Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bits and pieces from the week

On Monday of the week that just passed, I ran to Narita city after dropping off both Branden and Noah at both of their different schools. Ran to Hanamasa, picked up 2 whole chickens for the roasted chicken dinner I would be making that week. Some pork for making miso pork and a few other meaty things, then swung by the mall in Narita and picked up a schedule/planner. There's just so much going on, with the shaon kai meetings, all the last bits of things needed for me to do with the yochien, plus all the Noah elementary things also going on. And Branden's things. And though they're on my calendar at home. Often I am asked..."Gina are you free such and such day?" I can no longer wait until I get home to check the fridge calender. I really need a portable one, I had one 2 years ago and prior, but not last year, I finally decided this year looks like a year I really need one again. So, I found one I liked and picked that one and headed back home. Once at home, I decided Monday would be my day to clean the living room. So dusting the blinds, ceiling fan blades, vacuuming and also dusting and straightening the book shelf. Then I swooshed both toilets in the house. Threw a second load of clean clothes into the dryer. Tuesday, I cleaned both boys rooms very quickly (dusting and vacuuming, also making sure nothings on the floor). And vacuumed upstairs and swung around to get Noah for that health check thing. Then Wednesday was a bit tricky for me. Wednesday was our town's music concert. Branden's class would be performing. I drop off Branden at the Plaza at 7:20am every morning. and come home make obento for Noah. However this day, was Noah's half day at the yochien so no lunch that day. Noboru wanted to also attend the town's music concert and see Branden perform. So, back at home, I quickly got Noah ready for yochien. I told Noah, I will be there for you at 11:30am. Not to worry. We left the house at 8am, a bit earlier then we usually leave. Noah and I got to the yochien around 8:28am. Parked the car. The earliest you can drop off your child is at 8:30am. I saw all the sensei's and 3 children were already there. My really good friend's daughter being one of them. So, I walked Noah in, by now the clock struck 8:30am. And I handed Noah off to the Yayoi sensei and I left. To my town without delay. Noboru had took the MPV to the town plaza I gather while I was driving Noah to yochien. And I drove my tiny red car meanwhile to the plaza. He was parked in the first row, great parking he got. I was not so lucky I was like the 3rd row from the back of the entire parking lot. Oh well, the walk did me some good. And I zipped through all the rows quite fast. We went in, and I saw a few mom's I knew. Kouiki's/Kaito's mom. Genki's mom. Etc. We sat down. And many brought their camcorders etc. I did not bring my camcorder. : ( All I brought was my digital camera. The time by now was 9:11am. Amazing really how much I had done and all the running here and there I did before then. ; ) The first pic shows I was there before it started, Branden saw me as did his classmates. I heard a.."Branden your mom's here" He smiled and waved. All his classmates are pretty nice and a good bunch of kids. They were also looking for their own parents, and many were there.
Branden's class, did 2 numbers. They performed once with instruments, mostly the pianica, drums and the piano. It was good.
Then they sang.
Group/class shot.
They even started swaying their arms... reminded me of Glee. ; )
An older women's group performed 2 songs. One being the song, "Edelweiss" These ladies were fantastic.
So many classes performed. And this was the big finale. It was the junior high music club. They performed 2 numbers. First one being..."In the Mood" Noboru and I both love that big band hit. We both turned to each other and said...Glenn Miller. Next was, a Disney medley, it was so amazing. I mean, we really enjoyed this quite a bit. The entire concert ended at 10:45am. We walked out of the plaza and said, see you at home. He left in the MPV and I meanwhile darted through the parking lot and to my car, we met at home. Not much to do at this time...too little time to clean...too much time to leave and get Noah at this point. So, we sat and had a coffee at the kitchen table together and Noboru said to really enjoyed that concert, I can tell and so did I. We should go and see something like that more often since we both enjoy it. I agreed. By now it was time for Noah to get out, so we both decided to go and pick up Noah together. Once at home. I did a load of laundry, towels. And we just all sort of waited until Branden got out of school at 3pm. So that was Wednesday.
Thursday, I stripped my bedding off my bed first thing and also pulled out all the fleece warm snuggly blankets out of the sealed plastic huge bag I keep them in, in the attic when not in season. Made obento. And Noah and myself and the entire bedding of mine left the house. I dropped off my bedding threw it into the huge blanket washer, Noah went into the laundry mat with me wearing his little uniform. 35 minutes is how long I have. Quickly dropped off Noah to yochien. Then I went back to the laundry mat and waited a short time for the laundry to be done. Threw it into the dryer, and went home. Made our bed. Put 2 of the fleecey snuggly blankets on the couch for evening snuggling on the couch cozy time. Noboru's day off.... after I made the bed....Noboru said I'd like to go fishing this morning but I want to help, so I will clean the kitchen, sounds great I said and I meanwhile cleaned the shower area. I vacuumed the entire house and swooshed toilets again. House was pretty much cleaned for the day. It was still pretty early. Before noon even. I waved him off. And to fish he went. I meanwhile, skyped my dad for about 10 minutes and used my time to treadmill. For me it's a stress reliever, not that I have huge stress or anything. : ) But yeah, it relaxes me. I walk, listen to music and go through things in my head...did I finish blah blah? What do I have to do tomorrow again? Should I order that shirt in a different color? What should I make this weekend for supper? You know...just momly things running through my mind. and when I get off the treadmill, I'm like yay me! : ) Oh yeah, threw the chicken into the oven right before I went to pick up the boys. Noboru came home so happy with all the good fishing he had done, he said, let me peel those potatoes for you. He peeled a huge amount of potatoes for the mashed taters. And I meanwhile got dinner ready which was pretty easy. So, a roasted chicken dinner, mashed potatoes,gravy, stuffing, veggies.
Here's the pic from the laundry mat. All my bedding in the dryer on the left. All our fleecey warm snuggly blankets (5 of them) 1 for Noah's bed, 1 for Branden's bed, 1 for my bed and 2 for the couch.
This is the planner I bought earlier in the week. I liked that it was really preppy in color and design. Green & white and polka dots on one side and pink & white stripes on the other side.
And it doesn't say Mark's diary on the actual planner, it was just the plastic wrapper that said that. : )

I also picked this one because it had lots of writing space for all the notes I need to write/jot down. Anyway that's just a tiny snippet of all the things that got done and that we did at our house this week. Friday was Noah's Fall ensoku and my other shaon kai meeting, but that will be in a separate post.