Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Graduation prep

There are so many things being done with regards to getting ready for Noah's graduation. You wouldn't even believe it. This was asked of us and I submitted ours in January. What did they want? Well the yearbook pics were picked and chosen by us mom's. Us shaon kai mom's got to pick and decide which photo on the last "mother's lunch", like I mentioned earlier, however they also always add 1 extra pic without school uniform and they also ask for your child to sign his or her first name. That way in a few years time, they can look back and think wow...my signature sure has changed! You know what I mean. Branden did all this years ago. And now this was Noah's turn. They gave us 3 tiny pieces of paper and so we had Noah write his first name only (as they asked of us all), we then decided which of the 3 we liked best. And stuck it into the little envelop. next was find a picture, head shot basically. See the paper on the left, with the drawing. yep, head shot.
We chose these in January. These were the ones we liked best. And then we mulled it over which one. Luckily I have Branden's yearbook and opened his to see what his looked like again and his classmates and that helped being able to see Branden's yearbook. And finally decided the picture on the left was best for what they were asking for. So we submitted the pic of Noah on the left in his little jean Osh Kosh overalls and hat. And the signature we liked best. And basically are now letting the "yearbook mom's" work their magic.
This one was the one we decided of the two pics.

And what else. I have a shaon kai meeting about once a week. We are getting seriously down to the wire! We have about 1 month or less, left until it's all finished, over and done with. We were supposed to get together LAST week however everyone has come down with the flu around here. except for our family (knock on wood, please stay that way)

When I worked that 1 day this month, half the hoikuen was out with the flu. Both classes, so I think the sickies are just basically making the rounds around Japan. And our yochien, Mei-chan was out nearly most of all last week. And many other of Noah's classmates as well. Noah and Branden meanwhile are as healthy as ever again knock on wood. But that meant the painting us shaon kai core/lead members were supposed to do last Thursday had to be cancelled because her daughter was sick. which is totally and completely 100% understandable. If one of my kids were sick, I'd have to cancel too. So I understand totally. What are we painting you ask? An ark!

Our theme for Noah and his classmates graduation is Noah's Ark. Us shaon kai members decided since we're a Catholic school, we went with something from the bible. And out of all the choices to choose from, we chose Noah's Ark. We liked the idea because many of the parents at our school know the story. It's kid (party) friendly meaning we can use animals for each table. Easy to decorate the hall. And we decided that last October. I wanted to share more details with you all, but I held off until now.

We know the only other 2 yochiens in the same tiny city are having their graduation on the same day as ours and they'll be held at the same huge hall where we're holding ours, separate banquet halls though of course. And the lady I work with, my teaching partner is in the shaon kai for her school.

Last week we were to paint the actual ark. It's made of card board and it's huge! We split the animals between us in the shaon kai. They look like this down below.
I'm doing the elephants, penguins and lions! ; )
What color, not to worry this has been decided already by us shaon kai members in January! : ) LOL. What are these? : ) Well, we decided to make flowers out of our kids faces. So, us shaon kai mom's passed out 1 blank/plain plate to every child. With a note attached that said, have your child draw, color, create their own face. You can use marker, crayons, your choice.... decorate it any way your child wants. Just let them do it. And all February we've been collecting these! I took this pic of some of them to show you all. While we were at Mei-chan's house for our weekly shaon kai meeting a few weeks back. This pic was taken in Mei-chan's living room. From left to right, we have K-chan's, the Jogosan's daughter's on the far left, she did an excellent job! I loved it! She had beading and everything added on hers. Then we have Mei-chan's and then we have Yukina-chan's and I liked the pink real piece of yarn used as a ribbon. And on the far right we have Sera's. I forgot to take a picture of Noah's. But I have a sketch used as the base for his that I'll share down below. Branden helped Noah a lot on his (gave him pointers, helped him decide on a few practice sheets before starting on the real plate) and Noah also did a lot of it too, he did the real plate all by himself from the pointers Branden gave him. I did not do Noah's not even 1 dot, but that's only because I knew it had to be kid made. So while I did sit in the kitchen and cheer the boys on by being in there and saying that looks good etc etc, I didn't draw it for my kids. So, I kept with the rules completely. So each plate will end up with petals all around the face (plate) and we will stick these on the wall in the hall when we decorate.
Branden helped Noah out, this was one of the practice faces, they worked on together. And then Noah was ready to draw it onto the plate. Noah's face plate doesn't look much different then this picture, so this at least gives you a general idea at least. Sneak peak, I guess. : )
My dress. I think this does fall under graduation prep. It's relevant so I'm adding it. I ordered the first dress. It got here, I tried it on. Complete disaster! Just didn't look right. And I felt like, I didn't work out hard for the past 14 months to feel frumpy in this horrible dress. And knowing how if I waited until mid March it would most likely be sold out. So, I sent it back in January immediately. And I basically went on a hunt for a dress. I ended up go figure, finding it at Nissen. Regular Nissen. Order was placed first week of February. I was so nervous...kept thinking gee I hope it looks good. But what if it doesn't, then what? Like triple disaster you know. So, it got here, I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Amazing dress. Love the dress! So dress problem avoided thank goodness. It's now safely in my closet safe and sound. I will be wearing this dress for Noah's graduation ceremony and his entrance ceremony. It has a corsage, however I'd like a bigger one, so I'm on a mini hunt now for a bigger corsage right now.

Noah's outfit has been decided. But that will wait until I make my massive...getting ready for the ichinensei post! : ) Anyway thought this would be a perfect time for a graduation prep update.