Thursday, October 13, 2011

The town undokai

Last Sunday was our town undokai. The second out of the 3 undokai's for our family this year. Would you believe, the last 2 years, our town undokai were actually cancelled. Yes, it's true. Branden and us went to the one when he was an ichinensei. Then when Branden was a 2nd grader, the whole school had many classes cancelled due to the swine flu. Remember that year seemed all over Japan people were catching the swine flu. : ( Then last year when Branden was in the 3rd grade, it was called off once again but this time because of rain. @_@ So yes, we have only had 1 out of all these years. Anyway, I admit I wasn't looking forward to it too much. However it wasn't so bad at all. I actually even really enjoyed myself quite a bit.
Branden's class did a relay of sorts. It was nice to see his class get to do something. When they announced the 4th graders were to begin in the middle of the field, many of us perked up. We went and took some photos.
Branden in the red hat, just finished running in this pic and he was bending down fixing his shoe.
The half time, we saw the same half time during Branden's undokai, but it wasn't so bad to see the whole thing again. I think for most of us, we just took this day as a day of socializing with our neighbors. In fact how did we choose who would sit where at the town undokai? You sit according to where you live. Our "housing community" for example had their own tent and whoever lives here, sets up behind the housing community tent. That was a nice way for us all to sit. Also, see the teacher standing here in this picture? She's the 3rd grade 2nd class teacher at Branden's school. However, she also happens to be a fellow mother at our yochien. Her child is in the baragumi class. I work with her on those....bake sale or undokai type days. And we've also gone to Costco together. : ) Branden's is in the 4th grade #1 class, so right next door to her class and she does always keep an extra eye on him for me. And she will do the same for Noah, I'm sure next year. I would love it, if she became one of their teachers. Wow, that would be cool! : )

In the kairanban (sp?) that gets passed around from house to house in our housing community, they asked who would want a meal. Our housing community buys meals for whoever wants one. They are paid for by our community fees. We could have picked 4 meals. But Noboru picked 2, he munched both. : )
All of us sitting here, all live in the same housing community. I was going to just bring a leisure sheet. Noboru said no way, we'll bring the table and chairs. Okay...I said, I'm so agreeable, lol. Good thing we did, every single person who lives where we live, brought table, chairs, one even brought a big tent, but they didn't bring a table or chairs though. We all sat comfortably, talking and chatting with our neighbors. The little boy who lives 2 houses down from us, kept coming over to where we were sitting..."Noah-kun, Noah-kun let's go play...let's go catch grasshoppers" @_@ So, he went and they both caught many grasshoppers. Then our other neighbor, their house is directly in front of the grandma next door, she sat right behind us, and we chit chatted off and on. Go-kun's parents sat to the right of us. It was nice to chit chat throughout the day.
Then came lunch. Noboru enjoyed himself and had the 2 lunches, like I said. So he was happy. We had super simple potato salad chicken cutlet with lettuce sandwiches. Some sour cream and onion potato chips, lemonade and also orange water. It was good. Not fancy, but decent.
Poor thing, I caught Noah completely off guard and took his picture right before he was about to eat. : ) It can be tough when your mom is always click click clicking away on her camera at you. Gomen ne~
The note said we were supposed to stick around until 1:20pm or 1:30pm. However as you can now see this empty spot, people were leaving after lunch. I can't say I blame them at all. It was quite long the kids finished their part well before lunch even. : )
Happy smiles after lunch. Hugs and cuddles, they are close.
We stayed until we were supposed to and then we left. The weather was a lot cooler then Branden's school undokai day. We went home. And started dinner. Chicken chow mein/sara udon. Lots of fresh veggies, 2 sliced and diced skinless chicken breasts added. White rice on the side, crispy noodles. It was really good. We all sorta just vegged out Sunday. I did manage to pack for the boys to go to Hakone though. So, they were packed. And that was one less thing for me to do. Which was great.

Only 1 undokai left now. Noah's last yochien undokai. October 16th is the date. We're all sort of getting prepared for that. : )