Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TV Talk and how we got ready for Christmas and a few other bits

This post is so absurdly behind. But you know what...I'm going to post it anyway, what the heck! I had these pics up and waiting/paused and just sitting as a draft since before Noah even went on Christmas break. Since before the Christmas recital actually, yet with working those 3 days that week. And with the Christmas recitals and the candle light service and plus shaon kai meetings. And plus with packing getting ready for our trip. Which we went, it was AWESOME! Post coming today about our Christmas in Guam. But yeah back to this original title for this was even..."getting ready for Christmas" yet now it's over. @_@ LOL. So, a bit wonky title, but again...posting it anyway. Hmm. Good thing, I remember what and why I posted each pic and the story I wanted to share with each. Things I have been enjoying on TV lately. This show is on the TLC channel and it's called, American Muslim. I really like this show a lot. Though I am born and raised Catholic. I enjoy this show because some of the cast, regulars on the show. Some are more religious then others. While some are not so religious. Some wear regular street clothes while some dress more traditional. Like this lady in the pic, she's pregnant but she had the baby 2 episodes ago. And is going through like a post partum depression right now. She talks about her life being all turned upside down. And she's just really relatable and I like watching their relationship
Shadia, on the otherhand, is 1 of 3 sisters. She also has 1 or 2 brothers. Her 1 sister dresses traditonal. And her other sister made the decision on the show a month ago, to start wearing the head scarf as she calls it. Though there is a technical term. Anyway, Shadia here in this picture, does not dress traditional at all. And she's fine with it! And she also married this Irish Catholic man, in the pic. Though he converted to Islam. But she has tattoos and she's really quite funny, she said on one episode... she is a hillbilly at heart! She's very funny and very different from her sisters.
This lady is also muslim and she also chooses to dress in western type clothes, she colors her hair and she's fine with it. Here in this pic, she was slightly arguing with a more traditonal lady. But they're all different, all have different personalities. Same as any other religion. In my family, some are more traditional hard core Catholics. While a few are a little more open to different ideas and such. So, yeah I've been enjoying watching this show every single week.
Another show I really this show it's called, "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" But it's so hilarious and I have been enjoying this weekly as well.
They were chaperoning the school dance but decided to embarrass their daughters instead so they danced their butts off, needless to say...their daughters were totally mortified. LOL.
This show on the E channel, is called Scouted it's a brand new show. It's a reality show that looks for that next big super model. No contest like ANTM. This lady was beautiful. But her mom, was a total a total stage mom. They called her a momager, you know half manager, half mom. She did not get picked. : (
Gillian, she made it.
The pics, Gillian took.

This, is one of Branden's awards from Kumon. Now sure how I missed this, but October, was quite a busy month for us....Halloween, Hakone, Branden's birthday, it's honestly understandable how it got lost in the mix. But Branden's English level is getting so high and she told Branden if he reaches H2 by, April he will get a trophy. So, he's working really hard with that.
What else got lost in the shuffle? Noah needed new yochien shoes. With Noah graduating in March, I don't really want to buy/invest any money into any yochien clothing, know what I mean? But his shoes needed replacing BIG TIME. In other uniform news. Branden needed new stuff too. He got it well before his marathon. We bought Branden, 2 short sleeve tops, 1 pair of shorts (will buy another pair in Spring. And he also got a pair of pants, gym uniform pants. So, in January, I'll think, he'll get a new sweatshirt for gym class. And that should be enough for a while.
A tiny glimpse of things we got for Christmas. I got this super cute Wintery sweater. Paired with a jean mini skirt and black leggings and Uggs, it's going to be so cute.
Some clothes for Christmas as well. I got this navy blue and white Gap sweatshirt. The boys got some nice long sleeved tops. Yellow and green.
They each got these.
I picked these. And I can now show my Denver Broncos pride, no matter where I am. : )
The cutest flannel PJ's from Old Navy. I love my PJ's I got for Christmas, thanks dad. Black flannel plaid, I'll be wearing these with a black long sleeved fitted tee. The pink pair so cute and I'll wear with the pink fitted long sleeve tee. And the Christmas pressie flannel pair, I'll be wearing with a fitted long sleeve tee as well. I'll be looking quite cute this winter after shower and bath time. : )
Another shipment arrived. Amazon. See, they didn't just get clothes. ; ) These were books.
And here are my new Uggs. A gift from Noboru.

Black, my last pair were the caramel colored ones.
Books for the boys.
These were for Branden. Branden enjoys all the Diary of the Wimpy Kid books. And we added this book to his collection. And then this book, called, 100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet. It got great reviews from parents. One person said, it got her child to read. So she was happy. Branden loved this book, devoured it, read each and every page. And loves going back to this and looking at the photos. And the Ripley's Believe It or Not 2012, Branden loved this too. It's fair to say, he enjoyed some new reading material.
Noah received these. The first human encyclopedia, we read this together he and I each night, we read 2 pages ever night after I tuck him in and he loves it. I find Noah looking and flipping through the pages of this. And the Click Clack Moo, book, was a hit, it received awards and has great reviews. I was so happy, I chose these for Noah.
Branden had a Christmas kai/party at the Plaza. It was only for kids who attend our elementary school. So no yochien kids were invited. : ( However, I took Branden there and he enjoyed playing a few hours with his friends and he came home with this fantastic tin of candy and chocolates.
Christmas roll cookies, Santa chocolates, he got a very nice assortment.
Also first week of December, each child brought home a note saying...what role their child got in the Christmas play and what was needed for that role. Noah's note said, white tights, and a pair of pants, NO JEANS. I looked at last years dvd and saw most of the kids wore cords. So, I packed Noah his pair of tan corduroys to wear.
What else...I also am still making homemade pizza from scratch about once or twice a month. And pizza movie night is always a hit at our house.
Another shipment came. The first shipment was books up above. This shipment was dvd's. I picked, Bridesmaids, and The Help (this is the best movie ever!!!!, anyone read the book..anyway fantastic movie) and I also picked, Crazy Stupid Love. Each of the boys received Street Fighter, this is a popular game for kids right now. Noah got the newest Transformers movie, since he's Transformers crazy! Branden got Kung Fu Panda 2 and they received 2 shared dvd's, Cars 2 and Despicable Me. And 1 extra book for Branden, he received another Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. I can walk up to his room at bedtime and I will catch Branden reading this, which makes me happy. He really loves these books. And I'll sit and let him read some to me each night.
A misc pic, Noah in the green sweatshirt following the jinbei boy in the blue coat and backpack, and Genki is in the red and black coat and Branden was ahead. They were walking to the closest park from our house, which is about a 1 minute walk from our house. To play soccer together.

Alrighty, I better get started on the Christmas Guam posts now. Hopefully I can get them up today. I brought back a beautiful Coach bag that I fell in love with at DFS. : )