Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

I hope, everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. : ) We really had a nice one over here. A nice quiet one as usual, but nice nonetheless. Look at all the goodies the boys brought back from school this Valentine's Day 2012. @_@ Branden brought home 5 gifts from 5 different girls. @_@ Noah brought back 1 from a little girl who just totally likes Noah to no end. I think that was so cute. Which now means, I will in turn have to whip up something for these little girls come White Day though.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies from Saya-chan her names on the right heart on the bottom right.
And from another girl.
Noah's box of chocolates.
And what did I get for Valentine's Day? I did the same thing as last year. I put a DVD order from in, came to $106 US. Which is like what...8,000 yen? 8,500 yen? Somewhere around that. Anyway, Noboru said go ahead, if that's what you want for your Valentine's Day gift, done. I said, yes please and I ordered them. Which movies did I pick? Let me go read my order, real quick. The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 1, Shark Night, Real Steel, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, Paranormal Activity 3 and Hop. Everything has been shipped already except Hop, will ship mid March. I am really happy for getting the DVD's and I look forward for my shipment to arrive. So, I wasn't expecting anything else at all. But Noboru bought me this box of Belgium chocolate assortment and they were so delicious. Thank you Noboru for being exactly as you are, I appreciate you so much. You are a good man and a wonderful husband and father. : )
If you've been reading for a while, you'll know I usually bake Noboru and the boys cookies and cupcakes every year For Valentine's Day, and the fun part is the boys always help me a day or two ahead, every single year. It's something they just look forward to. This year we out did ourselves we made so many pretty little heart cookies. They were delicious. Noboru loved them!
Noah cut out the shapes for half of these and Branden cut out the shapes for the other half. They did so well.
And these were the treats I showered on Noboru and the boys who also enjoyed eating them as well as getting to make and bake them with me. Strawberry cupcakes with a whipped cream frosting. And heart cookies. They weren't too overly sweet, they were just perfect.
And a blast from the past, this picture was taken back in February 2008 a day or two before Valentine's Day. The boys and I were just about to roll out our Valentine's cookies in this picture! Yep, we've been making them for as long as the boys have been alive. Even when they were in their high chairs I'd wheel them near mommy and they'd watch and clap for me while I baked. : ) They have always been involved in making these. It's a family tradition for us. Noah and Branden cookie baking for Valentine's Day 2008. When they look back in their photobooks/scrapbooks and see the same type of pictures through the years except they just keep getting bigger as the years roll on. These are the memories they'll look back on and smile about, I know it. They can tell their wives, yep, my mom had all these family traditions with us. We always baked cookies with her for Valentine's day and Christmas also. Etc etc. you know what I mean.
Branden in 2008 sprinkling the sprinkles on the cookies.
We made big hearts that year. This year we made smaller ones. Both are nice though!
And these are the cupcakes we made from 2008! Always cookies and/or cupcakes and always baking them together Branden, Noah and I. Anyway there you have it, our Valentine's day 2012 and a blast from the past from Valentine's 2008. : )