Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Noah's very first visit from the toothfairy

Yep, it finally happened. : ) And boy was Noah thrilled! You see, since April of this year, all his classmates have been losing their first, second and even 3rd and 4th teeth already. But so far, it was a no go for Noah. The dentist at his last check-up even said, after looking at the x-rays after his 6 month dental check and cleaning. He said, all Noah's teeth underneath are ready to come up and out. Okay, so we knew to expect something. But up until now... not a thing. That was in July. The end of Summer, nothing, all Fall, nothing again... and it was beginning to look like, Noah would indeed eventually lose a tooth... but more then likely he'd be graduated from yochien by then and have no one to show. Like his best friend H. : ( To little kids, not only is losing your first few teeth cool, but showing your friends is fantastic. And then 2 weeks ago, Noah informed us, my 2 bottom teeth are wiggly. Yay we thought. Didn't advance so much after that. At a snails pace is more like it. But as long as it's on Noah's own time, we were patient. 1 full week of him having wibbly wobbly 2 bottom teeth. Branden kept saying to Noah..."you know who's going to visit you soon, right?" He happily replied...yes the tooth fairy!

Noah has watched patiently as Branden has been visited a whole lot by the tooth fairy. I think Branden has 4-5 teeth left to lose, so he's nearly done. But, while Branden usually gets a shiny 500 yen coin. Noah has often said....Maybe someday she'll visit me. We'd often say...."when you're older. Some day." : ) We've said that to Noah so many times through the years. And finally just finally with the 2 wibbly wobbly teeth, it was about to happen.

So Noah went to school. And I told him the same thing, everyday since it started to be wobbly. If you're tooth should happen to fall out, don't let anyone throw your tooth way up high. In Japan they throw teeth. High or low depending which row of teeth the tooth falls from, upper or lower. He said, I know mama. And then 1 day. I picked Noah up and he came out with a caterpillar or cigar shaped tissue all neatly taped up. Excited and jumping saying, "my tooth fell out, my tooth fell out." He had told the Yayoi sensei the tooth fairy was coming. Branden had attended here before so this yochien has definitely heard of the tooth fairy. : ) I thanked the Yayoi sensei for carefully wrapping up his tooth, All his friends were telling their mom's Noah-kun's tooth fell out! @_@ Definitely must be kindergarten type excitement.

Noah could not wait for Branden to get home from school. As soon as Branden got in the car that day, before I could even ask..how was your day, Noah said...Branden my tooth fell out at school!! @_@ Branden said...it did? : )

So that night, Noah went to sleep. Poor kid cannot stay awake past 8:30pm still. And at 10pm, I crept into his room and at near Mission Impossible type maneuvering, I slid the tooth out from his tooth box and slid in a 500 yen coin. Next morning pure joy! He showed us that 500 yen coin about 500 times. : )

2 days later, the 2nd wibbly wobbly tooth came out. And the tooth fairy once again paid Noah one more visit. Good thing kids usually won't lose more then 2 for a while.

Looks like no teeth are wobbly at the moment. Noah is now safely keeping his 2, 500 yen coins, in his Ben 10 wallet. And he keeps that wallet tucked under his mattress. He thinks no one knows his hiding spot, but I accidentally found it while I washed both of the boys sheets and blankets last week and was making up the beds. Sorry. : ) So he now has 1300 yen in there.

What does Noah think about being a bit toothless at the moment? He says it's easier then having wiggly teeth. And he also thinks eating spaghetti and ramen are much easier with the 2 missing teeth as well. : )

Sorry had to get this post up first, since it would have been obvious by looking at the Christmas recital pictures. People would be looking and thinking..hmmm something's missing. Like 2 teeth! : )