Sunday, February 12, 2012

Setsubun 2012

Last Friday, February 3rd was Setsubun for us in Japan. You can read more about it here if you like. Here is Noah and the oni mask he made for it this year, his last year in yochien 2012. Noah as a nencho.
And Noah wearing his mask!
The day of Setsubun, right before I picked up Noah at yochien. I ran to my favorite bakery. I knew they'd be making something special for the kids. And sure enough they did. Oni cream pans! I picked up 2, one for Noah and one for Branden. I put them nicely in the front seat, ran and picked up Noah, we came home. Unpacked all his yochien things. Then we went and picked up Branden. And the boys were really happy eating these oni cream pans for dessert after we had dinner that night! : ) Anyway there you have it...our family's quiet little Setsubun 2012.
Here is a look back at Noah's Setsubun of the years before. I thought that would be an excellent idea especially since Noah's graduating this year. This was last year, when he was a pink badge. Noah as a nenchu.

And this is when Noah was a little red badge. Noah as a nensho!
Aha, and what do we have here? When Noah was a pre yochien student. When he was a yellow badge. : ) Noah as a man-sansai-ji (pre-nensho)

I love how you colored your mask Noah! : )