Saturday, May 28, 2011

Noah's very last school picnic, for his yochien years! : )

These are the photos from last Friday. This was Noah's very last school picnic for his yochien/kindergarten years. We had a lot of fun and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot last Friday. This first pic is of Noah and his very best friend H. They're practically glued to one another or joined at the hip. ; ) They're always playing together or at swim school together. Playing and posing the Ultraman poses that most little kids like to do here in Japan. Just being silly goofball little boys basically. And I love watching them together. They're hilarious.
Noah and daddy on the teeter totter together.
Noboru pushing Noah on the tire swing.
And then....
Noah's other really good friend came and wanted to ride with Noah. Noah happily said iiyo!!!! (okay, sure)! And so they did and Noboru pushed them both. ; )
You should double click this one...their happy smiles playing with one another. Noah and T (his father is one of our kuroneko delivery guys : )
And then Noah and his very good friend T went and played on this. Noboru being a goofball himself went and played too. @_@
And another friend wanted to join....and as we say, the more the merrier, so she joined!! ; )
Then Noah and T wanted to go through these things. So they did.....
And then Noah and T went over the little bridge at the park. And running all over. The weather was an absolutely perfect and beautiful day. Which considering the weather has been so crazy lately cold and rainy one day and then nice and hot the next. We sort of all worried what the weather would be like that day. But we lucked was an absolutely gorgeous day weather wise.
Noah, his best friend Hikaru-kun and Noboru about to start playing kori oni. But first to figure out which one was to be chosen the oni. They had to do (sort of) the Japanese version of "eenie meenie minie moe" that is usual/typical in Japan. So they each put in 1 shoe and started saying....oni kime oni kime oni ja naiyo!!! Noboru says this Chiba version of what to say... is a bit different then what they used to say in Osaka where/when he was a little kid.
Noboru was picked to be the oni! So he ran! Noah's hugging the wood and he's about to get a thorough chasing!
Run Noah! Daddy's hot on your trail!
Run Hikaru!!!! Run for your life! He's right behind you! Run kiddo! PS see that tree in the background? That's where the sakura-gumi (us) blue badges all sat. We sat and had lunch according to class, meaning red badge class, pink badge class or blue. We had a great area under that tree. Our leisure sheet was there and our picnic basket.
Then they got on the speaker system and called for all the kids who attend our yochien to gather and us parents too. Again they all stand according to class.
These 2 rows all the way to the right were the blue badges/sakura-gumi. Gee, I remember fondly when Noah started WAY on the left when Noah was a mere little red badge. And last year when Noah was in the middle as a pink badge. And this year, the final picnic ever...and that we will attend... Noah finally made it...all the way to the far right side. They learned so much in these few short years. And how proud we were as parents. It was like a coming full circle type feeling. We love you Noah! : )
This is one of my favorite pictures because as you know one of my closest friends is the Jogo-san and this is her dear daughter to the right of Noah. My my my, how our kids have grown up in these few short years. Though he is a little boy and she is a little girl they play a lot together as well. Just this past week, Noah said how fast she runs and how she tried to catch him during a chase game they played at the yochien. She is so cute and as you know I think the world of her mom. Anyway, I was glad to get this picture. : )
About to start their exercise. Warm ups!
Noah's best friend Hikaru right behind him with his tongue sticking out! Little cutie pie Hikaru! Even though Noah and H won't go to the same elementary school next year : ( They will at least see each other at swim school next year. And they'll bump into each other in the city nearest us, I'm sure.
Do you kids realize this is the last time you'll be at an ensoku with your parents for the yochien. Yep this is the very last one. Bittersweet. Last picnic ever wearing that uniform. This is going to be a major milestone for you guys all this year because next year will be the start of your elementary years. And that will be *just* as exciting for you. But for now, enjoy this last year of your yochien years to the fullest ne!
Doing more warmups. This one was to a Disney mix of songs. "Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go"
and a whole other bunch of songs! ; )
My sweet Noah! So many people have watched you grow up via this blog. And they will watch us change and adjust to this last year of kindergarten and then next year onto bigger things. We will do it kiddo! And you'll be just fine!
And then it was the start of the mother and child dance.
Then the other 2 grades/years got bubbles. Meanwhile the blue badges had 1 extra game to play. This was so funny!
This 2 rows of mom's, this is all of us blue badge mom's. Only the sakura-gumi. I was in this line too when Noboru took this pic. I was in the left line. Clearly since you can't see someone 6 feet tall standing way above the crowd. It's obviously I am Japanese girl/mom height. lol. Because I am standing..let me look at the pic..hold on. In the line on the left you see 2 mom's in the front with hats. And then one faceless lady but you see her jeans. The ladies jean pant leg was my friend and Hikaru-kun's mom and she was right in front of me. If you look at her jean pant leg. You can see 1 lady wearing black ballet flats behind jeans pant leg lady (H's mom) and black ballet shoe lady was me. I was showing some leg because it was a hot day and I was wearing khaki shorts and black ballet flats. yep, I am clearly just as short as all the other mom's, lol. Maybe not face wise since I'm a westerner, but height wise I blend right in. Ha ha ha.
The kids waiting their turn. Hi sweet pea!
This was not Noah just trying to give you a visual of what the kids had to do. Crawl under every mom's legs and then run zig zagged through each mom. They sent a note home the day before for us blue badge mom's not to wear dresses or skirts because of this game. Which was why I wore shorts. And I was too hot to wear pants.
After the blue badges did their last game the ol' "crawl under all the mom's legs game" They were given bubbles too. : )
Finally we all decided it was time for lunch. We could eat anytime after the games were over. It was our choice of when. However the blue badges as a whole....we all sort of decided to eat right after they played their bubbles. In fact during the'''crawl under your mom's legs game" one mom kept saying...."gee I'm hungry" and then a few agreed. So yeah by the time the bubbles were finsihed we all sort of said...should we all go have lunch? yeah yeah..let's do. So we went and opened our lunch. I cut the pineapple fresh from the rind that morning. Fresh pineapple is so good.
The beautiful Noah and his Noah thermos! : ) That he's had for years and years! ; )
After our lunch and all the kids traded and gave each other snacks. The kids all ran off to play. Us parents all stretched out on our leisure sheets. Stretching and relaxing. Talking about what a nice hot day it was. A few of us talked about this being the last picnic for us. Noboru talked to a few of the other dad's, so many dad's showed up. Noah and H went off to play. After a while and a really good laze about on the leisure sheet, I finally slipped my shoes on and went looking for Noah. Noah and the Yayoi sensei playing together happily. You know I don't like to say the word "a favorite" but in all honesty. I know Noah is one of her favorites. She's known Noah since before Noah could even walk and Branden used to go there. She's been to our home for the teacher home visit and enjoyed chatting with us in the backyard. She was his red badge sensei, pink badge sensei and is his only blue badge sensei. She's been his teacher all 3 years. I think next year when Noah graduates she'll be crying, we'll be crying. It's going to be a mess and we'll need a lot of tissues.
And Noah feels the same, just double click this and look at his smiley face. The feelings totally mutual. She hugs him and carries him around the playground, I've seen. She said last week, he's so light! I told her...I know : ( He's just so skinny. : ) Every morning when I take him to school, Noah runs right to her and she runs right to him. They're like peas in a pod! I also love that she always talks directly to me. And not to my husband all the time. And being a foreigner sometimes people tend to do that. They'll talk to your husband ignoring you. She directly has always talked to me, jokes with me. And I always talk to her and joke and smile with her as well.
Noboru truly loves to play as much as the real kids do. ; )
He ran right up the jungle area climbing all the way up where Noah and his friends were!
And then Noboru went even higher and eventually all the way to the tippy tippy top. Noah came down and said...daddy's too high! I said I know. ;p
Soon all the boys came right around Noboru. And they all told Noah, your papa's so much fun!
So Noah and his 2 best guy friends decided to have a race. Noboru wanted to join.
And soon a little girl (blue badge) wanted to run too. And so on your mark...get set...go!
Noboru ran as fast as he could and so did all the kids. The Yayoi sensei watching happily in the background.
After the big race, Noboru and I went hung out on the leisure sheet meanwhile Noah and his friends played all over the park. The senseis always made sure they were in the one area and never to go beyond that area. So we could all see them.
And thing you know. They did the loud speaker message telling us all to come back. Do you see the kids all praying. We always start with a prayer and end with a prayer. Then they sang a song. The kids had so much fun that day! I know Noah enjoyed himself totally! He had so much fun with all his friends. All the father's had fun, all us mother's really had fun. I chatted and chatted with the Jogo-san. H's mom. Namiki-san. Suiji-kun's mom (sp?) but she's another one of my very very good friends. In fact we're hoping to work the game booth together for the Summer festival. We've already talked about it. ; )
And before you knew it, it was over. : ) You would think that with this being Noah's last year of yochien I would be terribly sad this year. In fact. I'm really not. Sure yeah it is sort of bittersweet and I always admit that. And there are certain aspects of yochien life I'm sure I'll miss or Noah will miss. But also to be honest. I'm also looking at the future and seeing what that will look like and that looks pretty good to me too. You see, I've done this juggling dance with having 1 son in elementary school and 1 son in yochien for the past 3 years. While it is indeed fun for Noah. And social for me hanging with my fellow yochien mom friends. I am also to be honest quite tired of constantly driving back and forth from school to yochien like a ping pong ball 5 days a week 2 round trips each day (morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups). And though I rarely complained about it, it doesn't mean it wasn't draining on me at times. And so yeah...when I think of next year and how I won't have to drive to the smaller city nearest us at all. How I can actually stay in my town to take both Branden *and* Noah to school. Honestly....I am sorta ready for that. And in many ways looking forward to that. I've most certainly paid my dues being a human driving ping pong ball for the past 3 years. So yes, while some aspects of Noah ending his yochien years are sad. I am also going to find many pluses to having both my sons in the same school. Branden and Noah have never attended the same school before (not counting swim school). And this will be nice for them next year. If you only knew how much mileage I've put on my car with driving back and forth from yochien to elementary school and back and forth 2 round trips each day for 3 years! You'd be surprised. ; ) So yeah..while there are some things yes I'll be sad about. Somethings yes I may miss or Noah may miss. My friends I'll miss a lot! But we'll still see each other. We'll still do movie dates and lunch dates for sures! That goes without saying. However, I won't miss the nonstop driving. So yeah it's not going to be an entirely sad glum year for me at all. I'm going to enjoy Noah's final year of yochien to the fullest. And when it's'll be over. And we'll both be ready to move on to another stage in his school years. Next years graduation we'll probably be crying our eyeballs out of course, but that's understandable. ; ) But yeah when it's time for Noah to be in elementary we'll be definitely ready for that as well. It'll be time. We'll have no regrets. Because we would have enjoyed Noah's yochien years to the fullest. : ) Just like we did last Friday at the school picnic. : )

Anyway that was the last picnic for the yochien years post. It was awesome. And we all really enjoyed it. : )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random bits and pieces, tidbits and various this and thats! ; )

I still have the very *very* last "Noah's picnic" post to get up for his yochien years.: ( I am sort of procrastinating on that. Only because I took about 100 or so pictures from last Friday and trying to get the time to go through each one of them and then widdle the amount down to get on my blog. And then of course 1 by 1 get each picture up. It's definitely a bit of work.....and with it being the very very last picnic : (. I don't want to rush it through and make it sloppy. So, that's why I am sort of delayed doing that.

Also this Monday I did the whole typical things I do on Monday's, both kids in school. And then did Kumon drop off and pick ups and Branden also swims that day too. And then yesterday (Tuesday) after Noah and Branden got home from school we went to Costco Makuhari. Which means another post right there. Gah, I am getting behind. With the Noah picnic post and the Costco post. Plus I think I have another bits and pieces post to get up. Plus the Shaon Kai post has to come up too (I'm a memebr of that). We've already had our 3rd meeting yesterday. I missed the first one though (my drivers class was that day and I could not change that obviously). But so much I want to say about that. Plus there's one more thing on my mind about the other kid who lives in our town and his mom (nothing bad of course just thoughts I've been thinking about). The only other kid who will be going to the same elementary school Noah will go to next year. And I wanted to talk a little bit about that. OMG! So that's about 5 posts I need to get up.

Also I have been ranked #4-6 this past 5 days on that workout website. I think with Summer coming the girls have really picked up the pace. Which is good because then they make me pick up the pace too. So a positive snowball effect maybe? : ) Anyway I don't wanna fall behind. So, I am spending a bit more time each day on that.

Plus would you believe I will have 2 back to back observation days next week? Branden's is June 1st and Noah's is June 2nd. So there will go even 2 additional posts for next week. @_@ So, I think if I don't blog soon, I will really start falling behind. Plus Noah needs to switch to his Summer uniform June 1st, I better not forget that. I already have that marked on the calendar.

And we also have vacation plans forming as we speak. Hotel is booked. And would you believe another post for that more then likely. @_@ Gomen gomen (sorry) Noah has a half day. And I meanwhile am hanging laundry outside this morning. And dying my hair after I get the laundry out. @_@ And my hair has to be done before Noah gets out at noon. ; ) Plus (if all this stuff wasn't enough ha ha ha) I need to get myself to Cainz after picking up Noah from his half day today to get weekly regular type foods. Hmm. With my schedule today I don't see me getting up any of those posts yet. Or being able to flip through those 100 or so odd pics from last Friday's picnic. I'm getting there....just not quite there yet. ; ) Hopefully tomorrow I can just find 2 hours to sit in front of the computer and get a few posts up.
PS, laundry is now outside (check!) and my hair is now dyed (check) though I am wearing pants and a bra (no shirt yet because I'm still deciding, lol.) @_@ And have to put my makeup on, blow dry my hair and run it through the flat iron. Yikes I better put a move on. No time for a spelling check or even a brief read through on this. Hope nothings really out of whack with this post, if it is, I'll change it after I get back from getting Noah and the grocery store. Plus Branden gets off at 3pm today (an early day) and Noah swims today as well. Yikes, busy busy day for me today.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's 9:25am right now, and Noboru is just about to leave the house with Branden and Noah this morning. He's taking the boys to the barber to get their haircut. They haven't had their hair cut since a few days before we left to Osaka. I am meanwhile waiting for the mailman or the Kuroneko man (or both). We're expecting that Uniqlo and ipod shipment today. I have 1 load hanging out right now and a load in the washer as I type and I'm hoping to get out shortly. I have my hair in a pony tail. I washed my face this morning in the sink. And freshly brushed teeth. Wearing comfy shorts and a tee. I'm not planning on going anywhere today. Unless you count the backyard to hang the laundry. ; ) Noah's eating yogurt right this second and Branden is eating leftover augratin potatoes that he nuked before they run to the barber.

I'm thinking I should probably do 20 minutes of treadmill after I get the laundry hung. And maybe 15 minutes of a DVD. And am starting to think "what's for dinner" I am thinking I'll make sweet and sour chicken tonight. But we'll see, I still have lots of time to decide still. I baked brownies for Noboru last night as sort of an anniversary dessert, we had it with vanilla ice cream. It was pretty good. I haven't had breakfast yet, as soon as they leave which should be any second. I think I'll have a strawberry yogurt and a cup of coffee before finishing up with the laundry.

My comments came back from the "last bits from GW" post that blogger temporarily removed. They came back last night. But then this morning...I had 2 extra identical "last bits from GW" posts up on my blog. On different days even. And everything.Talk about surprising the heck out of me this morning! : ) I gather they're still working hard on the picture heavy blogs like mine.
Anyway....Happy Sunday everyone! : )

Saturday, May 21, 2011

14 years ago today

14 years ago this very day. Noboru and I were married in Osaka at the New Kitano Catholic church. Father Moushay (sp?) married us. He was very excited, he said I was the first western woman he had married/performed the service since his very own sisters wedding back home in France 15-20 years before. So even to the priest this was quite exciting. I was excited and also filled of nerves. My one major fear was, "gee I hope I don't fall walking down the aisle" But other then that I was so happy and could barely wait.

When I first started college, I was at my grandma's house one afternoon. She and I were *very* close. Anyway I asked her. Grandma how will I know which guy to marry? She told me and I'll never forget this. Marry the man who makes you laugh. The one whom you can talk to about anything. That will be the one who gives you a life time of happiness. Of course she also meant good education and hopefully good future job etc etc.

And then a year later and no I wasn't dating anyone or looking. I was so wrapped up in school. And I entered this class I really did NOT want to be in at all. But as it was one of my core classes. For my social science credit. And the time matched my Spring school schedule already. Philosophy it was. I even thought of dropping that class the day of. That's how much I debated this class. And guess who walks into class late, wearing this most interesting outfit ever? Hiking boots, scrunched down all white tube socks and a Banana Republic Tee and some equally interesting shorts? A very young Noboru. There were 2 Japanese guys sitting 3 rows behind my Japanese friend Emi and I. And Noboru joined those other two guys. My friend whispered in my ear that she hated one of the guys. Not Noboru the other one Takashi. So, I sort of steered clear of those guys.

But on break we'd all go outside. Get some fresh air. Emi never wanted to be outside because of her unwavering hatred for Takashi. LOL. And so I would go sit outside by myself. And sure chit chat with classmates here and there. Those 3 Japanese guys always chatted with me. Perhaps it was because I was sitting next to my friend Emi all the time or I don't know.

Noboru was so cheeky. I found it very interesting. We were talking about the new movie that came out Indecent Proposal. With Demi Moore. Anyway I asked them do you think she should have gone with that man for the million dollars? Oh sure Noboru said. I would have gone with a really old lady for a million dollars. @_@ Umm really? Are you serious?! Well maybe not. Who says stuff like that! He was very cheeky.. very opinionated. Not like those other 2 at all.

And then...I have told this part before. One day, I went and started my car. The battery was dead. It was now totally dark outside. First thing that pops out in my mind was danger. There could be scary people lurking about in the parking lot. So I ran to the pay phone and called home. My dad wasn't home. And there was 1 group of people outside smoking and talking loudly. It was the 3 Japanese guys. Should I ask them for a jump for my car? No...what if they turn out to be mad rapists or killers! I better not! Then I started thinking...what if they leave...and I am really stuck and sitting here then what. Plus I did sort of know them from my class. I didn't want to debate it over in my head too much. So, I ran out. And I said..excuse car battery is dead. Could you give me a jump? The 3 looked at me.@_@ They knew who I was. They started speaking Japanese wildly. Were they talking crap about me or? Gulp. Were they wondering if they should say yes or no? My heart begins to thump a little. I waited for probably a minute but it felt like an eternity. And finally the cheeky one (Noboru) said in English yes I have cables....wait near your car we'll be right there. So there I was standing and he drove his car over. The 3 of them had really fancy sports cars. Noboru's was red at the time. Then he switched to a new all black Audi and then to a Mazda with a huge whale tail. He popped his engine to his red car and connected to my red car. He could not get my hood to open. And I said...the buttons in the glove box. So he opened the glove box and about 5 tampons came rolling out at him.@_@ What can I say, you know I like to be prepared. @_@ Luckily he did not mention the tampons, so I just grabbed them and threw them into the backseat for later. How truly embarrassing. Anyway they jumped my car that night. And I was really grateful.

And after that night. We started talking more and more on breaks until the other 2 Japanese guys started to leave us alone to talk more privately. Emi wasn't thrilled at all. Because she had such daggers for Takashi that in her eyes Noboru was bad too since they were friends. Noboru and I remained friends all through the class and on the last day we exchanged numbers, first date we went bowling. We started seeing each other a lot during that Summer. He went to Osaka for 2 weeks 2 weeks after our class ended, and even he said he wished he could cancel his trip but he couldn't. : ( Those 2 weeks were so long for both of us being away from each other. He wrote me a letter and called me from Japan. This was before the skype cheap phone calls era. So it really was something. As soon as he came back to Denver, I was at his apartment all that Summer. And he started coming around to my house as well. First time he came to my house, he drove right by and there I was waving my arms wildly in the middle of the street. Until he turned around, lol. All that Summer we were pretty much inseparable. And one day, I went to his apartment, we went to Blockbuster to get 3 movies. Went to our favorite beef bowl place. And went back to his place for the entire afternoon and evening. And he said...something or other but basically just blah blah blah and then mentioned the word..girlfriend. Yes! He called me his girlfriend. I almost wanted to say...what? Just so he could say it one more time. ; ) Yes we were that young and in love. And that was that. From that day forward, he was my boyfriend and I was his girlfriend.

Yes his psycho girlfriend named Seiko came back, which I have mentioned on here once before. When she heard from the very small Japanese uni community in Denver, that Noboru had an American girlfriend. Not only was she very upset. She was super pissed. So much so, she flew back from Tokyo all the way to Denver. She tried for a full month to break us up. She called his apartment. She actually buzzed his apartment from downstairs. Thank god for security gates. She buzzed he answered and she said...I want to come up buzz me in. I want to come up! He said no! Go Away! She said....why is SHE there? She started trying to befriend Jun. Hang out with my bil. My poor bil. She was not going without a fight. I finally told know this is too much drama for me. When I asked you if you had a girlfriend and you said no. And I asked when you last broke up you said it was a whole year before. He said yes. And I said then why is she back? I almost thought of cutting my losses because of that maniac. Finally she called. Noboru and I were at his apartment studying together, the Fall term just started. And he finally got really pissed at her, he knew I was sincerely considering/thinking about breaking up/ending our relationship over his ex that just wouldn't go away.....and I think he finally just reached his boiling point...and he just couldn't stand it anymore, he was finally really happy (with me) and she just wouldn't leave us alone...and so he started shouting in Japanese at her on the phone and that was it. She finally realized, she finally got the message, he was never going to be back with her ever ever again. She left him alone. Finally. It was a very tense Summer for us, because of her. But other then the ex bothering us part, we went camping our first Summer we started dating, we went to Glenwood Springs together (his first American hot spring) (onsen) experience. We even went to the amusement park, he joined my family for the 4th of July even. Once she finally heard it from his mouth towards the end of Summer (beginning of the Fall term) and how truly mad he was, she left us alone and we could finally enjoy our budding relationship in peace.

We dated for many many years before we decided to get married. And when he first proposed. I confided to my grandma and spoke with her about it. Do you think our differences are too much? Meaning race, nationality, religion? She said no. That she thought the world of Noboru. And she sees my face light up whenever I was with him.... how happy he makes me. She'd seen me with 2 other boyfriends before and she didn't think they were a right fit. But Noboru... she said she was sure. And I was sure too.

We turned our paperwork in on May 20th. But didn't get married in the eyes of the Roman Catholic church until May 21st. He always tells me, I make him laugh. And I am always there for him (when his father first got sick, for anything). The other day he told are the perfect wife. I admit I was really taken aback when I heard that. Only because I really don't think I am at all, but I guess I am to him. : ) So that's honestly all that matters.

He on the other hand is my very best friend. He makes me laugh every single day and he is every bit as cheeky today as when we first met. And he's there for me. I mean really there for me. When my dad had a heart attack and we needed to fly to Denver immediately he was right there every step of the way. He's my rock. I love him. I would never want another and could never love another.

I often tell the kids...good thing your dad jumped my car that night. Otherwise, we wouldn't be together right now. : )

I would marry him all over again for sure.

What very cool romantic special thing did we do today? To celebrate our 14 years of wedded bliss? Would you believe Noboru went to work today. And I had laundry hanging in the back all day as usual....I also did some treadmill. Is that terribly unromantic of us or what? ; ) You know I really do not mind a bit. Because Noboru took the day off on Friday instead, so he could attend Noah's very last school picnic, with us parents. The very very last one. And to me that is a lot more important. And I'm really glad he came to that. So today we wished each other a Happy 14 years. And we ate and he left at 11am. He was home for dinner. But I made just a typical normal meal. Nothing fancy. On the other hand he got a new front tire for his motorcycle for his anniversary gift. Umm, that doesn't really sound very romantic either does it? : ) And he bought me a new ipod nano that should be here tomorrow. For my anniversary gift. I really needed it since mine broke a few month's back and I've been "borrowing" Branden's during my workouts. So maybe not very romantic gifts but really very useful and practical gift for us though.

Anyway that was our 14 years ago today story. : )

Friday, May 20, 2011

Congratulations on your new swimming level Noah!

Wednesday when Noah went to swimming school, there was a test! Noah tested and passed! Congratulations Noah we are so proud of you!!!! We love you baby! : )

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tuesday's wild thunderstorm and Uniqlo.

So Tuesday, Noboru was off work that day. And the kids didn't have any extra curriculars that day so we sort of decided a few days before that, that would be our day for going to Uniqlo. So, anyway the day was very warm here in our area of Chiba. Though the sky looked dark all day, with very heavy looking clouds....almost like it would rain at any minute. Though it didn't. So after picking up Noah we came home and waited for the time when Branden would get off school. So, since he got off that day at 3:45pm. We all went to the school pick up area and waited there around 3:20pm. So with Noboru, Noah and myself in the car all of a sudden it started raining. Small little drops at first and then the rain just picked up and up and up. It was by now raining buckets and we could barely see out the front window. All parents were in the lot. And also waiting. Then around 3:35 we got those keitei/cell emails from the school saying they are on a thunderstorm warning and to pick them up from the front of the school now! So, we started the car and basically got ourselves to the front of the school. Which is about 2 blocks away from where we usually pick up the kids from. Where we were just parked when we got emailed by our cells from the school. You can tell which parent also got the message because you could see parents start driving away in droves and some still stood at the place....perhaps some got the message to their phones a bit delayed. We got ours pretty quickly and we we made it to the front of the school.
See this line of cars in front of us? There was an even bigger line of cars behind us! It was raining really crazy. The windshield wipers were on their fastest setting.
The wait was a bit long. But understandably so.
As our cars were coming up the hill and around these flowers to basically make a circle in a culdesac type way. All the teachers stood at the window and some kids shouting who's parents car they see. Luckily I stand out and my red car also stands out. Because they had Branden standing along the side when it was finally our turn to pick up our child.
Given the upcoming picnic this Friday and Wednesday's plan of my going grocery shopping in the day. And plus Noah swims Wednesday evening. It was pretty much known we would make our way to Uniqlo rain or no rain. So to Narita city we went. Still raining buckets by the way. We ran inside the store because we didn't want to be out in the rain any longer then we had to. Once inside we looked for the few items we were looking for. As memory serves, jean shorts for Branden. Qoo shirt for Noah. Polka dot shorts for me and jean shorts for Noboru. You would *not* believe it. They did not have one single thing we were looking for! It was unbelievable! All that way in the rain!!! @_@ We found Branden's shorts. They were sold out in 150cm completely and had a 140cm. We had him try them on anyway. But they were a bit too small. And we don't want him to outgrow them in a day. Or to be uncomfortable and feel restricted or a get a tummy ache with wearing them so we said forget those. We moved on to the Qoo tee. They had it. In every single size, then the size we actually wanted! Go figure. They had it in 110cm too small! They had it in 140 and 150cm. Forget that. We tried a different shirt to check sizes and after checking knew he'd need a 120cm. We even asked if they had any in the back and they didn't. So there that went. Next was Noboru's shorts. They had the plaid shorts but no jean shorts for men at all! Which was a little weird since they're online. @_@ Anyway he tried on a pair of plaid shorts he liked, but they did not have his size. What was with this store? It was really unusual to not at least find 1 thing we were looking for at all? So, last was me. I walked all over the women's department to find the polka dot house/comfy shorts. I walked it twice because I didn't want to ask and then the sales lady show me. And me feeling like wow...I didn't look there. So I wanted to be sure I looked everywhere before asking for help. Even Noboru and the boys looked with me. And we did not find them. Finally Noboru went and asked her. Do you have the black polka dot roomwear shorts for ladies. She looked for them but didn't find them. So she asked another lady working there. And so she went and checked on their computer. And said they get things online first and so they won't be into the store for a few more weeks. We thanked her for her help. And then we basically just decided even if we went to a whole other Uniqlo it wouldn't guarantee us we'd find everything we were looking for. Plus with the heavy rain. Plus with it now about dinner time. We decided it would be smarter for us to just order online. That way we wouldn't be driving from store to store looking for each item. It could be done in one fell swoop. So, we decided to go to Saizeriya for dinner, so we left Uniqlo and headed to dinner. However us going to Uniqlo was not a wasted trip because we at least knew the sizes we needed now. So that was sorta worth us going there anyway.
Noah had pasta, and salad. Branden had pizza and salad and I had pasta and salad. Noboru had some creamy spinach thing, some pasta and a salad as well. We all had the drink bar. Then we stopped into Naritaya on the way home. I ran in by myself while they waited in the car. I picked up some Juices 20%, so more like a water then a juice. Anyway I picked up peach juice, apple, grape and some Chorus water and milk. And left. It was now just barely sprinkling rain. The rain was growing lighter and lighter. We made it home. Everyone took showers and Branden didn't have any homework. The boys went to sleep. And I stood awake watching something I forget. But Noboru and I did order the things from Uniqlo online though. They should be here May 22nd.
I'm still at it. Tuesday I was #1. However as of this morning I am knocked to a different spot and rank. And my numbers are different/fitness minute have changed/increased too. Then what is pictured.

What else. Still loving Glee. I'm also really into Mad Men. Cold Case. Grey's Anatomy. Dexter is getting really interesting. America's Next Top Model. And the Jersey Shore season 3 is getting good.

About the comments. And blogger problems.:( It's now fixed for mostly everyone and back to normal. However if you look at the blogger buzz. It says that for people with "a lot of content" meaning lots of pictures etc. It will take a little longer. And since my blog is very heavy with photos. I'm assuming my comments if they come back on that Golden Week bits and pieces post. Will take a bit longer then everyone else's just because my blog is so heavy with photos. So, anyway that's an update.