Sunday, January 15, 2012

A nice relaxing weekend

When Friday finally came around last week, I was definitely more then ready for it. : ) After both Branden and Noah were home, we had dinner. And after that we just relaxed some. Then we decided to bake something so, the 3 of us made this together. A cinnamon crumb cake. Very similar to coffee cake, if you ask me. : )
It was so good. A definite way to start the weekend. Then Noboru came home, just in time for movie night. We had family movie night after our showers. We watched Labyrinth and then 13 Going on 30. We had popcorn, Noboru had salsa and chips, it was fun. I was happy the weekend had begun and I could recharge my batteries. Noah made it through Labyrinth and watched the first 5 minutes or so of 13 Going on 30 before falling to sleep, and then we carried him to his room. Branden managed to stay awake for both but actually walked upstairs after the last movie and went to sleep, I think the first week tuckered him out as well.
Saturday afternoon, we went to a few shops. They had a very great/cheap deal on a sweatshirt for Branden. Too good to pass up.
One T&C Surf sweatshirt in a pretty green color under 1000 yen.
At 970 yen, it was too good to pass up. And we use a dryer in the winter and they do shrink up some. The 150cm seemed to be the right fit, but I knew if we dried it in the dryer it would end up being too small. This is perfect and won't be too small even if out of the dryer.

A very cute back design.
I took Noboru to dinner. But as I include the kids. I say, "we" took Noboru to dinner for his pre-birthday dinner. : ) We went to Mamma Pasta, in Narita.
It's a very pretty restaurant and excellent food. And the pizza is baked right up in their wood burning oven. It smells fantastic in there and the pizza is delicious.
We had so much to eat. We had great food and good conversation. With the boys and my sweetie pie. : )
We also asked for the dessert cart to be wheeled to us and it is so much fun and everyone looks at the cart wheeling by. Yumm. She told us what each dessert was, and then asked if we'd like them plated together or separately. Both the boys picked cheesecake. Noboru picked tiramisu and I picked caramel apple pecan pie, this was very good. So good.
After a nice dinner. We went to Hanamasa. A very unbirthday-y thing to do. But you know....we were in the area. 2 bags of broccoli, 2 bags of green beans and 1 bag of corn. Plus Noboru's birthday isn't until Jan 18th anyway.
1 big pack of thick pork chops. Perfect for fried pork chop night whenever. And 2 whole chickens which I will be roasting tonight. And we'll have stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy as well.

I went to bed early last night. And I only whacked my snooze button on the alarm twice this morning. So a real positive sign there. : ) While I'm not totally in the swing of things regarding my early morning schedule just yet, I'm feeling way better then last week. So, moving in the right direction for sure. : )

There are so many things going on here at the moment. I have been going full throttle with getting Noah ready for the ichinensei. In fact, we bought him an absolutely wicked suit for it yesterday while at Narita mall. We do have Branden's suit for it, and it was only worn once. But we wanted a different color totally. I also managed to get my graduation outfit/entrance ceremony outfit ordered. Desk has been ordered. Didn't know we were getting a desk? I wasn't planning on getting one, but Noah really wanted one. And my mil called already because it's usually custom for the grandparents to get the desk. She's very awesome for doing that. I have a ton of things to update about Noah and his getting ready for the first grade. But will have to post that later. : )

I have another shaon kai meeting Jan 20th. And a PTA meeting at the yochien tomorrow morning.

I'm working this week. In fact my teaching partner just phoned and said we will be teaching lesson 8 and 18. : ) I will be sure to go over those today and tomorrow.

How's the weather? It's been bitterly cold lately around here.

We watched the Denver Broncos game yesterday morning for us in Japan. We watched it live. We lost big time. It was so sad!

Alrighty, I guess that's it for now. : )