Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tsukuba Wanwan Land

February 4th, the day after Setsubun, our family headed to Wanwanland in Tsukuba Japan. It's a place where you can pet many many dogs and spend time with them. There's tables where you can even bring a picnic lunch and have lunch here. We didn't do that this time. But it is a nice place where people who don't have a dog, but who love dogs, can go and spend a day and pet and visit with many dogs. Our family has been here a couple times before and it's always fun for our family to be here.
Noah and this black lab really hit it off. He was as fond of Noah as Noah was of him. There were 2 black labs here but this one, without the sweatshirt that day was his buddy for the day.
Branden smiling looking at all the dogs.
There's Noah and his buddy again. ; )
Branden and this red haired dog really hit it off. She was a big one and Branden petted her for a nice long while. The dog stretched out and had the face of..give me more...come on pet me some more! Branden obliged her!
This dog took a shine to me! I was just sitting there enjoying watching both the boys have a good time. And I was kind of enjoying watching Branden and Noah have all the fun. So to me, that was fun. And all of a sudden this dog jumped right up next to me and cuddled. I talked to her gently, massaged her a bit before she fell asleep next to my thigh.
This dog jumped up with Branden. And Branden cuddled her. The dogs here are very nice and very used to getting many cuddles from us who visit here.
Noah and another very nice dog.
This dog also liked Noah a lot and he had 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye. Beautiful dog!
Taking a snooze.
They have one large area for the big dogs.
And 1 large area for small dogs or very old big dogs. : ) And they heat the areas and give the dogs with thinner coats a sweatshirt etc. They do try their best to take very good care of the dogs here.
The lady who works here covered this other dogs ears with a cover, she said, this particular dog gets cold ears. : ) Nice that they know their personalities this well.
Noah cuddling my good friend who had been sitting nicely near my leg. But she also took a shine to Noah. So they had a nice visit.
After a fun afternoon spent at the dog park. We now were going to head home. The boys were starting to get hungry. Though we were to have dinner at home. It was half prepped before we left. But we stopped at Mc D's for lunch. Noboru had the Big Mac combo. Branden 2 shakashaka chickens and a cheeseburger and fries. Noah 1 happy meal. And I had a small fry and a salad cup with goma (sesame) dressing. The boys also shared a hot pie for dessert. We headed home and had dinner. And then everyone had showers, jammies and we enjoyed Saturday family movie night. The next paragraph is about Glee. So, spoiler alert ahead.
A couple weeks back, 3 weeks? They had a Michael Jackson tribute on Glee. It was amazing. I mean seriously amazing! Then the following week Ricky Martin was on Glee as the substitute Spanish teacher. This week looks amazing too! Here they were spoofing the video Scream, Artie and Mike.

Blaine, wearing an eye patch because someone threw a slushy into his face and it contained rock salt or something. It hurt his eye pretty bad. Many are being accepted into college. Kurt and Quinn were accepted. Rachel still hasn't received her acceptance letter. Finn proposed to Rachel. Anyway so much is going on.

I've also been watching The Voice. I LOVE this show. I love the blind auditions and everything. American Idol meanwhile is doing the cuts in California. Hell week, or whatever it's called.