Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yard work and a Costco run

The very last day of Winter break. This Monday. This pic is of Branden, Noah, the Jinbei boy and Keita. They were outside playing.
I meanwhile had the boys school shoes outside drying in the backyard, fresh out of the washer.
Both Branden and Noah's uniforms.
Noboru meanwhile weeded and transferred the bark that used to be here and put it in the jungle gym area. He wants to grow veggies or flowers here and he feels this year he's ready. I went out and helped him for 30 minutes after I posted that last post. But he did 95% of the wedding of this strip of yard right here. Now, we'll just wait until Spring. : )

After the yard work was done, and the clothes and shoes were brought in. Noboru suggested we head to Costco. We left the house at 2:50pm. No tollways. All regular roads, we got back home at 8:45pm. It's just far but even more so, it's the traffic and very often the one lane roads.
With Monday being a holiday we suspected it would be very crowded. The sign outside said park on the roof parking. Which of course made me there must be a million people in there, ykwim. However once inside the parking garage, there were a few spots here and there to be had, so we parked on a different level, same as others too. We went in, bypassed the 2nd top floor altogether. Didn't need any cleansers or shampoo. And went directly to the basement 1st floor where the food is. Quickly we got whatever we had already discussed we were looking for. Except Noboru found a ham and he loves ham, so he had to get that. But otherwise we stuck to the list.
Ordered 2 pizzas and left.
Spiral ham.
Cream cheese for the upcoming cheesecake I plan to bake. String cheese for the boys. And regular cheese for the gratin potatoes that will go with the ham. : )
Waffles. Fast morning breakfasts during the school week.
And on our way home on the regular roads we stopped at Co-op, near where we used to live and picked up some mini chicken cutlets with cheese inside. And mikan juice. That's it.
I prefer cheese, everyone else prefers pepperoni. But they all had the cheese one too. : )
We reheated half of each pizza, the night we got home and had that for supper that night. We had the other half the following night.

I'm working twice this month. Also, I know, I have 2 observation days to do this month, 1 at each school, at the elementary school and also at the yochien. The weather here in our neck of the woods this morning said, 23 degrees F outside. So it has been getting colder and colder around here lately.