Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wreath switch, time to welcome the Fall.

October 1st, means time for the Fall wreath switch. I packed the hydrangea wreath away. And pulled out the one for Fall. With scarecrows and squash and leaves. It definitely will make everyone coming to our home, smile and think of Fall.

This past week, was really awesome. Not a single meeting. It was just a regular week. And this weekend, is going super. Nothing is planned. No school function or anywhere to be. It's just simply...a weekend. Boy did we need this. : )

Noah's undokai is not until October 16th.

Umm, what else... we are leaving to Hakone before Noah has his undokai. So the trip will have already been taken by the time Noah has his undokai. Also, regarding Noah's undokai, we decided not to invite Mitsuko this year. Not because of a mean reason. But, she's busy running her restaurants. She is coming to Noah's Christmas recital in December. She's been a star in the fact she's come every other time we've asked My dad has also come every time we asked. But, we decided, it is Noah's last undokai and let's just keep it us...our family of 4. So anyway that's that. Also my dad will be here in November for Thanksgiving.

The Disney to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere, date has been set. We're looking forward to that too.

Now this coming week for me looks a bit crazy. I work Oct 4th. And I also work Oct 21st (so towards the end of the month). So twice this month. Not bad. However...this coming week, October 6th? It looks insanely busy for me. In fact just thinking about that day sort of makes me wonder how I will juggle all the things I have going on that day. Hmm. October 6th I have, a shaon kai meeting...I also have Noah's rehearsal for undokai. Yep. @_@ We run through the ENTIRE thing! And I also have Branden's observation day same day! Let me say one more time...this all happens on the same day! @_@ Oh yeah and the yochien ladies would also like to do lunch that very same day. At my favorite Indian restaurant which normally I'd say, yes sure. I'd love to, see you there. But....when do I have time to have lunch. As it is, I'll be running from my town to the small city and back and forth. Branden has mentioned to me..."mommy I'd like for you to come see, this class or if you can't make it, can you make it to such and such class." @_@ I don't know how I will be at 2 places at once. Hopefully the things won't overlap time wise. I'm going to have to give deep thought about October 6th and email a few yochien ladies get a few things a bit more clear. Reread Branden's class schedule. And hope October 6th works out for me. So, for this weekend, I am just relaxing resting up. I may have to pass up the lunch with my fellow yochien ladies. But as long as I am there for both son's and they see me there. And I attend and participate in the shaon kai meeting and help out at the undokai "run through." Then I will feel I didn't let anyone down that day. : ) The lunch...I'll just have to say..I am very very sorry, I can't make it and leave it like that. Hope they all understand, I think they will. And then rush to the elementary school fast as lightning. Throwing my name badge on my neck and grabbing for my slippers as I run through the elementary genkan area.

I am also going to be in the Makuhari area this coming week and quite possibly Costco. We'll see how much time, I have but I think yeah...I will definitely be at Costco Makuhari sometime this coming week. I have so many things penciled in my calendar this week. It looks crazy, but Noboru's schedule even looks worse then mine. Poor guy. : ) He told me last night, the whole month of October looks crazy for us. I said, yes, I know. : ) Oh well, we have the Hakone trip to look forward to. That will help get us through the tough busy days. : )

We also will be getting the 4 glowing/illuminated jack o lantern heads that take the place of the 4 hanging flower baskets sometime this week, whenever we both can get the time and sit down and get them hung. Ahh this week looks busy, social and fun, but indeed busy, but the following week looks awesome!

The Duchess: With,Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes. It's been on satellite 3 times within the past 7 days or so. And I've watched it all 3 times. I saw it on dvd, once when it first came out years ago. And you know I really liked the movie. So, when it's played this past week, I've really enjoyed watching it again and again. I feel so much for Georgiana. : ( Anyway no real point to that paragraph, except for I am really fond of the movie.