Saturday, March 03, 2012

After the dig, time spent at the Yume Bokujo, horse back riding etc.

Right after the digging contest ended around 9:30am, or somewhere around there. The results of the dig were to be given but an hour or two wait would have to happen because the judges had to climb into each hole and measure all the holes to figure out who was the grand winner. His friends wanted to go home and be with their families, which is understandable. And Noboru said, he'd be willing to stay at the bokujo to find out the results. So, they all gave us their free milk coupons and waved at us and went home. We stayed. Each member of the dig team got a free hot or cold farm fresh milk coupon.  So this was right as we entered. It says, Narita Yume Bokujo. Way way up at the top near the cow picture.

The boys picked warm milk. Since it was so freezing cold outside.  We had more tickets then we could use. Unfortunately they had to be used all that day. We gave the extra tickets to a family as we exited the park though. : )  The boys said the milk tasted really good and a bit sweet.

Branden and Noah sliding down the hill on sleds. The sleds have wax and they slide down really well. I have pics of the boys even at really young ages being on this exact same spot. : )

Noboru helping Noah out by giving him a push. And away we go~

Noah laughing with Branden. They really are so close.

Let's do this again....and again they did. And again and again. : )

Branden going back up.

The newest addition to the bokujo/farm, is this little girl. A baby cow. She was cute and soft.

On our way down to visit with the goats.

Goats sure do like to climb real high.

You can choose to buy food in a cup before entering the goat area. We bought the boys each their own cup of food.

Branden feeding a goat.

This big giganto goat came to visit us, he was like the "pig pen" (from Charlie Brown) of the goats. He had goat feed all over himself. : )

Noboru fed him.

The littler ones came near Noah and he fed them.

Noah giving this one a pet/rub on the head.

Branden giving out some more snacks.

And more snacks.

Us watching the goats climb.

Growing up in Colorado, I grew up riding horses. There were a lot of horse trails in the Rocky Mountains. You could rent a horse for an hour for about $15 US. And go and take them a nice trails, go get a drink near a slow moving creek. My parents would take me about 3-4 times a year growing up. It was something I really loved doing.  We would go to a certain horse place and the horse I would always take out her name was Ariel. And this was long before the Little Mermaid movie etc.  I have so many pics of me as a young girl with Ariel. I have taken Branden to ride here at this bokujo before and Noah was always too young but this time they both went.  However they had to take turns because I can't take pics of them both at the same time.  Branden is in elementary school so he got to ride the larger horse.

Watching Branden ride. One of these days, when we get the chance to go back to Colorado for a visit, I'd like to rent some horses for an hour and let the boys go up and ride for real. I'd really enjoy doing that with them. But this was a great try here though.

I watched him go around.

Branden and the horse, this pic is the one going in his photo book.

Noah being in yochien had to ride this little fella. : )

With the zoom on.

And this pic will go into Noah's photo book as well.

And a quick stop to make one more visit.

I love the expression on Noah's face. That's pure childhood excitement right there. : )

And time for some ice cream. They had ice cream and also gelato.

Branden and Noah about to enjoy some homemade chocolate ice cream. This was so fresh. And so good.

We also bought some butter cookies and a huge melon pan. We got the results of the dig, they were already on printed paper, wow they got those results out quickly! And we headed home. It was nearing noon by now. 12:30pm the latest. And that's when I prepped for the BBQ. The first BBQ of the year.  And when Noboru did the weeds next door and I kept him company. This was a full day, but a fun one though. : )