Monday, November 21, 2011

Flu shots done, the Thanksgiving turkey is here, and grandpa's on his way as we speak

Last week, Noboru, Branden and Noah and myself, all went and got our flu shots. We had an early morning appointment. We went in and out. And then to school, a bit delayed but the boys did get to school. And we told their teachers beforehand they'd be a good 45 minutes late for class due to them getting their flu shots. According to my girlfriends and the doctor and nurse, , you know how...the kids usually get 2 shots, however this year they only need to get one.
A quick pic as I drove Branden to the front of the school, the day we went and got our flu shots, Noah was next to be dropped off.
In other news the turkey arrived this Sunday. He's been in the fridge ever since, just defrosting and literally just chilling out. ; ).
19.86 pounds so nearly 20 pounds.
What else have I been doing, hmmm..... besides cleaning getting ready for my dad to arrive. He arrives this evening by the way. Buying new cutting boards since we'll be chopping so much for Thanksgiving, figured it would be a good time to replace them. Since they needed replacing anyway and the price was so fair.
Even ran to the Daiso to get an extra peeler. With all the potatoes we'll be peeling for homemade mashed potatoes an extra will come in handy.
Veggie side on the cutting board....
Meat side on the cutting board....

So in a nutshell, Noah's fine and happy and healthy. Branden is fine and happy as a clam. Noboru's happy and genki and still fishing in his spare time. And I'm fine as well too. ; ) My dad's in the air as we speak. Should be arriving around 5:30pm-ish this evening.

I had a shaon kai meeting today. We went to Mei-chan's mama's house, 6 mama's total including me. We had lunch, we talked and worked. Our next meeting is December 2nd. We picked out the music today. Music while we're eating during the actual shaon kai (thank you party), music while we're looking at the picture slides during the shaon kai (we're thinking the 2 songs from Sister Act and a few others like It's a small world, etc etc. Music when we're presenting presents to the sensei's (a piano cd or someone playing during this time). It was quite hard picking all the music out for the different moods and emotions we want everyone to feel. But, we did it. Then we got right back to the invitation cards. Ran into H's mom yesterday and we had said we forgot about Wednesday being a holiday (tomorrow) so their play date, of staying an hour late at yochien has been rescheduled for next Wednesday instead. So the boys do not have school tomorrow either.

What else....tomorrow is my pumpkin pie making day. Baking 2 from scratch with a delicious homemade butter crust...same as usual. And prep for the following day, Thanksgiving. The white table cloth has been washed already for the table. It's getting so close. Everyone's getting excited for Thanksgiving, it's nearly here.

I asked both Branden and Noah already...the question we ask each Thanksgiving around the dinner table..."What are you thankful for this year? They've been quietly thinking of their replies for days. Myself too. I've been giving some thought about the things I should be thankful for. Good family and good health are at the top of my list. : )

Both Branden and Noah are home right now. And we should be heading to Narita soon, we'd like to get something to eat before picking up my dad since we know he's going to be eating a nice meal in the airplane and won't need to eat here tonight. Noboru is off work for 3 days in a row, today and the next 2 days aftewards. So we'll all be here and home. It's going to be nice to just relax all of us. Tomorrow night we are planning to have curry nabe with my dad being here, he should enjoy it. : )