Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Ami Premium Outlet Mall

Last Sunday in our neck of the woods, our little area was having it's 3rd straight day of rain. And the weather, last Sunday? Bitterly cold and heaps of rain. However we had a plan, to go to the closest outlet mall nearest our house and look for jeans and sneakers for Branden.
And to Gap we went. They had nil when it came to boys jeans. But they had a puff vest Branden has been wanting. He had a yellow one years ago that Noah's wearing now that he's the right age to fit it. And Branden has been asking for a vest. And they had them here at a cheap price.
Coats 1900 yen and puff vests 1200 yen.
After finishing up all our shopping, we went and bought some hot tea for the boys from the vending machine and we each had a can of hot coffee from the vending machine also. And we went into a shop that sells jelly filled donuts. So we sat and had some donuts (cinnamon apple filled, strawberry filled and blueberry filled) and coffee, the boys had hot tea while we waited for the jeans to be altered at Edwin. When they were done, we left the mall and headed home. And had dinner. We had crock pot chili con carne (Texas type chili, think sort of like Wendy's ; ) It was so good.
Gap, Adidas and Edwin.
We also bought Noah 1 hat for 300 yen. It was too good a deal to pass up and too cute a hat.
Branden's reversible vest. 1 size bigger because he wears these in winter time with sweatshirts and turtle necks etc, which means kids are bulkier in Winter, because of the extra clothing layers. So the bigger size was the right idea. The price excellent honestly.
Bright happy orange.
1 pair of jeans.
1 pair of sneakers.
That's it, not so much. But glad we found what we were looking for.
A quick try on to see if the length was perfect, a little extra room to grow, so perfect. Anyway, that's what we were up to last Sunday. : )