Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Halloween and Fall time favorite, making caramel apples

One of the classic things I always remember or associate with Fall or Halloween in America growing up, are caramel and also candy apples. Going to Halloween parties as a child, every party usually either had bobbing for apples and also had some caramel apples as part of the food table, perhaps because Fall is when apples are in season. I also remember those daffy apples already packaged at the stores in Colorado every Fall and Halloween season. Those were so good. With living in Japan, there's traditions that I hold dear and things I'd like my boys to grow up with as well. Like Thanksgiving every year. Halloween pumpkin carving. You know simple family things we can do here at home. Anyway this year we made caramel apples. We made them this Saturday evening after dinner was finished. They came out so good.
We baked them in the oven, for a very short time, just like 5 minutes not to cook the apple but enough for the caramel to melt.
These caramel apple wrappers are so easy and they made making them a breeze. And you know...I have fond memories of making these with my own mom growing up! : ) A wonderful Halloween treat indeed! : )