Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween treats and complete All-American TV channels at last

I usually fly to Guam mid October for a night or two. Get stuff for Halloween and also for Thanksgiving. A sort of 2 in 1 time saver for me. However with us knowing of Noboru's mid October Slingbox trip planned. I decided I would not go to Guam in October. Instead I will go in November for Thanksgiving stuff. Anyway, my dad had mentioned to me that he bought both Branden and Noah some Halloween treats. And he picked the treats by going to my old blog posts from last year and seeing which ones I picked up. I thought that was really very thoughtful. And really appreciated. So thanks dad.
So much to choose from. We left the treats on the green counter and it's fun to see who will swing by for a treat after dinner is finished. I didn't realize Noboru loves the Almond Joy as much as I do. Noah loves the peanut M&M's and Branden loves 100 Grand bars. It's nice to have a good little selection. And definitely feels more like Halloween is approaching, so thanks dad.
Trick or Treat! ; )
Also Noboru being there, we were able to get a package with out having to forward a package on to me. 2 T-shirts for me. Will wear the Mickey to Disneyland when Spring or Summer comes. With a little black Summery cardi.
Noah's jacket. Size 6-7.
Very warm.
Noboru had been researching how to set up the particular slingbox we ordered. Thanks to many of the "how to's" online. Which cord goes where types of things. Noboru read so many pages online regarding the slingbox many many nights. So, the same day after Noah's undokai. Was our day. Noboru kept wondering...will I get this up and running, or will I head back to Japan and I could not get it to work (this was our biggest fear about this). He went through everything about 50 times. Phoned my dad in the evenings twice that I saw. How long is your such and such cord? : ) My dad would answer. It was honestly a joint collaboration. We had set up a sling account on their website. And so everything was done. The boys went to sleep that night, I tucked both Branden and Noah in their beds. No school for Noah that next day because he had undokai. We (Noah and I) only had to take Branden to school. And I slept light...on purpose because I had been expecting that call from Noboru. He said he would call, he already told me what I needed to do on my end. So, I slept lightly on the couch left the computer on and the volume on skype full blast. And dozed off, next thing I knew. The skype phones ringing and it's 2:36am. I rush to answer. And it's him. "It's all set up here...Gina please log onto slingbox. And tell me if you can see the TV here." So, I did. And sure enough, I could see it over the computer. Phew, huge sighs of relief from all our ends. That was the answer we all wanted to hear. They said, switch it to channel 60, and what do you see, testing the slingbox. After switching channels and yes we both saw the same show each time. We knew.... It works. Okay, so they went to bed and I tried to get myself back to sleep. It is hard for me to fall back to sleep again but I did it. The next day, Noboru got home and we now set up the Slingcatcher here at our home. And voila. It works. It's exactly the same as what they get in Guam. Absolutely identical. Noboru had been studying the step by step and when time was easy. I have a remote. I do not have to log into my account on the computer daily or anything. It is coming from my computer granted but it is going to my TV. Here is the show I was watching the other day, Long Island Medium. This lady is a medium and she reads people. In this particular picture, her daughter and her went into to buy some something and the mother starts asking...who died...yada yada. It's very interesting.
My TV guide channel. This will probably freak my dad out a bit, because this is the same guide he watches to find what's on TV in Guam. And now I can see it here too. Dateline NBC was quite good that night. I've had this only 10 days or so, and so far I've been watching Dancing with the Stars. The Biggest Loser (I flip between both those shows since they come on at the same time) Mike and Molly. And the new 2 and 1/2 Men with Ashton Kutcher. They had a marathon of the Jersey Shore the one where they went to Italy, I saw every episode of that now, am caught up with that. The Duggars reality show, I have also been enjoying. Friends reruns and Seinfeld reruns are great to watch also.
Here in Japan, we used to have Nickelodeon. They took it away 2 years ago or 3. That was really a bummer they took that channel away, because my boys loved that channel. The channels for kids are...Nick, Teen Nick, Nick Jr. Nicktoons, Cartoon Network, Disney channel, Disney XD and the variety of programs, amount of shows they have are just way more then we used to have, now that we've been watching. 5 MTV channels, a few VH-1 channels. Like 3 CNN channels. A&E channel is one of my favorites. Lifetime. The BET channel has my favorite Everybody Hates Chris show. Many cooking channels, Syfy. We have about 200 channels to choose from now. All my cooking channels I used to enjoy while visiting my dad. Oxygen, The Oprah Winfrey channel. And way more. ABC, NBC, CBS, the WB. My dad keeps asking me and Noboru also keeps asking me, what's your favorite show? Honestly, my answer is...I really don't know yet. Ask me in a month, is usually my answer. : )
Dora on Nick.
Hoarders. See the little black box with 3 glowing red lights. That's the Slingcatcher, it's about the size of a Wii. It's not a huge thing. It's not a space hog at all. It's very small, unassuming, if you didn't know what it was... you might walk right passed it. But that's the thing that "catches" all the channels for me and puts them on my TV.
This says...Think your in-laws are bad? A new show premiered on Monday of this week, called Monster in-laws.
This nice grandpa. Is in all actuality a bit of a monster-in law. He tells his like grandpa's cooking much better then daddy's right? @_@ Then when the husband comes home...his in-laws are in his house. he asks, how long will you be here tonight...they answer...9:30-10pm. Yep, his in laws are at his home every single night until bed time. He never has a moments peace or second without them. And the in laws undermine his authority over his own daughter and belittle him often.

This is the commercial for it. Also it's a good way to see...the slingbox and catcher in action, it's not slow, it's coming in clear as crystal. And it's sorta amazing this sling catcher really and truly does the job so wonderfully, but it honestly does, go figure. That one lady on this video feels they're ganging up on her...she says..."there's 2 against 1 as always!!!!" And the therapist tells the grandpa in the pic above.."unlike your family..I'm not going to be bullied by you!" @_@ So what did I think of this show. I saw 2 episodes so far since it just started. Wowsa. These families are in turmoil. And it is sad. : ( Interesting show to watch though.
Extreme Couponing....another one of my favorites so far. You know when I lived in Denver, I'd clip coupons and save a good $15 each shopping trip. Still walk out paying $100 and something. But these people on this show. They leave the store not paying a single red cent! Some even leave with cash in pocket. Many leave with $700 is merchandise/groceries. They're smart. I take my hat off to them. And wow, I'm watching and I'm impressed. Ha ha ha. Some leave with only having to pay like $20 for the meat purchased etc. Anyway, that is our experience with the Sling box and also the Sling catcher. I know we all have different experiences. And just thought you'd like to hear our family's take/experience on this. For our family, it completely and totally works. I don't feel like I'm missing out or am behind now with any of the TV from back home.
Noboru also brought me back a 1lb container of oatmeal for my Apple crisp/crumbles that I make often. Thanks Noboru for bringing me this back. : )