Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from our family here in Chiba, Japan!

Hope all of you really and truly have a very Happy Halloween. Here's a little Halloween post of the things our family has enjoyed this season. For Halloween 2011. Isn't that a beautifully carved Jack O' Lantern! I think the family did really well this year. A very happy Mr.Pumpkinhead indeed!
We had 4 floating and glowing illuminated Jack O' Lanterns where the flowery hanging baskets usually hang. All October, as people would get their evening walk and stroll done in our housing community, you'd see people walk by our house smile and point. We get a kick out of that every year. That it makes others just as happy as it makes us. The carved Jack O' Lantern sitting between Branden and Noah. I used the night time setting and my gosh this looks like broad daylight almost right? The flash went on and everything, yesterday/Sunday night when we took our yearly Halloween family photo.
And this is where he sat all weekend. We gave him the best spot on the porch. That way he could see all the passers-by.
A bit blurry, but I did try. Anyway, this is how it looks at night if you were to come to our home in October. Scarecrow and Fall time wreath on the door. And the 2 lights that are on the front porch we switched from a regular little bulb to an orange flickering Halloween light bulb for the month of October.
Here's a better shot. We also have the other side of the house and the one other pumpkin head floating over there but it's hard to get a pic of the entire house from the front, because it can't all fit in 1 frame. I guess if I walked a little bit down the block that would help, but this picture shows a better idea anyway with this pic.
The spooktacular caramel apples the boys and I made!
The family pumpkin carving we did.
And not to forget the fun Halloween festivities we enjoyed at Tokyo Disneyland as well.
This morning as soon as Branden and Noah were sent to school, I started baking some cupcakes, some for us, some for friends. Halloween cupcakes.
Close-up of the Halloween cupcake liners. We had many different types of orange and black sprinkles. Some were just regular colored sprinkles and some in neat little shapes like, orange Jack O' Lantern shaped sprinkles and black bat sprinkles too. : )
These 3 plates are going to 3 other families. Just wanting to bring some friends some Halloween cheer as well. So, 1 set of cupcakes is going to Kaito/Kouiki's family. And the other went to the Kumon sensei already when I dropped off Branden and Noah after regular school today. And the final cupcake plate will go to my friend right down the lane from us, I'm also saving her a caramel apple. : ) She lives in the same community as us.

Happy Halloween everyone! From our family to yours! : )