Thursday, December 22, 2011

Noah's Christmas recital 2011

December 14th, was yet another milestone for Noah. As you know this is a year of many "lasts" for him, but also on the positive side also many "firsts" too. So, last week, a slightly toothless Noah performed and enjoyed his *very last* Christmas play/recital at the Catholic yochien.
Noah will leave this yochien knowing how to play, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the harmonica as well as a few other songs. : )
The Sakura-gumi got the ball rolling with 2 songs, 1 song they sang and 1 song they performed with musical instruments.
Noah ringing the bells, jingle jingle.

I love this song. It's one of my favorites from the yochien. They switch the words to this at graduation, at least they did when Branden went here and the kids all sang, where the words were something like..." thank you mother for all that you did with helping me at school" "now I will try my best at my new school. Thanks for all that you did. All of us mothers cried our eyeballs out at that time. And I'm pretty much expecting the same thing too for Noah's graduation. Anyway...this is a beautiful song, both versions. : )
First play the Sakura-gumi did was, "Kin no gacho". Here's Noah's best friend H trying to chop the tree down.
Then came 3 little men, think drwafs. @_@ lol.
Yes, 3 giggly, all smiling dancing and 1 slightly toothless Noah.
Noah picking something.
They were thirsty in this pic.
Phew good thing H was around! ; )
Yay a golden gacho!
Tada! : ) Come on not bad for kindergarten, right!? : )
And the audience all cheered. I clicked and clapped, clicked a picture and clapped some more.
The Sakura-gumi.
The other classes went and did their plays as well. They were all great. And then the final play of the year was the story of the baby Jesus. What a beautiful Mary she was. That's S-chan one of Noah's good friends and swim friends. She's a level 7 too. : )
Go H! : ) H and Noah had a lot of speaking parts for the last play. I thought H did wonderfully! I was very proud of Noah *and* his best friend.
Back to the story. Joseph and Mary, went knocking on this door and asked if they could sleep there that night but they were turned away. : ( Turned away 3 times in the play.
Aha! And who comes out to give a short little talk? Noah! He did so good, unfortunately I only got half his speech down below, considering it only lasted like 10 seconds and by the time I snapped this picture, he was half done. : (

Only a pinch of Noah's speech since I wasted/used some time/seconds taking that picture up above. But at least it gives you an idea. I tried. : )

And some additional speaking parts, for Noah, H and a few other kiddos.
Noah and his fellow shephards listening to the angels.
This is the part where I greatly debated sharing with you. But I finally decided to share this, so please don't laugh at me for sharing this. So there was Noah sitting at the right as a shephard. And then my eyes looked left and I saw 3 tiny sheep. And in that 1 split second, my eyes teared up some. And no,I didn't want anyone to see my eyes tear up at all and nobody noticed either. I don't want anyone teasing me for that, you know. Why did I tear up like that? Because while I'm not emotionally stunted and I do have feelings same as everyone, I also, do not cry at the drop of a hat either. The reason I did tear up though was, in that instant at glancing at those tiny little sheep, I remembered and yes...this was another "coming full circle" moment for me. That is how Noah started and began his journey all those years ago at his first Christmas play. Noah started out as a tiny little sheep. I remembered what he looked like exactly. How Noah sat there amongst the older class kids. And looked at my face in the audience for reassurance. And I smiled and nodded at him as to say..."you're okay" And now flash back to now and Noah is now the shephard. A full circle indeed. Do you remember this?
Noah chan Christmas recital 2009 and S chan. His swimming friend. I remembered sweet little baby.
Noah looking at me... as to ask..."am I okay mama?" yes Noah-chan honey you are. And... he really was. : ) And that was his shephard on the right.
And now, it was Noah's turn to herd the sheep. And though he's just 6 years old. And believe me, as someone in their 30's, I know how truly young being 6 is. But wow...from where Noah started to now, he's grown so much. And my heart was just beaming.
Walking over to get their sheep.
Very carefully, Noah looks back and takes her hand and gently leads her away.
Well done, baby, well done!
And then towards the end of the play, they came in to pay respects to the baby Jesus. Noah and his adorable little sheep.

At this point, all us parents are snapping that last photo. It was our last opportunity to take Christmas recital pics. We were all snapping like mad.
I really like this picture. it's a good one of Noah and his best friend, Hikaru.

Last song. We all clapped. Noah came out and asked us, "how did I do?" I said, "honey you rocked! You did so good and I was so proud of you today!" Then we 3 hopped in the car and went to lunch. Branden was at school at this time.
I had kabocha curry, salad, tandoori chicken and naan. Everyone had a combo/set. Noah had the kids curry set, with ice cream for dessert. And Noboru needing his rice had curry and rice. Noboru said, naan is nice but he needs his rice. : ) And there you have it, closing up, yet another "last"...Noah's very last Christmas recital at the yochien. We love you *so* much Noah!