Monday, February 06, 2012

Bits and pieces

Went and picked up another Winter uniform for Branden for elementary school. The sweatshirt and pants.
In 1 size bigger since they do shrink up some in the dryer and they sure have. Funny thing though, I wash Branden's gym uniforms all the time. He has a few sets of the short sleeve and short sets and a few sets of the long sleeved set pictured here. But he does bring his gym bag and switch with a fresh set daily. Anyway you know how in Japanese elementary schools the kids clean the school before heading home. Anyway while Branden was sweeping yesterday, Branden said, 2 of his 6th grade male friends were cleaning in the same hall and they said.... Branden-kun, your gym uniform smells fantastic! @_@ You smell like green apple. In Japanese they say blue apple. But it means green apple. Anyway Branden told me this story when I picked him up from the Plaza yesterday. He said...mommy, I guess my clothes smell good since they mentioned them. : ) I said,baby it's better for people to think you are clean and smell nice and like laundry soap. Then to be dirty and never change your uniform, right? Yes, that's right he said. LOL. But funny. I mentioned to Noboru that this morning, he said yeah my coworker mentioned I smelled good a few weeks ago too. I said, Downy laundry detergent. That's what it is. : ) Anyway, yeah I thought that was a funny story thought I'd share. And nope I only use the amount I am supposed to, no more, no less. Go figure. : ) But yeah it does smell awesome though.
3 weeks to a month ago, this was the episode we watched of American Idol. If you haven't caught this episode then you might wanna skip this part of the post. I've just always talked about, what I'm currently watching and I will continue to do so. It's harder for me now that I am not on beat with the what's on Japanese cable or sattelite. But now I can relate or have something to talk to with those of you in the US at least. Sorry I am a bit ahead of you with Japanese cable. And I will try to put a spoiler alert warning when I update what I'm watching.
Jim Carrey's daughter tried out for our American Idol.
A pic of her with her dad.
A more recent pic. She sort of reminded me of Miley Cyrus in this picture. But not on the audition of AI though.
She made it, and she phoned her dad like many contestants often do. : ) Then AI went to my home state but instead of Denver they went to Aspen, and we've now went to 2 different other locations as well after that. This season has been great so far!
In other news, Noboru's mole traps have been delivered and he's set them up but so far he hasn't caught 1 single mole yet. He covers the traps area with upside down buckets, planters etc. And Noah's not allowed in the backyard while the traps are out there. I hope this mole war, Noboru seems to have going ends soon. Even last night he was on his lap top researching more ways to get rid of them. @_@ Anyway hopefully the moles will relocate for Noboru's sake. It's like an all out war right now between Noboru and the moles.
I made chicken parmesan recently, this is one of my family's favorite things I make. I coated the chicken and fried in a shallow skillet with olive oil. Then I drained all the excess oil from the cutlets. And baked them in the oven.
Five cutlets baked in the oven nicely and ready to put over a plate of pasta.
Another night recently, a simple fried pork chop, rice a roni and green beans.
And last week sometime, we had fajitas again. These were perfect in the colder weather. Good for the boys to come home and have a nice warm meal. Very filling.