Sunday, October 30, 2011

From pumpkin to Jack O'Lantern!!! And yummy roasted pumpkin seeds.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know every single year our family likes to carve us a Halloween pumpkin! Friday night our family got together to make our Jack O' Lantern for 2011!
Ready to start carving!
But first... time to dig out the pumpkin guts! LOL. : ) Definitely this part goes to the kids. They like cleaning it out and getting all those seeds for roasting later.
Go Noah!
Branden I see slimy pumpkin bits on your hands and a smile.
All clean. Now time to let daddy get his carve on! ; )
An eyebrow! Ha! : )
Definitely these are boys from the modern age?! : ) Noah took pics with his keitei and also made a short video to show the boys in the neighborhood! And Branden with his digital camera taking pics. And here I was also doing the same. But my pics are for our family memory book/scrapbook.
Noah all smiles!
And all done! A nicely carved pumpkin! I think the face came out pretty awesome. And the roasted pumpkins seeds were delicious.
Also, this was sort of interesting it happened the night of the pumpkin carve. Noah opened a pack of M&M's and they were all orange except 1 yellow one. Is that a little weird? We sort of thought so. And even weirder for us because those are Noah's 2 favorite colors. I mean like really. Anyway...yeah that was definitely weird. Noboru thought, maybe we won something or.... He asked me to check online. We ended up getting sidetracked though with nightly shower routines and with watching the Halloween Charlie Brown DVD with the boys. And Noah has since eaten them anyway, lol. Gee, I hope we didn't like... win a million dollars and not even know it. ; )