Monday, November 07, 2011

Bits and pieces

These were the last 2 DVD's we rented for October. No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. This was funny, it made me laugh. I thought it was definitely a good rental and I am glad I saw it. The other one was, the Unknown with Matt Damon. In my opinion this movie was very slow. Without giving too much away. I'll say this. The first 10 minutes of the movie, amazing. Really captured my attention. Had high hopes for it. But after that, it had 3 different stories all happening they did all tie in eventually. But, again it went on and on and on.It didn't leave me wanting more, it had me happy the movie was over when it finally finished. Sorry to say that. Noboru also didn't care for it at all. I could sort of see where they were going with this, it just took way too long to get there. Felt like an eternity getting through that movie.
First 2 for the November rentals. Nanny McPhee Returns. Loved this! Our whole family loved Nanny McPhee the original one, Branden said he actually liked this one better then the first one. Both Branden and Noah laughed a lot during this. And this is a possible spoiler so don't read ahead if you haven't seen it yet... I won't say who, but a character from the original Nanny McPhee movie is in this one...and you won't realize it until the end. How they tied both the movies together like that, I loved it all the more. 2 thumbs way up for this one! The other one is Red Riding Hood, we haven't seen it yet, Noboru and I will watch this tonight after the boys go to sleep.
Still at it fitness wise. But, I must say, my October fitness minutes were crap. 855 fitness minutes. And ranking #9. Horrible of me, honestly. I have done so much better all the other month's, this year. In my defense though....I was extremely busy so I guess I should be proud I even could accomplish that. But ehhh. I know, I could do better. So, started November 1st, I've gone full throttle. Okay maybe that's much of a stretch but I've treadmilled 5 days a week. And done core training 3 times a week. I've really kicked it up a notch for this month. And I need to. October left me feeling really out of shape. Sigh. Anyway, I am in it for the long haul. So, I'm back to it. I swear, nobody can be harder on me...then me. : ) Ugh, well I'll get there. ; )
Hmm, I spy with my little eye...4 boys in the back yard. 3 elementary school aged boys and 1 yochien little boy back there. Branden, Genki, Keita and Noah. All having a beyblade battle. : ) In the privacy of our backyard, no one to bother them. I will sometimes bring out something. A big bowl of popcorn, or a batch of steamed sweet potatoes. Some drinks. Leftover Halloween treats. : )
Not my weekly shopping but my mini midweek run to pick up a few misc. things. This time, it was for extra containers of the big yogurts. And apples, these are the yellow ones, you can see from the price 298, each bag of 6. I also get the reds for about 9 apples for 500. Either way whoever has them, I'll buy them for my apple crisp. They're both sweet. Not too tart like the green ones, though we love those too, just not for crisp though. And I like buying my fruits and veggies as cheap as I can get them. I bought 2 bags, so ended up with 12 apples for 600 yen. 9 apples with go for the crisp and the rest can be for cutting up and just plain enjoying.
Mikans 100 yen a bag. I do prefer when they have a big sale on them and they are 150yen as many as you can stuff into a bag day. That is my favorite day to be at the store. They also have, how many pieces of chicken you can shove into a bag about once a month, I like that day too. : ) LOL. You ought to see me, the one lone foreign mama and the Japanese mama's trying to stuff as much as we can into our little clear bags, lol. It's quite fun really. The prices on fruit, etc surprise me when I go to the bigger cities. So much more expensive.
Last week we had curry we'd be having that night, rice on the side. So, I ran to the bakery to get 2 fresh baguettes of bread, I sliced and buttered them. Great for dunking your curry with. The bakery treats were for dessert. I really like Japanese bakeries, they make great things and not too overly sweet.
Another Nissen catalog came for me, this one I had been waiting for.
The catalogs for royal special members come in hard cover more like books, about half the time.Which makes them heavy and hard to carry, I prefer the normal paper catalog, much lighter. Though I guess the bright side is we get our catalogs earlier then most. I got the Spring catalog for 2012 over a month ago. And already ordered some cute cargo mini skirts, for Spring. Some of their clothes are really weird or not my style. But a lot of them are really my style and preppy and more my speed. Also to be fair, I order for the kids too. And blankets, house stuff etc. So it's not just me. Am I glad I'm a royal special whatever member? Honestly I really don't mind one way or the other. I've been one for a few years and I can't really see any major difference at all. : ) Sorry Nissen. : ) Gomen ne~
Saturday, this most recent Saturday Kouiki-kun came over to play. As you know, Kouki's little brother Kaito, will be in Noah's class come April. It's awesome that Branden and Kouiki are friends and in the same class. The dad's, Noboru and his dad are both in the father's club. And now Noah and Kaito will be future classmates. Each year we live in our tiny little town, we get closer knit ties. Our relationships and bonds grow deeper and deeper. This is one of the families we gave the cupcakes to on Halloween.
Nabe season has begun. In the colder month's. It's very common for us to have a 1 pot meal once a week. Curry one week. Cream stew the next. Beef stew the following week. And nabe another week. Something big, easy to cook all in one pot. I also like to make a big pot of chili concarne. Also, with the help of my cookbook, a big batch of pork green chili is amazing with a torilla, side of rice and beans. Anything in a big pot. That will warm our bodies and tummy's to the core. Yumm. The only thing about me when it comes to nabe though. Is my dislike of fish. I know...I know. My husband loves fish and it truly boggles his mind how someone could dislike it. But there you go. : ) And fish dashi is often found in nabes. And so often it is a challenge to find a nabe without it. But, my husband went with me to the store Saturday after the boys were done playing. And bless his heart, he read the back of the ingredients of many nabe pouches...he's such a star, lol. He found these. Branden also read the back of them to double confirm, ha! : ) And so we have spicy miso nabe. And Coco ichi nabe. These sound great to me. I also took a pic of each of them on my cell. And so when I shop during the winter without hubby which I do 99% of the time and I prefer it. Anyway.... now I know which ones to choose. But to be fair I do, do the same, Noboru dislikes onions hate could even be more like it : ).... and often if we cannot find the ingredient lists on potato salads etc, I will be the official taster/guinea pig to make sure there is no onion and he is safe. So yep, we help each other with that. : )
We had this one Sunday.
This one is for next week.
Also I made sweet and sour pork the other night. I really like this.
With nabe season here, and with that sale on these last week, we picked up 3 packages of them. So 9 total inside.
I swear my husband makes the prettiest nabe. Right down to the carrot flowers! All white meat chicken, and chicken balls. And many veggies. Daikon, cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts, etc.
Boiling away. The boys always love nabe night. I think Noboru does too. Everyone gets all chatty Cathy around the nabe pot.
We do switch seats for nabe night. The boys have to sit on the farther parts of the table. And they tell us what they want and we'll pick it out and put it in their bowls for them. Just makes us feel a little safer is all. As the veggies decreased a bit, we added udon. Yumm.
This morning our neighbor. Cut us a branch from his kaki tree. He brings us fresh kaki every 2 weeks in Winter. It's free, it's sweet and so delicious. Okay don't laugh at me or anything....but's hard not to feel we're blessed. We live in a tiny quiet town. Surrounded by kind people and neighbors and friends. Fall's here, Winter's approaching. We're sort of getting all tucked in for the colder weather so to speak, not doing too much. Hanging home mostly. Watching good TV, renting good dvd's. Eating nice big one pot meals like chili, baked potato soup, nabes, curry. Just quietly, peacefully living.

November busy scale/meter. Not so much. I'm not working this month at all. Which is fantastic. Considering how October was so crazy busy... it will be nice to have a quiet month. Exercise wise, I'm trying *really* hard!

October was all about Halloween and getting into the swing of Fall. Now November is all about Thanksgiving. Every bit of my attention and focus is going on that one big huge meal we're already looking forward to. My dad is coming to Japan to spend Thanksgiving with us.

Also, Branden, Noah and I are going to Guam really soon. Which means, I am working on my shopping list. Checking the pantry and then back to the list, rechecking the pantry and then back to the list once again. Checking the meds upstairs and then back to the list. The movie I will take the boys to see while in Guam will be Puss in Boots. The commercials for that crack us up. We will be there for 2 nights. 3 days. Just enough time to get everything on my list for Thanksgiving and Fall/Winter food stocking up. And enough time to eat some good eats. And even time to take in a movie with big popcorn and nachos with the boys.

Hmm, any last minute tidbits to say. Jackson's doctor found guilty. Anyone keeping up with the trial? I have a little bit. First thing I read this morning that was on the news was that Doctor Conrad Murray found guilty. Will he go to jail, directly to jail, or will he fight it and be out on appeal. I'm not really sure. I'll have to watch the news this evening and see. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorcing. Kardashian filed for divorce from Humphries after 72 days of marriage. I watch the Kardashian reality TV show. I admit I own 2 of the seasons on dvd. I did watch the wedding on TV a few weeks ago. Still catching up. I like the Kardashian family. And I liked Kris too. He seemed more like a quieter type though and more like a night of fun for him would be... sitting at home watching a dvd type guy versus wanting to be in the limelight, true he is a proball player but he did seem to avoid the limelight to an extent. And I admit I wondered how their marriage would be, they both seemed like very different personalities. I did hope for the best. Anyway...just sorry to hear their marriage ended. What a bummer.

Anything else? Next week our family is going to get our flu shots. All four of us. Luckily Noboru and I only have to get 1 flu shot since we're adults. But Branden and Noah will have to go back a month after for their 2nd flu shot.

Noah's backpack/randoseru arrived before Halloween. 2 days before Halloween? Something like that. I'll post pics and stuff when I get a bit more time.