Friday, October 14, 2011

Sharing clothes between brothers

Still playing "catch up" on my blog. My goodness I'm so behind. The Hakone post and Disneyland post are coming. Meanwhile tomorrow is Noah's undokai. So another post and if I don't blog soon, it will really get out of control type behind. But, considering Noah's at school today for the last practice, I will run back to the city to pick him up at 11:30am this morning, prep for undokai obento #100, lol. And prep for tonight's dinner. It doesn't look too good that those posts will get up today and definitely not tomorrow in the day time. : ) Ahhh, well, I am trying. Somewhere between the busy week I recently had and the town undokai, I climbed the attic stairs and pulled out the size 6 boxes of Branden's old clothes. Was a little surprised, 3 boxes total for the size 6's. @_@ But it does help...heck if Noah can put those clothes to good use, more power to us.
Gap stripes 120cm shirt.
Gap t-shirts, and navy and yellow striped one as well.
The amount of Osh Kosh size 6 clothes made me realize that was the last time we were in Denver then. When Branden was 6. So almost 4 years? Wow that's a long time. Can that be right? I thought it was only 2 years ago. Oh well, if I had the free time to think about it, I'm sure I could pinpoint when. But...with things as busy as ever around here. I'll just go with it. : )
I was most happy about all these Osh Kosh T's. They're all in perfect condition all Noah's size. Was quite happy to find these up there.
Gap chocolate and light blue shirt, Gap Junkfood T with the Beatles on it. And Guess. I could have sworn Branden also had a yellow Guess identical to that one...but I'll go and check the boxes again upstairs when I get more free time.
Some sweatshirts. Osh Kosh, Gap, the cream one says Gap Hockey. And the orange ON.
Pj's. The cream and plaid ones came from Target. Cars ones, Spongebob 4 piece mix and match set. Spiderman 4 piece mix and match set, and blue long johns. That's not bad for sleeping stuff.
Gap fleece sweatshirts.
Denver Broncos long sleeve and sweatshirt. We're huge Broncos fans and I love being from Denver! Love it!
Bright happy yellow Gap vest. This was a total score in my mind when I looked in the plastic boxes. And the Gap thin coat won't be bad for Noah cruising through the neighborhood in, on chilly days.
Jeans, are hard for Noah to share because he's so freakishly skinny he usually just wears slim fit. But the Osh Kosh overalls, in size 6 and another pair I found in size 7, were great and another pair of sweatpants were great for hanging home type days.
2 turtle necks from Carters. I remember getting these at the outlet in Silverthorne, Colorado after we came back from the big hot springs, the Osh Kosh stuff we got there too.
Carters. Size 6.
Affordable Nishimatsuya tops. Perfect for playing through the neighborhood. We use a dryer in Fall/Winter so that's why they're a size bigger. Japanese clothes tend to shrink when put into the dryer. Our American clothes don't really ever shrink up to the extent/degree our Japanese counter parts do. Just something I've always noticed.
4 Nishimatsuya tops. Hmm think that orange one came from the Cecil catalog though if I'm correct. Perfect for playing soccer in the neighborhood with friends though.
Basically the amount Noah ended up getting from Branden was enough to cover the entire kitchen table. @_@ What I did...because I do like to refreshen the clothes up from sitting up there so long. Instead of washing 1 load at a time at home. Considering my schedule lately, I just took it all to the laundry mat, threw it all in 2 huge blanket washers. Read a book in my car while I waited. And then tossed into the dryers. Brought them home. They are now all sitting freshly clean in Noah's closet. Waiting for the cooler weather. This little bit of sharing clothes, saves us money. Money that can be spent on going to the movies with the kids. Taking another mini vacation to Guam. Or whatever. So yes it does help. Even just a little. And the clothes are in super condition so I don't mind a bit. And all the size 5's went to a little boy, whose mom we are quite close with at our yochien. His older sister is in Noah's class. We've been giving them to him for years. And it helps us, because that way we can pass them on. Only the good ones I pass on, the bad ones, I'll trash. But most of them are good enough for a whole other kid to wear. And I smile every time I see her little brother wearing Noah's stuff. I think..right on!!!! They got a new owner, a new life!
Also ran to Nishimatsuya to get tops for Branden during that busy week. I wanted 3 tops, but the styles I liked and what they had in his size, I only could get 2. The prices are so perfect. Branden cruises the neighborhood in these on weekends on his bike with friends.
2 football style tops. However I made a mistake. I bought his real size, I forgot about the dryer shrinking them and yes they sure did, what can I say, I've been so busy lately, I forgot all about the dryer, had been buying 150cm his Nishimatsuya size in the Summer, completely forgot about the dryer when I picked these up in Fall, oh well, I'm human, I forget sometimes too. So, if I get free time this week, I'll go and buy a size bigger. Because of the dryer shrinkage problem.