Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hair appointment today

I have a couple really good posts coming up. That I need to get up. We had another important "last" last week, Noah's Christmas recital was last week. It was awesome, I got so many good pictures and good video from it. We also had the candle light service last Friday at the yochien as well, that I'd like to post about since it's the last one for our family as well. But, I'll try to post both those tomorrow. Noah also had a "first" as well, too, that I also need to get posted as well.

Noah's last day of school was last Friday. So he is officially on Christmas break right now. And Branden doesn't officially go on Christmas break until this Thursday at 11am.

I worked 3 days last week. Twice at my 2 different hoikuens, that I teach at monthly. And once with 3 lovely 6th grade girls, in my housing community.

All December has been lovely and slow. Have had time to stop and smell the roses so to speak, ykwim, just take in all the fun of the Christmas holiday season with the boys. However last week, was totally busy. : ) Last Monday I had yet another shaon kai meeting. Between you and me, it felt like meeting # 5000!!! But at least I went, I am a very active mama at this yochien. Tuesday, the 13th I worked at one of the hoikuens. The 14th, was Noah's Christmas recital. The 15th, I worked yet again at the other hoikuen. And Friday was the last day of school and Noah's candle light service that I attended. And then I taught Friday evening in my housing community's..."community center" Which was awesome and fun.

Since finishing last week. Now things are back to quiet and slow and time to just enjoy and take everything all in. Noah and I made cookie dough yesterday, we also went and did the grocery shopping together yesterday. So, we know we'll be making yet another batch of Christmas cookies this week sometime.

What else...today I'm heading to the hair salon, Noboru's off work today so he will spend the day with Noah, they're going to have a father and son lunch date, while I'm gone. Getting another thermal hair straightening and hair cut. I should be there for about 3-4 hours. @_@ But it's a rare thing for me to get to be pampered. So, I'm looking forward to it. I'm taking 2 gossip magazines, and 1 book. I'm ready for her to do my hair, massage my shoulders, and to bring me a nice hot drink while I wait (Japanese hair salons rock, they really pamper you). And my hair dresser is awesome, we always have a nice good chat as well. So, it's going to be fun. My hair is so freaking long right now, and I'm going to keep it long just get those long face framing layers. I picked up a hair cuts and styles book for the new and upcoming 2012... and I found a nice long hair cut I really like.

We are leaving to Guam soon for Christmas. We'll be staying 3 nights and staying at the crew hotel. We will swim, snorkel and relax and enjoy time as a family. Also take in a movie or 2. I'm going to see the new Twilight, since it doesn't come out for us in Japan until February? : ( Bummer, so I'll just see it there. Not sure what the boys would like to see, the new Chipmunk movie or, I'm not sure. I checked the movie schedule online already but we'll see.