at the news of her retiring. And the planning....we didn't plan anything. Could we whip something up? Reshuffle. Yeah, it was a true kodak moment for us shaon kai members this Monday. Mom's starting messaging/keitai-ing other mom's via our keitai's. Just like when the influenza B hit, and we got word around. We got word around of this, huge news for us.

So much so, Monday evening, my telephone rings and it was the PTA alrighty, however it was the PTA from Branden's graduating class calling to inform me that the encho sensei is retiring. @_@ Wow, word spread faster then you can imagine. And I politely said, "yes I know, Noah is graduating this year and I heard this morning" The mother said, OMG! Noah-kun's graduating this year?" I remember him as a little baby. I chuckled and we said our good bye's. Wow has time slipped by.

So, a representative is being sent from each graduating class EVER that the encho sensei over saw. All this week, people have been going to the yochien to bring presents and give their/our best regards. I wish she wasn't retiring, but she's at the age and she wants to. I am happy though that she could stay and be the encho sensei for both the boys.

What else. I went to the hair salon today. All us mom's who have kids graduating have been hitting the salon for the past 2 weeks. The Jogo-san had a beautiful hair cut last week. And I went this week, today, Friday. I had even mentioned this to the Jogo-san this Monday during the meeting.  So anyway, I am sitting at the salon. This salon 90% of all the mom's from our yochien go here. Anyway, so, I'm sitting in the waiting area and in walks in, Hikaru-kun's mom. As you know H and Noah are besties. However I didn't know she went to this salon also. Anyway, we greeted each other and my hair stylist said, oh you two know each other? and I said, yes. : ) Anyway H's mom got a color and a cut. It looked very nice when she left.: ) I got a thermal hair straightening and a hair cut. My hair was superly long btw before today. I'd say, 3cm above my belly button. Did it grow or what! Yeah it grew superly long. And I''m not sure if it's because of graduation and the upcoming entrance ceremony or I don't know what. But I wanted it different this time, still straight but the cut, I wanted to be different.

So, it's now about 3 cm below my shoulders. A few face framing layers but it's super straight. Pin straight and just really different. The difference in length is pretty obvious. It's medium length now. I love it though and I am now so ready for Noah's graduation.

Branden update:  His school has been cancelling the 4th grade (two) classes all week. They have school daily but they have been getting out at 12:30pm all week. Apparently the 4th graders all are sick with the flu. Branden is totally healthy, no flu at all there. But check this out.  So Monday, I was at the shaon kai doing what I was supposed to get done. Last minute bits about the shaon kai. The encho sensei is graduating bombshell just blew wide open. Our mouths were still on the floor. Anyway, the meeting let out and the Jogo-san and I and the mom's decided to go and have lunch right down the street. So we said, this meeting is now over. And we left. It was a wonderful lunch. Kouki's mom, Noah's classmate Kouki not Branden's classmate Kouki. Anyway, she said, let's please get together for lunch and stuff as a graduating class every 6 month's or so and catch up. Especially since Noah's going to a different elementary school. I would always like to keep updated with him. And I know she really means it, because she really likes Noah a whole lot. And we feel ditto about her and Kouki also. So, we were all enjoying this lunch of ours and just sort of sucking in this really good time and suddenly my keitei rings, but the sound for an email. I glanced at it and it said, the name of our shogakko/elementary school. @_@ It basically said, the kids had to be let out early because of too many taken ill, Branden told me later many kids vomited in the 4th grade class, so many others called in sick. So they're closing the 4th grade classes down at 12:30pm. Umm, it was like 12:10pm when I got this message. @_@ I showed the message to the Jogo-san, I excused myself and explained. They all have older kids and understood. And I immediately left the restaurant. Went directly to my town and picked up Branden.

Would you believe this happened, every single day this week. No joke! I asked Noboru, why not just cancel the week, why make the kids go to the school just to send them back home at 12:30pm. he says, it's because of the school class closes outright they might have to make up the lost days. Like in the Summer or whatnot. @_@ This way, it's not a missed day if they stayed that long and also had lunch there. @_@ Still, I'm not so sure.... but that's what he says. Also, the 1st, 2nd, and rest of grades were not affected so they still have classes all this week. It was just the 4th graders. But yep, every single day this week. At 9am I get the email. And with a pic of a coughing person wearing a mask. Saying, 4th grade class cancelled, they get out at 12:30pm.

So, much has been happening. Between, retirement (the principal/encho sensei) Branden's class being cancelled all week. My hair appointment. Noah's last ensoku, Noah's last olympic ceremony. Branden's observation day. Oh yeah all those posts I have to get up. I will try to start tomorrow like I said.

Noboru is at the barber with Branden and Noah right now. Noboru got a hair cut yesterday. And both the boys are getting one today. They also have dental cleanings today also.

What else, Noah switched to the C course in swimming. So he's swimming later now, it had to be switched before he starts shogakko. Just so much stuff, you would never imagine.

I have to pack this weekend for Hawaii and also Osaka, since we'll be flying back to Japan via Osaka. Because I know next week, I'll be very busy with the graduation prep.

Ahh, Noboru just phoned, they're on their way from getting their hair cut, and asked me to be ready so we can head to the boys dentist now.  I was going to add something else, but I better just end it here. ; )