Sunday, March 11, 2012

Branden's half adult day (1/2 seijinshiki)

In January sometime, in Japan we have something called "Coming Of Age" day, this is for 20 year olds. However March 1st, our local elementary had celebrated the 10 year olds/4th graders with a... if you look at the wall behind Branden. 1/2 adult day. : ) These 4th graders and the sensei's worked so hard on this. They asked every child to bring in 1 picture of them as children. And the teachers also snapped 1 picture of them as 10 year olds, meaning a current picture while at the school. So Branden had asked me about a month ago, to get out a picture of him as a child. You know how many pics I take of the boys. I knew I surely could get 1. : ) So, I went through Branden's photo books and I pulled one we both really liked and that had a nice background to it also. Keep in mind, us shaon kai are also doing the same thing and have made a slide show well technically it's a dvd, but ykwim. And we will show it at the graduation party. So, I have been searching and trying to choose pics of Noah and also deciding on pics for Branden also. I had been given a formal invitation Branden made for me, a week beforehand. And all the kids in the 4th grade class also made invitations for their parents. Saying to please come. Anyway, March 1st, a genki and recovered Noah from influenza B and myself went into the music room to watch the awesome 1/2 adult day. I must also mention, I had no idea what to expect since this was my first time experiencing this. And they had asked the kids to write a letter to themselves at age 20. They teacher also video taped all the messages. So in this picture right here, a 10 year old Branden is talking to himself in the future. What he hopes for himself. His hopes and dreams. Where he sees himself at age 20. He was very conservative, he said, I imagine at age 20, I will still be in university in Honolulu and I hope to be a good student, good friend, brother and son. Then he went and sat down and each child stood up and gave their hopes, dreams and so on. The Jinbei boy will be owning a hotel in Singapore and he gave a message to himself. I smiled and I thought how wonderful it is for him to have such wonderful and amazing dreams. Shoot for the stars, I thought! And you know what, I think he might just end up owning that hotel! I've got the faith E-kun! Genki-kun said he hopes to be a pilot. A few of the girls will be opening up a cake shop. And 1 girl said she would like to be a housewife. This made me smile the most! : ) So many wonderful dreams.
1/2 adult day.
And then they got up and sang.

And then they played a song. I know this song is La Cumparsita. But just thinking about the old SNL Billy Crystal stuff made me think of Fernando's Hideaway. And even the song Hernando's Hideaway. @_@ But it made me smile though.
The "Jinbei boy" E-kun playing the piano with Mana-chan. They were quite good.
And then they started the dvd/slideshow. The dvd was fun because so many kids and parents were guessing who is who. Though you can hear they all knew it was Branden because you can hear them all say....Branden. : ) They show 1 pic of them young and 1 pic of them now.

Branden! My cutie patootie pie. ; ) And that was that. We all enjoyed 1/2 adult day.
This last Saturday our local elementary school had a "good bye" party for the 6th graders. Branden went as did most of the elementary kids from the town. They really wanted to let the 6th graders know they would be missed. And so that's why everyone all grades showed up. Each child came back with gifts. We have a very small town. And I do mean small. So the gifts are always good. Branden received 2 sodas. 1 chocolate chou cream and 1 Spongebob Squarepants cup. He loves this and is using it now at home. He also received a One Piece backpack bag, a vinyl one but cute and One Piece is quite popular now days here in Japan. A whole bunch of snacks, candy, gum. @_@ A ton of stuff.
This bag of treats. Genki-kun's sister will be graduating the 6th grade this year. Kenny, the only other half American and Japanese child from our town. If your recall, there's only Kenny's dad and I. His dad is great. Anyway sadly Kenny will be saying good bye to the elementary school. And I'll miss seeing his dad on Sports days. : ( So lots of changes.
Anyway this was my first experience of a half adult day. And the good bye party for the 6th graders was nice also. I like how they celebrate kids here, especially the graduation and good bye party's and "curry lunches" type of thing here, it's just really nice.