Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The first week back and finding my groove with it

My most recent "job" for the shaon kai. Is cut out light blue circles. Other members were given different colors and for the dinner after graduation which will take place this March, these will each have a child's face in each of these circles and it will be hanging at the dinner along with all the other decorations we're making. So, I did that over the winter holiday. I tried my best to make sure they were as round as the one they had given me to trace with and therefore copy and make my light blue ones with. These were due back the first day Noah returned to yochien. And I did hand in my share of the circles on the first day back.
I have still been faithfully doing my treadmill daily. Which is still pretty remarkable considering this week has totally big time kicked my butt with the early morning wake ups.
And Noah's first obento for 2012. He needed obento today/Thursday and this is what he brought. Cheese stuffed cutlets, 2 fries, 1 steamed broccoli, rice, a mikan, peach yogurt and 1 jelly. Oh yeah and sauce for the chicken. : )

So how has my first week been? It's been good and bad.

The first day back, Tuesday was a half day for Branden and also for Noah. Branden let out at 11am. Noah was to get out at 11:40am. Here's the catcher though...if Noah's yochien was right up the street from Branden's school or shoot, even if it was in the same town, it would be okay. However with Noah's yochien all the way in the nearest city near us. And considering, when Branden electronically checks out/and I automatically get the email sent to my cell phone, yet still after that...then that's when the kids line up in a neat nice line outside etc. And walk down the hill and all that still takes some additional time as well. That could be a longer wait time at Branden's school. So, I was a bit worried on the first day back. I had made sure to let both boys know ahead of time though. I told Branden, about the possible time conflict and said not to worry so much but just try to come down as fast as you can. Because we were on a somewhat of time crunch that day. He knew and he did come down as fast as he could. So smart boy. I also told Noah, if mommy is late. Not to worry, she is on the way but she has to get Branden first. I had told him a few times. And he seemed totally fine. So day of. I was at the plaza at 10:50am. Flipping threw a magazine. Waiting until he came into my car. I did think to myself...this is another reason I will be relieved when they go to the same school. Anyway, turned out to be no problem at all. Branden was in my car at 11:09am and away we went. We actually got to Noah's yochien a little early even. Which I was relieved. Phew. : )

Both boys are happy to return to school, they have missed their friends and teachers. So, they're happy to be back.

The bad bit for me usual. I got used to staying awake late over the Winter break. So, waking up in the early mornings has been tough for me this week. I am still sleepy when I wake up. But I wake up regardless. Get both boys sent to school. Come home do my treadmill, while the laundry is going, some light cleaning. And often during the half day.... days, I run right back and pick them up. Today is Noah's first whole day. Which is why he needed an obento today.

Also, I think I slept wrong because I have had a slight kink in my neck since Tuesday. Also I have found myself taking a 30 minute cat nap this week after picking up the boys on their half day. I think I still haven't got this early to bed, early to rise routine down yet. I know like I often say, it should take me a week to 10 days to fully get back into the school routine and find my groove with that. But unfortunately not yet. : ) And to add to that, I started my period today. Sorry if TMI. But, I feel bloated and ughhh. Or maybe it's more like a blech! Either way. I know soon I'll get my groove back. I can barely wait for the weekend. Tonight both Branden and Noah also have Kumon. So, I'll be doing the after school drop offs and pick ups this evening as well. Which is fine. I know I'll get this routine back into habit in no time.

First week back in a nutshell. Did not get in the swing of things just yet. : ) Groove has not been found yet. : )

Anything else to say. Hmm, I already mentioned I'm working twice this month. Once is next week. Good thing it's not this week. A definite silver lining there. I have those 2 observation days to do. I also have a mother's luncheon to do as well. Doesn't look like too bad of a month. Now if I could just get back my body on this school schedule a little bit faster, I'd be on a roll. : )

Alrighty, I better have myself an Advil. And do my 30 minutes treadmill (if I skip a day during the week, weekend is fine, but if I skip during the regular week, it's just hard for me to stay on track if I skip a weekday day). And then after that, I think I'm gonna give myself a day to relax on the couch. First day cramps means I greatly need a day to rest. Besides at 2pm, I'll be zipping from yochien. Zipping home until 3:45pm, then I'll be zipping to the plaza and then to the Kumon twice. So, I could use a little rest now especially with the cramps. Tomorrow I'll clean the house extra but today I really need to rest my body some. Oh crap, the mailman is at my door right now, holding a big Nissen box. @_@ Alrighty, I better answer the door and so I better post this.

PS, Noah is now training and practicing the butterfly now at swim school. Branden enjoyed watching his brother from the window at swim club. When we were there this week.