Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hitting the double digits...Happy 10th Birthday Branden

Alrighty so you know what I did Wednesday morning. I went to that music concert. : ) But, that was also Branden's birthday. October 26th. Branden finally hit the big 1-0! The double digits. Very exciting. Huge milestone for him. Anyway, for starters we had asked Branden the week before, what would you like for your birthday dinner? Would you like me to make something here at home, or would you like to go out to eat? It's your choice. Sometimes we go to Capricciosa for birthday's but we've also gone to the Hard Rock Cafe a few times before as well. I think though... with us just recently going to that Capricciosa knock off/copy cat place recently in Hakone, nobody was really wanting to have it again so soon. And with us not going to the HRC after undokai. I think Branden was craving that and so he asked if we could visit the Hard Rock Cafe for his birthday. And both Noboru and I said...absolutely...done! So, at 3pm, I picked up Branden from school and we went home, he switched shirts from that navy and white rugby shirt he wore during his music performance to a regular shirt. And we headed to the HRC in Narita City. We started with an appetizer. The four of us munched a small nachos. Enough for a good snack but not enough to ruin our appetite for our meal. So perfect size for us.
Happy Birthday Mr. Dimples. : )
Then came our meals. Branden did an..I'm about to eat this fry pose for this picture. LOL. : )
I had the chicken fajitas and Noboru had the fish and chip platter.
It was all decorated for Halloween.
Then after our meal, they came out and said they would be singing for Branden soon. So, we switched seats. We put the boys on the other part of the table. And next thing you know, they interrupted the music and said in English....we'd like to interrupt and tell you we have a very special birthday boy here today and his name is....Branden! The entire restaurant clapping, a medium crowd not dead but not totally packed either. They showed his face on all the screens around the restaurant, poor Branden was beet red. Noah in this pic just watching everyone. You know when it feels like the entire restaurant is turning around and looking at you. @_@ : p Yeah that was the feeling. It was all in good fun and they did ask Branden would he like a birthday shout out?! He did say yes. And he did go to school the next day and tell all his classmates so I know he did enjoy it. : ) It was really fun. A nice way to spend a quiet little birthday with just us 4. Plus the nice clapping folks and staff at the restaurant, they were very cool.
The boys enjoying Branden's free birthday ice-cream sundae.
The birthday cake. You know, ever since Noah's super cool birthday cake. I really wanted to try something special for Branden's birthday cake too. I have been quietly watching countless videos, reading so many "how to's" and everything you could imagine. I have a rectangular cake pan and a circular one. I had decided to make it a circle 2-3 weeks ago, during one of my early morning treadmill sessions...the ol' what shape should I make the cake decision I had been debating about. So, I have been ready! I mentioned to Branden last week, for your ice-ream cake would you like me to use strawberry cake, yellow cake or chocolate cake and what flavor ice-cream? Your choices are...I can buy the big gallon size of vanilla and use that or I can run to Baskin Robbins for special flavors. What do you think? Branden said..(imagine my surprise.) "Mommy if you don't mind, I'd just prefer a birthday cake from Baskin Robbins" @_@ Trying really hard to hide my shock. "Ohh ohh okay, if you're sure honey, it's your birthday." He said...well you know this is my 10th birthday and all. I smiled and said sure not a problem. Later that night when the boys went to sleep and Noboru was home, I told Noboru. You know..I sort of feel he was doubting my ice cream cake making skills. :P We had a small laugh. In a way I was sort of disappointed/sad I didn't get my chance to try to make one. But then again it was his birthday after all. I did go to the Baskin Robbins in Narita and ordered him his cake though while I was at the Narita Mall on Monday.
Ten candles. White cake and strawberry cheesecake ice cream. I have to admit it was absolutely delicious.
Happy Birthday Branden. You are so loved kiddo! : )
Grandpa sent him a Birthday card and 10,000 yen.
And grandma Mitsuko sent this package.
It was a really great book on the earth lots of pictures. And some cash. My mom also gave me that big lump some and wants me to buy Branden something. And also both the boys something at Christmas from that. So, Branden will get to pick a few things.

All in all, Branden had the birthday he wanted. A nice family meal just us 4. Some birthday well wishes at the restaurant. And to finally get back home wind things down and enjoy some birthday cake. It was simple. And really fit our family to a T. Happy birthday Branden, and finally you are 10!!!! Never to be a single digit again. Onwards and upwards as they say. : )