Monday, October 31, 2011

Noah's Fall ensoku/field trip to the Chiba zoo

Friday was Noah's Fall ensoku/field trip. Our yochien takes the kids to the Chiba Zoo every Fall. So, first things first is I made sure Branden was ready and taken to school. Once back at home, I skillet/pan fried the yakitori, I had cut and marinating since the night before. A super simple but filling obento. Yakitori, on a bed of rice. Steamed veggie, 2 grapes and omelet fried in a bit of sesame oil for flavor and a dot of mayo on top. And 2 jelly's. The PTA provided the snacks for every child.
Meet up time was at 8:30am and at 8:40am the bus was to take off.
Not a very good picture, but what can you do, when it's through a blue tinted window. : ) Aww well, I tried my best.
And away the bus went and drove away. Us mom's all waved until we could see the bus no more.

Immediately after that I was meeting 2 other mom's for a mini shaon kai meeting of sorts at the restaurant Jonathan's. The 3 of us ordered the pancake set with drink bar. And we went over theme's for the shaon kai. Table toppers. You name it....we went through it.

Also, the messages to each person at the school. Meaning the principal/encho-sensei, our kids teacher meaning the Yayoi sensei, even the secretary/nurse. All the messages that will be read aloud at the actual shaon kai have already been written. The Jogo-san started reading them and by the time she got to the note/message for the Yayoi sensei we all just lost it. The 3 of us all crying at Jonathan's. A little embarassing to admit. The Jogo-san told the other lady, that her daughter and Noah had Yayoi-sensei all 3 years. The other lady didn't know that. And we then talked Noah and her daughter would both cry so much when they first started. And how we both were trying so hard for them to get adjusted. And how nice the Yayoi sensei has always been. And now they're a wee bit older and wiser. And soon they will have to leave. It was just really difficult reading the messages. Okay...maybe it was an "you had to be there" type moment. ; ) Next shaon kai meeting, November 4th and 7th.

After that, I went home. Cleaned my bedroom a bit and dusted. And just waited and relaxed for a couple hours watching TV, until my afternoon pick ups. I was really glad the weekend was here on Friday. I was really looking forward to a weekend of nothing major or pressing to do, just family time type stuff. : )