Monday, February 13, 2012

First backyard BBQ of the year and the Superbowl

Sunday February 5th, we had our first backyard BBQ of the year. Weather outside, that day? Absolutely bone chilling freezing cold, just about sums it up! : ) I had sliced up the meat that morning after breakfast and let it marinate all morning and afternoon. By the time 4pm rolled around, Noboru started the grill. Noah went outside to "help" daddy.
Just about done! Good thing because it was just way too cold to be outside. But boy oh boy did it smell yum!
And into the house. A very super simple dinner. Nothing fancy shmancy but oh man, was it fantastic! We sat, chatted and enjoyed our Sunday dinner together as a family.

Super Bowl Sunday happened for us last Monday morning, it was live! Sent Branden to school. Quickly made Noah's obento, the pregame stuff was going on then. Ran him to school and came back just in time. It was a great game! Both teams played well. The NY Giants won it though. Anyone hear about the whole supermodel Gisele Bundchen tidbit that happened after the Superbowl though? She's married to quarterback Tom Brady by the way. Some heckler was talking crap to her and her husband, saying "Eli Manning rules! Eli Manning owns your husband" She being a protective wife, backed up her husband. Granted being married to the quarterback, she should've just ignored the rude comments and known better. But she's human like us all. And she shot back! To defend her husband and in the end it basically sounded like she took a swipe at her husbands teammates. I bet they weren't thrilled with that. @_@
The half time was freaking awesome! I knew it was going to be Madonna. As did all of us. But wow, when the first start of the music, it gave me goosebumps! It was such a great half time show! It was like a mini concert. She played so many songs! LMFAO was with her for a bit, Nicki Minaj who I really like, also performed with her. MIA performed with her and flipped off the camera and it was a huge hoopla, the comments on yahoo over that! @_@ People were fuming. However honestly, I didn't catch her gesture because my eyes were on Madonna. And I read a few comments saying the same thing. Didn't catch it....was too busy watching Madonna. Same here. I thought it was tacky MIA did that though. And apparently Madonna's quite angry with MIA over the whole thing as well.

Anything else to add. My dad's heading to Saipan this weekend. He's going to be staying at the same resort we stayed at, last time we went. I bet he'll enjoy himself a lot and relax. And enjoy more of his retirement days. We're quietly working on our March plan. Noboru requested his days off. He wants to head to Osaka, to visit his family. We're not sure if we're going to go to USJ while there. Or if we should head to Guam before going to Osaka or head to Guam first and fly to Osaka directly afterwards. Not really sure how it's all going to happen in the end. But things are starting to form and take shape lately.

Music I'm currently listening to, in no particular order:
Rihanna, You Da One, love this song, I have the clean version my my ipod, have been listening to this one a lot.

Avril Lavigne, What the hell. This song is good.

Hot Chelle Rae, Tonight Tonight (Noboru loves this song.) He drove me nuts listening to this over and over in November and December, bless his heart! It happened to play while we were in Guam, he started singing all the words the first 2 paragraphs, as we pulled into the Micronesia mall. I was like......holy smokes! @_@ However it is a great song and I do have it on my ipod as well. Also the boys know all the words to this, so this seems to be a family favorite.

Love you Like a Love Song, Selena Gomez! She's such a pretty girl. And I like this song though I could have heard it too much because I'm listening to this one a bit less now. But I still like it for now.

Kanye West Through the Wire, the version without the annoying DJ screaming at the beginning. I like the lyrics. And I liked the old Chaka Khan song in the background. though this seems like a back up singer and not really Chaka Khan singing back up, also Chaka sang, through the fire, not through the wire, like the person in the background is singing. But I still like this song. And I know his mouth was wired shut, hence the name change to the song.

Love all Katy Perry's songs. I like her songs. Her personality. I have many of her songs on my ipod.

Also, downloaded Madonna's new song after seeing her sing it during the half time. Give me All Your Luvin'.

Sad to hear Whitney Houston passed away. I watched her on Oprah years ago telling of her battle with drugs. It's always sad to see someone so talented go.

Did anyone catch that horrible dog biting the news caster on the internet? That sadly happened in my home state/city. The first couple seconds of watching the video, I caught my old area code, 303. That's the Denver area code. I had that same exact area code my whole life. I recognized it immediately. And then I took a closer look and said to myself, OMG, that's Kyle Dyer. I "know" that lady. I have watched her for years. Couldn't believe it! Anyway my heart goes out to her and to her family. I read her surgery went well. From a Denver native who now calls Japan home. All the best, you are in my prayers.