Friday, February 24, 2012

Honolulu trip next month

I have been keeping you all updated with our trip plans little by little as they formed. However, Noboru was approved for his days off about 8 days ago so we've just finalized our plans last week, so I better update right now.

First our plan was to head to Osaka to visit with Noboru's parents and my lovely sil. And then head to Guam or Guam and then Osaka. However we got to thinking 3 and a half-4 weeks back. I think I last updated about this a month ago? We decided a month ago. Why not head to Hawaii instead as a small trip for Noah for his graduation. That way the whole family gets a fun trip. Gets to enjoy it and we get to rest up before Noah begins the first grade.

You see Noah will be off 3 weeks but nearly a month almost. Noah's graduation day is March 15th. And he starts ichinensei April 9th. So 3 weeks of a gap with nothing to do. Doesn't make sense to just sit here twiddling our thumbs really. And they do give you this time to prepare your child for the elementary however as you know. We're pretty much done. So no 3 weeks to prepare really necessary for us. Branden has off 10 days or so for Spring break. It just made sense.

So a month ago, Noboru requested 9-10 days off. Noboru went and made our hotel reservation a month ago. We had made a reservation for Guam and a reservation for Honolulu. You can always cancel later but prices go up especially around Spring break. And rooms sell out completely. So we had both ways reserved.

So, the day of Noah's graduation, after it's over. We'll run home switch from ceremony clothes to comfy clothes for our flight. The first class seats unfold to beds so we'll more then likely sleep all the way there after eating our meal first. Unless I can't sleep I'll end up watching all those on-demand movies. I'll have packed us beforehand already. And we'll head to the airport.
With all the shaon kai work, I have been doing I'll need a vacation after all that. : ) But in all seriousness. Work hard play hard as we always say. We do work hard and I've been working so hard for this graduation day. And Noah especially. This will be really good for our family to take some family time. Some time to recharge re energize and relax. Beach, shop, eat. Smile and laugh.

And then when it's time to come back to Japan, we'll be flying to Osaka directly from Honolulu. Visit with Noboru's family. Catch up. Let the kids get lots of hugs and cuddles from his family. And then head home back to Chiba for a bit.

I think because of the gap of time still, we'll probably head to my dad's condo for a bit also. And just recharge more. Then we'll come back to Chiba. And get ready for Noah's elementary school adventures to start.