Monday, November 14, 2011

Our weekend trip to Guam.

On 11/11/11, Branden, Noah and myself flew to Guam. We flew out of Narita around 9:20am. And arrived in the afternoon. This is what we ate while going there. Stuffed chicken breast, mashed potatoes with some green veg mixed in. Salad with dressing of your choice, I picked goma dressing. Dinner roll, pistachio cake with toasted hazel nuts on top. Shrimp salad.
This is sort of weird (good weird though)/unusual but I have to tell you this. As I was in the immigration show your passport area of the airport. The American US citizen lanes are to the left and empty. Always empty or very few people in line. The tourists lane however bursting at the seams. I glanced at the other line and in the middle of the line was my student, what are the odds of us both being in Guam and in that area at the same time, come on, at least a little unsuual. He's from one of the private hoikuens I teach at. It was nosy and he was way in the middle, and I was also in a bit of a rush, I wondered should I go say hi? Or would that be awkward/weird. Me being a bit shy, opted not to go over there. Anyway when I see him next time, I'll ask him. Anyway, my dad picked us up and to his condo we went. Changed clothes, dropped off luggage and right to the 2 Cost U less stores we went. Picked up some stuffing for Thanksgiving.
Both Branden and Noah were both so good. Just helping me put things in the cart. They both really helped. First day, I went to the 2 Cost U less stores and 1 Payless. Plan for the following day, head to the 2 other Payless stores that I like too. And also I'd make my quick dash into Game Stop for a Christmas present for each of the boys and also hit Kmart if I have time. And that would be it, we'd be done. And the rest bit would be free time.
After the 3 shops on Friday we went to Pizza Hut. Had a nice dinner. Chatted.
If you see outside behind Noah it was still daylight. We were done. We had finished. The rest of Friday, we just enjoyed. Went back to my dad's condo and relaxed, took showers and watched TV.
The marinara dipping sauce was for the bread sticks and the other was garlic butter to dip the pan crust in.
Self rising flour. I didn't need any, but it's nice knowing it is there, if that ever changes. : )
Next morning, we went to Wendy's for breakfast. And you know...every time we come to Guam we get the boys their own breakfast, they NEVER finish this, we always either end up eating the extra or throwing it in the trash which wasting it drives me crazy. This time, I had them share the breakfast. It was enough. In fact Branden didn't even eat half the egg or rice. @_@ I was glad we had them share breakfast this time. They each had their own lunch. But yeah....the breakfast was smarter getting this way, they are just not so hungry in the mornings while away from home. Noah had milk as usual. And Branden had berry tea.
I had an island breakfast with coffee.
We went to check out the movie schedule. Harold and Kumar 3 is out now. This looks so good! I'll buy the DVD, when it comes on dvd. We meanwhile took them to see Puss in Boots later that day. But I have seen the previews to this and it looks hilarious.
A run to Kmart and snapped this pic of a nice family of Japanese tourists walking to Kmart. Many do walk from the hotel area to here the wlak isn't too long. Or take the shuttles. Kmart has many great things, the malls do too.
At Micronesia Mall, Gap Kids is coming soon. They will take up 2 of the former shop spaces. So it's going to be HUGE! And no taxes! So, yeah I'll be shopping here for sure.
And right across from Gap Kids, will be an equally huge Gap for adults. Guam is growing. It's getting more American things all the time. You know, when I first went to Guam about 10 years ago, it was not as great as it is now. Many of their stores had things all over the place. Like anarchy, things in parts and sections of the stores they weren't even supposed to be in. That's not the case anymore. Nine West is there now has been for years. Macy's. Famous Footwear. Cold Stone, 2 of them. Ross is not all crazy like it used to be it even expanded. The malls are getting better and better stuff and shops. Amazing book stores, 2 that I really enjoy.Better restaurants. TGI Fridays. Chilis. Cinnabon. Nathan's hotdogs. Many many grocery stores, like 20 at least all over the island. At least. Many bakeries. Guam is thriving like it or not. And with the US military being there, it's now growing and thriving even more so. Gap will be there this coming January. And could be Old Navy next. Since they're sister companies. Could be Target after that. It's going to snowball, we can see it.
Anyway Saturday afternoon, I had a 6 inch veggie and cheese Subway sandwich, chips and Sprite.
Branden had an Italian BMT and chips and drink. Noah had a meatball sub and chips.
We went to the movies. Because it was now barely noon and all the shopping was done and finished. Time to enjoy ourselves. And just take it easy. Branden, Noah, my dad and I enjoyed Puss in Boots.
We picked 2D. Anyone think it's been like a 3D madness these past 2 years or so? Everything seems to be in 3 D now days. : ) We prefer 2D.
After the movie we headed to a nice sit down dinner and we went to Tony Roma's. We ate on the patio and enjoyed the quiet.
I had the baby back ribs extra spicy, I think they're called red hots. And 2 baked potatoes as both my sides.
The boys had ice cream complimentary with their dessert.
All of the Thanksgiving stuff was 30% off. 30% off a $5 place mat, means a good deal. Especially considering the yen/dollar exchange rate.
Thanksgiving ceramic salt and pepper shakers, Thanksgiving cups. Thanksgiving everything.
Christmas stuff was not on sale, but I was glad to get some anyway.
Branden and Noah, enjoying their kids movies. Nick cartoons. And many Disney Pixar and Dreamworks movies to choose from for them. Legs all propped up, just relaxing.
Me on the other hand, right next to them. Bad teacher, was available but.....I saw it in Hawaii this Summer. But I was "dying" to see Bridesmaids!!!!! So hilarious! I'd like to have this on DVD. Melissa McCarthy was excellent in this as the sister of the groom! The rest of the cast was great but to me, she stole the whole show! She was THAT funny in this!
Friends with Benefits, Green Lantern.
The Hangover 2. I wish I had more time to see this.
Harry Potter and Horrible Bosses. I actually started watching Horrible Bosses after I finished Bridesmaids. So funny (those bosses were horrendous), I want to finish watching this. : )
Jim Carey's Popper's Penguins. And Monte Carlo.
The new Pirates and that excellent Planet of the Apes we saw this Summer. Honestly there are so many movies to pick from...these aren't even half of them.
The Smurfs. We saw this too though this Summer.
The meal coming back to Narita, Indian cuisine this time. Tandoori chicken, veggies, rice. And the chocolate dipped cheesecake, etc.
Me eating my inflight meal and watching Bridesmaids. The boys and I landed in Narita at 1:20pm or so Sunday afternoon. Quickly went through immigration and customs. Noboru was waiting. Happy to see us. He tells me, how lonely it is without us. : ) Okay that makes me sort of happy hearing that. : ) Came home quickly put things away. And just vegged out Sunday. Washed the boys uniforms and gym things to make sure they were ready for school the following day. Today Monday, I went and did my weekly shopping. Made sure the boys went to school. Kumon. And now we're back to our regular routine.

Tomorrow Noah has his last 7-5-3 ceremony at the yochien, I will be attending for that. And I have yet another shaon kai meeting after that. I will not forget the wrapping paper, I just picked up while in Guam and scissors, I already had etc. We're going to one of the ladies homes to work on the invitation cards.