Friday, November 04, 2011

Movie date, Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3 came to the movie theaters in the US last week. According to the commercials we see on TV. Anyway for us it was only a week delayed. Which made Noboru and I both happy, since we enjoyed the first Paranormal movie, we were sorta so so on the 2nd one though. But we've been watching the commercials for this new one. And it looks so freaking scary! The commercials on American TV say..."the last 15 minutes will mess you up for life!" @_@ Also the clips looked so scary. Noboru said right away when it comes out let's go. I said sure. He found out online it would come out for us in Japan, November 1st. But for our schedule we would be going a day after it opened, so he went online found the closest movies that had it in English. It was a pinch far. The first showing started at 10am-ish. So we quickly got both the boys sent to their schools that morning. Noboru had actually bought our tickets online a few days earlier and picked our seats. So, we were ready. Here we were pulling into the mall. Our first time being at this particular mall. It was in Ibaraki some place. Which is closer still for us versus driving to the city areas in Chiba plus considering traffic.
The mall was closed but the movie theater was the only thing opened. The security guard at the door asked if we were there to see the movie, he let us right in. A handful of people were also at the theater.
Picking our movie snacks.
We picked a large popcorn, half caramel half salt. It was a very small, large. : ) And a large melon soda. There were not so many people watching this when we did.... 3 women in the back, mid 40's if I were to take a guess. And then 1 couple, late 20 somethings couple could be early 30's. And then 1 lone 50-ish in age woman who sat in the front and she took a can of soda in because we all heard the can crack open during the commercials, but none of us minded a single bit. We just all acted like...we didn't hear that soda can just open. : )

How was the movie? So good! It had scared the living daylights out of a me quite a bit. Felt like my heart stopped a few times. Calm cool and collected Noboru jumped out of his skin once that I noticed! Ha. Sorry honey for sharing that. : ) The ending pretty scary. I'd like to buy this on DVD when it comes out.

The movie was only about 80 minutes or so long. Which was great because we had just enough time to have lunch in the food court. I had a foot long veggie and cheese Subway sandwich, no chips nor fries from any place, and an iced tea, so veggie sandwich and plain tea, perfect for me. And Noboru had Sukiya and some takoyaki from another place. : ) We talked the entire lunch about...what was your favorite part? : ) Oh yeah? Well my favorite part was such and such...yeah yeah that was good too. : ) Just that type of chatter. We hopped in the car and with the drive all the way back home by the time we got to our neck of the woods, it was time to pick up Noah, then Branden. The boys did ask how mommy and daddy's date went. We said excellent. They asked about the movie, they have seen the commercials. We said...super scary almost too scary, really not for you guys! : ) Anyway that's what Noboru and myself did November 2nd. We went on a date..a movie and lunch date. : )