Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting ready for Fall, part 2

With the start of the first grade this coming April strongly on our minds. We picked these up for Noah. He's a 20cm right now. And knowing how his feet grow, we picked these in 20.5cm and they should be perfect for when April rolls around. We've put these in the shoe closet.
A smaller order from Gap/ON got here. Every week a 30% coupon will show on their site and only be on there for a day or a two. That's when I will place my order.
These plain rugby stripe long sleeves are great for both Branden and Noah. I ordered red/navy for both of the boys. And bright blue/white stripe. But Noah's red one came in a different shipment.
Will be perfect once it starts to grow colder, these are Branden's.
Size 10-12. Perfect for a soon to be 10 year old Branden. October 26th is his birthday. : )
This will be perfect for Noah.
Size 6-7
I picked this up for myself, a fleece vest. Perfect for when it starts to get a bit chilly and I don't want to wear my winter puff vest or my winter coat.
This was the mother of all packages. So huge that it actually bulged. @_@
I see the words, Gap everywhere on this table.
2 for Noah. These were on sale and then the day I used it, I used my 30% off coupon, they were such a steal, Nishimatsuya type price. I really got a great deal.
And 1 sweatshirt for Noah and the 1 red/navy striped that was missing in the first package.
And same for Branden. I always try my best to get the same. Unless there isn't one in one of their sizes. But I do try my best to be fair with what they get.
As the picture says, size L. These were for me, and they were "slim fit" and the reviews on Gap said, to order a size up, which is why I did order a size up. And they were right, it fits like a standard US medium would. So, I loved it, and glad I sized up with these.
Navy with white words and creamy off white with navy words.
Size medium sweatpants for me for the upcoming chilly weather. I really liked the wording on the side of the leg. Will be wearing these with black long sleeve Nissen tee and new NB black sneakers to run the boys to school in when it cools down. And maybe even my fleece vest once it really starts to get even colder.
Also, went back to Nishimatsuya with both Branden and Noah in tow last week. I needed them to try on some sweatpants. For the upcoming colder weather.
They only had 1 pair in Branden's size. They had a black pair but I really don't like to dress my children in black, sorry just personal preference. Plus he has 2 pair from last year in size large 10-12 that are perfect still. So 3 pair is enough for Branden. And these 2 for Noah, with cute white stripes on the sides. Were perfect for Noah. I've since washed them and dried them and they now sit in each of the boys closets in their bedrooms. Waiting for a cool/chilly day. Slowly but surely I am getting both Branden and Noah Fall/Winter ready. And Branden has that new coat I ordered him in January that was on sale, and it's perfect and bright kelly green and bright blue. It's so cool. And Noah's winter coat has just been ordered from Gap a few days ago, he got a brilliant bright yellow one that's been shipped to my dad's in Guam as we speak. It looks like this.
What else? Oh yes, this past Monday, Branden had no school. Because he went to school for undokai on that Saturday, was it 2 Saturday's ago? And last Monday was a holiday anyway. So this Monday, he was also off because of the undokai like I said. After he and I dropped off Noah at school. We came home and we went through his closet. Yep, a boring way for him to spend a day off, I know. : ) Sorry. But it had to be done. We went through his t-shirt drawer, every size medium size 8's had to be thrown into a big plastic box. Every sweatshirt, and even a bright yellow winter Gap coat size 8 that looks quite similar to the one above, will be waiting for Noah for future use. Gap winter hats, 3 of them tossed into the box for Noah for the future. Just all of it, boxed and saved and now waiting in the attic. That was 2 hours of boredom for Branden, but we listened to music while we worked. And he never complained, when we finished. I took him to Mc D's for lunch. He had lunch around 11:30am. Around 12:30pm some boys in the neighborhood came by and he played outside until we had to go and get Noah in the afternoon. I meanwhile tidied the upstairs and scrubbed the toilets. And did laundry. So Branden's closet, done. My closet 90% done. And Noah's closet will be for this upcoming week or may possibly be started tomorrow/Sunday depending how in the mood I am for tackling that job. Once Noah's closet is done, I will switch back to mine. I'd like to go through my nylon/hose drawer and also go through my bags. Just see what's what. Anyway...still getting ready for Fall, same as every year. : )