Saturday, December 17, 2011

Branden's marathon 2011

Last Saturday was Branden's marathon at the local elementary school. All of the kids needed to take a lunch/obento because they would have class after that and no lunch ladies are there on Saturday's. Which is absolutely fine, I don't mind making Branden a lunch in the least. Branden brought, a toasted pepperoni sandwich on a bakery baguette. A cheese and butter baked potato, some steamed veggies, broccoli and green beans. Fresh fruit laid out pretty in colorful liners and fruit handling sticks for each fruit, he brought fresh strawberries, fresh nashi/pear, fresh cut pineapple. 3 homemade from scratch Christmas cookies and 1 slice of roll cake. Since desserts are allowed at our elementary school. And 1 yogurt for a little extra calcium boost. Branden said, his teacher, who has a reputation for being grouchy but she's never been that way to Branden or our family at all. Peeked at every one's lunches and she said that was a gorgeous obento, very colorful and she noticed a lot of veggies and fruit in there. And she liked the yogurt. She also asked are those cookies homemade? Branden said yes. Also, two boy classmates, also loved his lunch and mentioned it and asked for a Christmas cookie. @_@ So Branden shared and gave 2 cookies, 1 to each of his friends. he knew we had just made that first batch of cookies the day before and he had more at home. And I was expecting someone to want something form his lunch. Which is totally fine. : ) One of the boys said, who made those cookies, Branden told the boys, my mom and my brother and I made them. : ) Branden's lunches are always a hit with the teachers and with his classmates. I Imagine next year I will be packing 2 of these lunches. : )
And obento in the making, his sandwich just came out of the toaster oven, the cheese was all melted the pepperoni all toasty and the bread slightly crisp. I let it cool some then added the lettuce.
Last Saturday morning, it was freezing cold. One of the rice fields, that had filled with water, why water for this season, perhaps just rain fall? I'm not sure... but it had a thin covering of ice on top of it. Is why I mention it now. It was that cold. Cold enough for the water in the field to be frozen on top. Kids may wear their jogging school pants while they wait their turn to run. But they may not wear them to run. Only the shorts are allowed.
About half the kids, including Branden, just wear the shorts before they run, because some feel no sense in being toasty warm then right before you run you take off your pants then when you run your muscles sort of tighten on you. From the cold. Know what I mean? Just boils down to personal preference I guess. So, this way Branden sort of gets used to the freezing cold before he runs, however, he puts on his pants afterwards and coat though after he runs. These poor kids, not sure I could run in this cold weather like this.
The ichinensei's ran first. Go first graders. I think knowing full in well, this will be Noah running next year, I paid a little bit more attention this time around. I looked at their bodies and they were so small, almost mirror sizes of Noah and his classmates. I cheered for these little kids. Running in the freezing cold for them must be a new experience. : ( Noboru said to Noah, this will be you next year. Noah looked on and watched them. Also want to mention, see Branden's class on the sidelines, they all cheer them on! Clapping and telling them, you can do it!!! It's good for those little ichinensei's hearing that. And they do the same when the older kids run too.
Noah watching the marathon from up here. This was the designated spot for all of us on-lookers to be at, you know parents and siblings and such. Noah dressed warmly because yes it was totally cold.
Watching as the 4th grade girls were about to come around the bend, these girls are fast as lightning.
Hi Noah!
And then the 4th grade boys marched on, you see, no pants... no sweatshirts allowed. Just short sleeve tops and shorts.
Go 4th grade boys go! And kids on the sidelines and parents screaming and cheering. Clapping! Clapping for everyone. You can do can do it!!!!
Branden running his butt off, he's the boy in the middle, great running pose and legs, I clicked him mid run, lol. He passed that kid in front and did well. He ran so fast this year, we were really impressed. Noah was cheering on his brother, also cheering on Genki, the jinbei boy. And before they ran, they were all waving at Noah. : ) Because of this marathon last Saturday, Branden did not have school last Monday. So Noboru and Branden had a father and son date. They went to the science mueseum December 12th. Meanwhile I took Noah to yochien and I had yet another shaon kai meeting that day.