Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting our Halloween on, at Tokyo Disneyland

Last Wednesday, as soon as we arrived and went through the gates, at Tokyo Disneyland. Definitely put us in the Halloween spirit.
Riding the Pirate's of the Caribbean ride.
Having some lunch!(pizza)
R2-D2 and C-3PO.
About to ride something. Branden and Noah all smiles and having a great time.
2 buckets of caramel corn gone, so now to fill up 2 buckets with honey popcorn.
About to get on Splash Mountain.
Cruising in our log, riding Splash Mountain. And watching the people below.
The Afternoon parade. Totally Halloween themed. It was excellent!
It's a Small World.
The Buzz Lightyear shooting ride.
Hi Mr. Dimples.
This is a new show, it's in the area where the Pinocchio ride used to be. This was excellent. At one point they show you an apple pie and poof the whole room smells of apple pie. We all really enjoyed this one. Lots of music and the 5 minutes or so show on the screen is in English, which I really enjoyed.
About to eat Dinner.
The boys and I each had the roasted chicken with potato and veggie dinner. Noboru had the seafood.
Noah's plate. Roasted chicken, white breast meat and also dark meat, potatoes and broccoli and a side of rice. Noah also picked a slice of chocolate cake for dessert. And a Fanta grape soda.
Happy Birthday! This was for Branden.
Branden had the same meal Noah had except he had a wonderful little birthday cake.
I had the same as the boys except, I had no cake at all, instead I had fruit. And I also picked bread and rice. But with a full day of walking around TDL, I feel I pretty much worked it right off! From 10:30am-10pm is how long we were at TDL. And when we were not riding a ride we were walking. So, I know I walked a ton that day.
Branden enjoying his birthday cake.
Just in time for the Dream Lights parade. This is the prettiest parade!
First time Noah's ever been awake to enjoy this parade. Every other year I take a pic of him dead asleep at this point. Noah loved this parade. And I was happy he got to enjoy it this year.
This was one of my most favorite floats! The Toy Story had mostly everyone on here. I did not see wheezy the Penguin but he could have been on the other side who knows. But all the main characters were on it. And even the new friends from Toy Story 3.
Still love the Crush float!
And Monster's Inc. We rode pretty much everything. The Toon Taxi. The car race one where Noah drove the car with me, and Noboru and Branden rode together and you ride around a real but mini track. Haunted Mansion was all changed for Halloween of course as usual. And the Monster's Inc ride was the ride we rode last before heading home. Gee, we just rode so much. Had a wonderful day there with the family. And this was Branden's big present from us for his birthday. And he really enjoyed it. He won't be 10 until Oct 26th, so this isn't a birthday post just yet. Just a family enjoying Tokyo Disneyland post for the Halloween holiday, is all. : )