Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The very last shopping day at the yochien

February 8th was Noah's final shopping day at the yochien! Here's Noah on the far right obviously. And his best friend Hikaru-kun on the far left. Yukina-chan's little brother next to Hikaru. He's a cutie pie! And next to Noah is also his swimming friend and fellow classmate Minori-kun.
Another one of Noah's besties, is the little boy in the middle. That's Ryo-kun. He lives very far away. Like farther then the Cainz store. Like 60%-70% to my work. Like this little boy lives seriously far and he will be going to elementary school alone meaning no one else will be going with him from our yochien. : ( He's a *very* smart boy, very kind and honestly very wise beyond his years type of boy. And Noah's very fond of him. He's got a couple older brothers, like in junior high type age, he's the youngest and he's just a good little boy. Noah enjoys when he swims on the same day at Ryo-kun. The other little boy...sorry I forgot his name, his dad and Noboru are fishing pals. And he lives in the city where the yochien is, so Noah and him will still bump into each other every once in a while. But Ryo-kun is a friend Noah will miss for sures. : ( I'm glad I have this picture. I'll stick this picture in Noah's scrapbook and write his name and a funny store about the two of them. Something he can read when he's older. : )
And a couple of the younger kids trying to get in on the action. : ) This made the blue badge boys giggle.
Picture time, they say us parents can come take pictures between, like 8:50 and 9:10am no longer after that. So, you have a mere 20minutes to snap pics of all the stuff. Take pics of your kids. Other people are walking around. And you're trying to do so as quickly as possible. This is where you just need your sense of humor and smile. You snap 20 pics and hope in at least 1 of those shots someones not blinking or their eyes are not closed. : )
Big crab.
Yakisoba sandwich on the right. Croquette on the left.
A puzzle. All the kids make these with help of the genius sensei's. : )
DS, remember Noah bought a Wii last year, lol. ; )
A party set. Ohhhhh ahhhh. LOL. : )
Eclairs. Omelet rice.
Check this out! Revolving sushi! They seriously think of everything. And a stove top/range with food a cookin' on the right. ; )
Yakiniku yakiniku! It even glowed inside with rolled up tissues slightly orange. It was very cool!
Noah's yochien wallet/bag.
Move over Capricciosa and Saizeriya, make way for the yochien kiddos! Pizza and pasta combo (set)
And what did Noah choose to buy. You know the stuff you think your kids will buy they don't. So it's always a complete surprise what they pick. : ) The omelet rice set. With a cider drink. : )
Yakisoba sandwich.
An alarm clock.
And I made sure I took many many photos of these things for the scrapbook. I let Noah keep these things for a full week before trashing them. Sorry but while we do save his artwork and his few important things. This stuff couldn't be saved. I did save his wallet/bag though. And I have the wallets from the other years saved as well.
What did I do after this, I went to a shaon kai meeting at Mei-chan's house with the Jogo-san, that day. This was the day I took a pic of those plates down below. Noah had a half day the day of his shopping day. So, our meeting was short. We split up the animals and made some signs for the game we'll be playing during the shaon kai. Talked a few more things over and headed right back to the yochien.
Time for a trip down memory lane. This was Noah's first ever "shopping day" at the yochien February 2009. Here he was a teeny tiny yellow badge. Just 3 years old, it was before April since it was Feb. Noah was a pre-nensho Noah was a yellow badge. This little girl, wow by now she must be a 2nd or 3rd grader right now? When Noah started yochien she took immediately to Noah. Her name was/is Chisato-chan but everyone called her Chi-chan. She was Noah's first best friend at the yochien and always made sure Noah got his smock on alright, got his lunch unpacked from his backpack, she helped him with almost everything. : ) When he went to the restroom once when he first started here, she followed him in and asked him, do you know how to go by yourself or do you need any help? Noah said, I am fine. He came home and told me. "mommy....Chi-chan's my very best friend she is so helpful" That is so good to hear Noah! She held his hand at the shopping day and helped him make his purchases. We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for Chi-chan.
His favorite purchase from his yellow badge shopping day were these pair of wild and crazy sunglasses. Noah wore these while watching TV. While eating his supper until we asked him to kindly take them off during dinner. @_@ But he loved these sunglasses wore these for months! And yes! I have these safely tucked away in the attic in Noah's yochien plastic box and I have this picture in his photobook and this story basically that I hand wrote for Noah telling him how much he LOVED these very sunglasses! Noah's magical sunglasses with the blue plastic lenses. : )
A year wiser, Noah shopping as a little red badge. A first year/freshman for kindy if you know what I mean. This was to be Chi-chan's final year here. Chi-chan was moved into the big blue badge class. So she played with Noah still but less. I worried so much at this point, would Noah be okay without the lovely and helpful Chi-chan? I was really very worried about what would happen when she left. Anyway this pic is of Noah (a red badge at the time) and Chi-chan (a blue badge) at the time the year 2010.
And Chi-chan chasing Noah all over the school grounds. During that shopping day 2010.
And this photo was happily taken last year. As you can tell by the color of Noah's badge, Noah was a pink badge here. And after Chi-chan left they mixed up all the bara-gumi and the yuri-gumi's and Hikaru was thrown into class with Noah. They hit it off instantly. They knew each other from swimming and Noah's older brother is 1 year older then Hikaru's so they have seen each other since they were about 9month's old at swim club when his mom and I would be there for our older boys. So yeah they did know each other. But the second they were put into class together. That was it. They were inseparable! All last year and all this year. What did I learn from this. And the whole Chi-chan leaving thing. Things do change. Like the old saying goes, change is inevitable. Change is bound to happen whether you like it or not. But people do adapt and adjust. And there will be bright rays of sunshine like his friendship he has had with his best friend H these past 2 years. And when Noah switches schools, it'll be different and an adjustment at first, but the important thing is to have the mindset we'll be okay. And in the end, you might make a real good friend you haven't even met yet!
I love you Noah!