Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The good-bye curry

Expect a "Noah's good-bye curry" post coming as soon as the pics become available. But as I don't have any pics yet from that day. I'll just make a tiny blurb post about it now. One of the things that I like the most about this school is that it has a tradition of having a "good bye" lunch for the graduating class. The entire grades all eat together in one room. Where they usually eat in their own class/grade. But on this day the entire school comes together and first they all help make the curry. The younger classes help wash the rice. Or clean the vegetables off. Safe jobs for their age. The older class helps peel the carrots etc with observation of the sensei's of course. At the start of this month a note was sent to us all and it said. The Yuri-gumi's will donate 1 (rice)cup of rice and 1 carrot. The Bara-gumi's will all donate 1 cup of rice and 1 potato. And the blue badge kids, the Sakura-gumi what Noah is right now, will donate 1 cup of rice and 1 onion. Make sure you bring it by such and such date. So it doesn't really cost the school huge heaping amounts of cash, they just have to buy the roux and the beef. It's like a joint effort by all us parents. And the kids all look forward to "helping".
Branden first started this school as a pink badge, when we moved to this area. And when I first got the note. I thought, wow that's very cool! Our last yochien did not have anything like that. So, I packed up for Branden, 1 cup of rice and 1 veggie. And then the day he made it at school for the blue badges. Branden came home thrilled. He loved helping cook a meal with the school, the teachers and his friends. He felt so helpful. And the next day all the kids feasted eating what they made. They all spoke warmly and kindly about the older class and said how much they'd be missed. And it was just a very good experience. And then the following year it was Branden's turn. Once again, I got the note. And sure enough packed 1 cup of rice and the veg asked for. And sure enough they helped make it the day before. And all the kids said what they'd miss most about each student. And many kids said what they'd miss most about Branden not being with them at the school anymore. He had made many friends there. And again he felt really loved and accepted and just really nice. By the way, do you know about 4 of the parents I know also went to this yochien as children? The schools been reformed like twice or three times. But it's been there for a very very long time. And they also had the same tradition back then! isn't that cool! I loved hearing/learning that.
When Noah started this school as a teeny tiny yellow badge, he also helped prepare the "good bye" curry. Noah was very young. But he has the pictures from that day still and I remember clear as a bell Noah at age 3, told me..."the big kids are going "bye bye's soon mama" and I smiled and yes, yes I know Noah-chan. : ). And then the red badge years. Noah could now understand a whole lot better and that the kids weren't coming back to the school anymore and they were moving to a different school. When he was a pink badge Noah was sorta sad because he knew this meant Chi-chan would be leaving their school and he did tell the school and her how much he'd miss her and yes Noah cried. : ( But we bought Chi-chan a very beautiful graduation card and Noah drew a picture and wrote his name, a very rough signature granted, but he did the best he could. I had also wrote a 1 line message in there, it said. "Thank you for being Noah's first friend, we will never forget you." And I meant every word. : )
Last week all of us needed to turn in our 1 cup of rice and the Sakura class/blue badges were to give 1 onion. The lunch would be this Tuesday. They all made this curry this past Monday. Finally the "good-bye curry" was for Noah. It was finally his turn. He helped prepare it on Monday of this week.
What do you need, you need 1 unbreakable plate as the note says. And 1 spoon. 1 paper napkin as the note says and 1 trash bag to put the plate in to take home. So, I packed up Noah his silly monkey plate from Target. napkin from Cainz and Spongebob spoon from someplace in the US, I forget where we picked that up.

I told Noah, Tuesday morning this good-bye curry is for you today baby! Enjoy it. Enjoy it! Enjoy it! I love you and I'll see you in the afternoon when I pick you up at 2pm. Most important thing! Have fun!!!! When I picked up Noah in the afternoon, he came out skipping and running towards me. It was so much fun he said. So many kids will miss us mommy! @_@ Oh, I said, that's a good thing, I guess. : ) I laughed. Because he's still so young. And he's taking everything so amazing. He's enjoying his final month of yochien to the fullest. And I'm so glad.