Sunday, February 19, 2012

The snowman who spent the weekend with us

Our small town in our neck of the woods in Chiba, was really in a deep freeze since last week. Last Thursday is when it snowed for us. Our 2nd time of the season. It wasn't just a sprinkling, it was a fairly good amount for our area.
Pictures of the snow from Noah's room.
The jungle gym completely snowed on.
The rice fields and everything. This picture was taken from the kitchen patio window. Thursday morning Branden was sent to school. Black ice all over. And then we (Noah and I) came home and I made obento for Noah. Sent Noah to school. And every single mother in the parking lot stared at us pulling in. @_@ Now they're all my friends, but yeah it made me a bit nervous, why were they staring? Is there something wrong with my car or? So, Noah and I got out of the car and they said in Japanese. Did your town get hit with a lot of snow?!!! Seems like much more then we got here in the city (where most of them live and where Noah's school is located) Why do you ask, I said? : ) They said the amount of snow on the top of your hood and top of car was shocking! I turned my head, and then glanced at their cars (no snow). I shook my head in agreement and said I guess we do seem to get a lot more snow in our town then you all get here, I added. Smiled and see ya later-ed them.... then ran Noah into the yochien. Mystery solved, phew. And I mentioned that to Noboru and we both agree, it seems that even though it's 20-25 minutes away we do seem to always get more snow then the small city nearest us. And it always seems to melt away in that city, where it seems to linger more here in our town where we live. The snow all but melted away in the city Noah goes to school in by the time I picked him up in the afternoon. However not really the case in our town. It stayed for the most part. And then would you believe it happened all over again Friday evening too (the 3rd snow of the season)! For our town we still had snow from Thursday. Then Friday came and more. We got both boys sent to school. I was happy the weekend was here however the news forecast kept saying, our area would be getting snow! So, I went and washed all the bedding last Friday. I mean, every single blanket from Branden's bed, Noah's bed, our bed, and the blankets we cuddle with on the couch even. Made sure everything was clean and cozy for the snowy weekend. Picked up Noah after I went home and made all the beds. No snow in the smaller city. We went back to our town. Picked up Branden. And a few of my elementary school mom friends said, we'd for sure be getting snow that night. When Branden got into my car, he said, Haruhi (sp?) (a girl in this class) told everyone expect some snow for our town tonight. We had dinner, miso pork, rice and veg and Noboru and Noah also had miso soup to go with. We all had the shower and bath routine and sure enough great big snowflakes started falling. And we ended up with even more snow. Saturday morning the boys quickly got dressed brushed their teeth and headed in the backyard to play. I meanwhile got started in on breakfast.
Hi boys!
Making snowballs.
Pack it really good Noah! : )
Oh, look at my gloves! Kids! ; )

Noboru suggested they build a snowman. He showed Noah how to start rolling a tiny ball into a great big huge part of the snowman's body.
Noboru standing by watching, making sure he got it right. Branden already learned a few years ago and was already rolling the base of the snowman.
I meanwhile had bacon starting to crisp! We like crispy bacon at our house. Omelets for both the boys, over easy for Noboru and vegetable and cheese omelet for me. I had the fan going in the kitchen and you could smell the bacon outside in the backyard and the front. It smelled like a yummy breakfast being cooked inside our home, Saturday morning.
And there he is. I am not even sure what prompted the boys to use an upside down flower planter as a hat? They were so proud though! I went outside with a pony tail on and sweats. That looks fantastic, I said! Not bad for beginners I'd say. It was freezing outside, so I went inside. And everyone else followed because breakfast was ready! We enjoyed our breakfast. And would you believe it remained actually cold enough that the snowman stayed with us all Saturday and even now at Monday he's still here. He stayed the weekend with us. Every morning both Branden and Noah wake up and go and check on him. Is he still there, they ask? His eye might have popped off and they'll put it back on. Or his arm might have fell out. And they keep building him back up. Noboru wants to take him down today. : ( I hope he lets him stay until he melts away 100% though.

"I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?" LOL! Sorry the boys and I recently saw the Wizard of Oz! Anyway....this was our snowman on Sunday, he was starting to show signs of melting! But he's still holding strong. Gambarre little fella!